Why Would Someone Want a Gift Card Instead of Cash?

If your quest to find a suitable present for your friend or relative has turned sour after long treks down boring department store aisles surveying the shelves stacked with bland and unimpressive sundries in hopes of finding something that clicks, you might want to seriously consider going with a monetary gift. Even if you have a general distaste for giving money as a gift to someone you care about due to a personal bias or fear of judgment, know that money can mean a world of difference to somebody else and speak loudly of how much you care for them. 

You may be doubtful of that sentiment; after all, money seems like an easy cop-out so you won’t have to spend your time hunting for a suitable gift. Giving a wad of cash as a gift requires little effort on your part, making it a painless and risk-free venture that won’t leave you feeling embarrassed over not picking the right present. There’s truly nothing wrong with it, so don’t throw it out of the picture just because you think it might make you seem a little tacky. 

Still, if you want to side-step the possibility of being seen as a person who only gives minimal effort in terms of giving gifts, you could always go for the alternative option to cash – gift cards. And who knows, your gift recipient may even prefer receiving funds that way!

Not only are gift cards great gifts appropriate for most events and occasions, but they are actually preferred by a sizable chunk of recipients in comparison to direct cash. While having cash on hand is convenient and makes you feel in control, there are a lot of benefits that come alongside having a gift card that should not be ignored.

For starters, a gift card is much more wallet-friendly than bulky cash. Too many one dollar bills and the accumulation of loose change can transform the average compact wallet into a bulging eyesore, which makes it nearly impossible to comfortably stuff into your pockets. With gift cards you have the exact opposite of that problem; since they are so thin and condensed in design, they will fit snugly into any space and it won’t be a problem for you. 

Another great advantage to having a gift card is the increased security for online transactions. You can be gifted cash and easily deposit it in the bank in no time in order to have enough funds in your account to finally purchase that item you’ve been eyeing from an online retailer, but make yourself aware of the risk that you are taking with every digital transaction. Inputting your credit or debit card information to a website or virtual payment service means you are giving those details to someone other than yourself, and with that comes a real sense of risk. Gift cards come with their own unique numerical codes that are not connected to any of your own personal information, which means more secure transactions for yourself. 

Gift cards also offer a fantastic way to budget for some folks. Cash is easy to lose track of and a cash gift will be spent without a second thought, but when it’s a gift card with a certain amount on it, folks tend to make sure they don’t exceed the amount by much. Gift cards can also help reduce the weekly cost of some expenses, such as using a gift card to pay for dining out during the week or to cover the cost of tickets to a nearby movie theater. 

Earn Cash Back on Gift Cards with Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is an online discount gift card retailer that helps save customers money on a variety of gift cards for locations close by and around the country. Browse a broad selection of gift cards for retailers in categories like entertainment, travel, dining, arts and crafts, apparel, home, and more. Most gift cards for popular retailers on Gift Card Granny are available as an egift and are digitally delivered to your recipient, though some gift cards for brands like Visa and Mastercard are available in plastic form and may be delivered via traditional mail.

Savings at Gift Card Granny are granted through direct cash back rewards on gift card purchases. Select a retailer that interests you, choose an amount to load onto the card, and receive corresponding cash back in no time. It’s a great way to save while you do your gift card shopping, so if you know someone who loves receiving gift cards you’ll definitely want to check it out. 

We’ve featured a few examples of the various retail gift cards available for purchase at Gift Card Granny below. 

1. Clarks

Show your feet some love with this fashionable footwear retailer

Buy a Clarks gift card

Buying a new pair of shoes is as inevitable as the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening. Despite all of your best efforts to take care of your footwear, the daily wear and tear only builds up over time and eventually leads to damage that you can no longer ignore. Luckily, stores like Clarks are around to get you equipped with a stylish new pair quick. 

Clarks is a British international shoe manufacturer and retailer that has been in business since 1825, and they now operate over one thousand locations in various different countries. Clarks has a diverse footwear catalog filled with hot and trendy finds for men, women, and kids. All of the shoes at Clarks are designed with function and aesthetics in mind, resulting in truly exceptional products. Shop for sneakers, loafers, heels, dress shoes, clogs, slip-ons, boots, shoe accessories, and more at Clarks. 

