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Visa Virtual Gift Card

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Instantly send personalized egifts to friends and family. If you want a physical Visa gift card with a custom photo printed on it, try Build-A-Card! Looking to buy in bulk? Contact an Account Executive for bulk purchases over 50 cards. 

About Gift Card Granny Virtual Visa Gift Cards

Buy an online Visa gift card. Enjoy the accessibility, security and convenience of a prepaid card. Use it to make purchases on any* website that accepts Visa as a form of payment. A Visa eGift card can also be used over the phone.

A Virtual Visa is emailed to the recipient and delivered in seconds. Instructions are included on how to retrieve the eGift code. It’s a convenient and practical gift for any occasion. You can make digital Visa gift cards even more thoughtful by personalizing them with a photo or including a custom message.

Please note that electronic Visa gift cards are not returnable to Gift Gard Granny.

Frequently asked questions

Where are Visa Gift Cards sold?

Visa eGift cards (or 'Virtual Visa Gift Cards') are sold at participating retailers like Gift Card Granny.

Do Visa Gift Cards expire?

The card will expire on the date on the front of your card image. However, the funds do not expire. After the expiration of the card, you may request issuance of a card with the remaining balance by calling Gift Card Granny at 855-660-6847 or by submitting a customer service ticket.

What do I do if my Visa Gift Card doesn’t work?

To report trouble using your Virtual Visa eGift card, please contact Gift Card Granny at 855-660-6847 or by submitting a  customer service ticket.

Are there any minimum and maximum amounts?

Amounts range from $10 to $500. There is an additional fee for purchasing new cards

What if I have a problem with my gift card?

To report trouble using your Virtual Visa eGift card, please contact Gift Card Granny at 855-660-6847 or by submitting a  customer service ticket.

Are Visa Gift Cards reloadable?

Visa gift cards are not reloadable. They are often mistaken for reloadable cards, but Visa gift cards will say “gift” on the package.

How can I redeem a Visa Gift Card?

You can redeem your Visa eGift card everywhere* Visa debit cards are accepted without having to present a physical card, such as online purchases.

Virtual Visa gift cards are able to be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay Wallets, but are not able to be used at a cash register or physical point-of-sale systems. Please note that at this time, Gift Card Granny Visa and Mastercard gift and reward cards can not be added to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Purchases can be more than the gift card amount - if so, you are responsible for covering the extra money with another form of payment if the merchant allows it.

What is the difference between a Visa gift card and a reloadable card?

Visa gift cards are preloaded with a specific amount of money and are not reloadable.

Can I get a Visa Gift Card replaced?

In cases where your gift card was lost or stolen, contact Gift Card Granny as soon as possible at 855-660-6847 or by submitting a customer service ticket

Are there any restrictions where my card can be used?

Yes, there are some restrictions to where your Visa Virtual Gift can be used. You are not able to print and provide the Virtual Gift to any physical merchant location or point-of-sale. Some restrictions apply to online or phone redemption for select gambling, dating, and financial services online. There is no cash access for this Gift Card. More information on the restrictions and usage information for your gift card can be found in our Cardholder Agreement.

About Virtual Visa Gift Cards

The Virtual Visa eGift is the perfect gift for people who need to send a gift immediately but are not sure what their friend or family member wants.  The Visa egift card can be used for online purchases wherever Visa debit or credit cards are accepted in the U.S.  The Visa Virtual gift card is sent by email and generally arrives within 15 minutes of your purchase.  Your recipient simply clicks a link to claim their gift and will be provided with a 16-digit Visa card number, security code, and expiration date to start shopping online!