How to Ask for Cash and Gift Cards in Your Wedding Registry

First things first, remember to be polite! Regardless of the specific reason, there’s no shame in knowing that liquid cash or gift cards are what you want as a wedding gift. Asking for money or gift cards instead of traditional gifts is going to need some tact on your end. You do not want to snub friends and family by bringing it up in the wrong way. They may be really excited to get you something off your registry, but we’ve prepared some of the best ways to ask for cash and gift cards in your wedding registry. 

Can You Ask for Cash or a Gift Card? 

Absolutely! Even though it is not the traditional item to add to the registry, it is a very acceptable way to ask for gifts and all your guests should understand. Your wedding is all about celebrating your union, and your friends and family should know that their gifts are meant to help you out in the best way they can. The flexibility of gift cards and cash make them fantastic gifts for any newlyweds. 

Use an Online Registry

Online registries are amazing ways to organize your gift-giving and tactfully ask for cash and gift cards at your wedding. Online registries are the place for you to organize the gifts you want as a part of your wedding and are the perfect place for you to set the scene for your desire for money and gift cards over other gifts. The registry, as we will get into later, is also the place for you to provide a personal touch to monetary bins. There are a lot of excellent registry services available online, and you can direct your guests there with your wedding invitation. As we’ll get into later, you do not want to talk about the gifts you want in your invitation, instead keeping that on your wedding website. 

How to Ask for Cash and Gift Cards in Your Wedding Registry

This is the crux of it all. How do you ask for cash and gift cards in your wedding registry? We recommend creating a number of bins in your online registry that are a number of different “funds” where people can donate to a variety of aspects of your life. If you want money for your wedding gifts, spend some time and figure out what that money is for. Is there a big purchase in your future? Are you planning a big honeymoon trip and still filling out the budget? Are you in the middle of a home project and require funds for the next stage? Many amazing and personal additions to your registry make a monetary donation more fun for your guests. 

While the wedding is all about you, you don’t want to snub too many noses, and putting some extra effort in the registry to create a number of campaigns and giving each of them a fun story is a great way to make people as excited to give you a monetary donation as they would have to get you a gift off your registry. 

We recommend something similar when asking for gift cards! Gift cards naturally limit the ways that you can spend the money and are a great midpoint between a conventional gift and cold, hard cash. You can create a campaign similar to asking for monetary donations but with specific gift card retailers instead. We recommend keeping an accompanying story that describes how you will spend the money and setting a goal, so people can contribute gift cards of any value that fill the campaign. 

Customize Gift Cards with Gift Card Granny

To up the personal touch for gift-givers, Gift Card Granny has excellent customization options for gift cards. You can absolutely put a picture on a gift card when you use our site. The process is easy! Let’s run through it. We have a build-a-card feature with Visa cards and Mastercard. You can choose between $10 to $500 and the number of gift cards you wish to purchase. 

After that, you can upload your picture! You can upload a file, and that will appear on the card. You can add the recipient’s name and a message for them that appears on the card.

Keep it Separate from the Wedding Invitation

We understand the desire to have your gift preferences front and center on all your wedding invitations, but registry information of any kind should be kept separate from your invitation. The invitation is meant to be a beautiful keepsake that people can put on the fridge or keep in a folder of memories somewhere. You do not want to emblazon “we want money!” on that little keepsake. Keep the salient details of your registry on your wedding website, and give out the information at a later date. 

Have Some Regular Gifts, too! 

If a few guests you know want to get you gift gifts add some regular registry gifts as well. They can purchase a lovely gift for you if they want to. You can say that monetary gifts are desired more than traditional gifts. As long as the majority of your guests are coming with gift cards, the last few being regular gifts can go a long way to soothe the few guests who might really want to give you a gift. They may have something they want to give you or something along those lines. It is possible, but we’d wager that most people will happily provide a cash or gift card wedding gift when reading your cute stories and different bins.