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2. Fairmont

This palace of a hotel is certain to give you the royal treatment 

Buy a Fairmont gift card

You have a lot of options when it comes to buying gift cards for awesome retailers and services, but don’t be afraid to make a bold gesture with a gift card for a beloved hotel chain. Fairmont is a global luxury hotel and resort chain that has the ability to transform any mundane vacation into a dream getaway. 

This Canadian-owned hotel chain has seventy-five properties spread throughout twenty-four different countries, though its influence is most strong in Canada and the United States. You can find Fairmont locations in various well-known cities outside of North America such as Hamburg, Istanbul, Cairo, Dubai, Barcelona, Beijing, Seoul, and Singapore. From stellar dining services and spacious steam rooms to immersive fitness centers and scheduled entertainment, Fairmont provides its patrons with a truly lavish experience. 

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3. Applebee’s 

Get a night out of the house filled with good food and great cocktails

Buy an Applebee’s gift card

Not every restaurant needs to be a three-star Michelin establishment of fanciful wonder and exquisite delights; sometimes the perfect meal out is at a quintessential neighborhood bar and grill chain like Applebee’s. After all, nothing beats sitting back with those near and dear to you while indulging in familiar fare and great deals on drinks during happy hour. 

Applebee’s is nothing super fancy, which is one quality that patrons of this restaurant chain seem to love. There’s no dining expectations placed onto you that interfere with your experience, no specific behavior or act you have to adhere to, and certainly no pressure looming over your shoulder from the overt formality filling the room. All that sits between you and good food is the space between your mouth and the plate. 

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4. Fanatics

The top online shop for authentic sportswear and merchandise 

Buy a Fanatics gift card

If you know any friends or family members who take their interest in sports seriously and do their due diligence to represent their favorite teams to the rest of society, you won’t want to pass up the chance to gift them a gift card for Fanatics, an online manufacturer and retailer of licensed sports merchandise. 

Fanatics caters to a wide variety of sports fans beyond professional league football and basketball – they offer an array of products for baseball, hockey, soccer, nascar, golf, and wrestling fans. Find jerseys, hats, trading cards, collectibles, and other exclusive memorabilia you won’t find anywhere else. 

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5. Eddie Bauer

All the gear you need to add a little adventure to your life

Buy an Eddie Bauer gift card

Clothing is a gamble when it comes to giving someone you know a gift they are sure to like. Taste is highly subjective and even when you think you know exactly what someone else will like, there is always a chance you will end up being mistaken and that is a scenario best worth avoiding. Good thing gift cards to clothing retailers like Eddie Bauer provide an excellent way to gift awesome apparel without the risk of error.  

Seattle-based clothing chain Eddie Bauer has been supplying customers with head-turning apparel for over one hundred years and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. With a focus on outerwear and a commitment to adventure, Eddie Bauer has plenty of stylish attire to make living your passions a breeze. In addition to fashionable apparel and resilient footwear, shop for all kinds of outdoor gear including water bottles, sleeping bags, tents, crossbody bags, duffels, travel accessories, and more. 

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Send a Digital Gift with GiftYa

One great method of sending somebody you know an egift is by way of GiftYa, a digital gifting service that takes the magic of gift cards and combines it with modern technology to make the delivery convenient and smooth. GiftYa allows users to choose gifts for thousands of different local and national locations, from clothing boutiques to casual eateries and neighborhood hidden gems. The gifts you send can be personalized with unique photos, video, and an array of preselected designs. 

Send a GiftYa through text, email, or with a custom URL code you can share with anyone you know. The best part of all? Any GiftYa you send can be exchanged by your recipient for similar retailers, meaning your money doesn’t go to waste and your gift recipient gets something they want every single time. GiftYa even allows users to see when their digital gifts are opened and utilized by the recipient; feel free to send a reminder for folks who haven’t gotten around to opening their gifts yet!


Whether it’s for a holiday, to commemorate something special, or simply just because you care, gift cards make for a perfect present any time of the year. We over at Gift Card Granny hope this article comes in handy the next time you’re considering what to gift someone. 

Happy shopping!