Top 8 Gift Cards for Your Brother-in-Law

Gift cards are a spectacular gift for any occasion. They come from just about any company and can be spent at the receiver’s discretion. It can be risky getting a gift when you aren’t sure if the receiver will like it or not. If you aren’t positive about what to get your brother-in-law for this special occasion then this is the article for you! We hope to provide a diverse set of stores from which you can get gift cards that cover a wide range of potential interests in potential brothers-in-law. 

Gift Card Granny offers eGift Cards for thousands of retailers, and we offer them at a discount! They can be shipped to your door or created online, taking the stress out of going from store to store looking for the gift card that you’re looking for. You don’t have to worry about gift cards getting lost or misplaced when they are online. One of the biggest problems with gift cards is that the little card gets misplaced and then poof, the gift is gone.  

Gift Card Granny is an excellent site where you can shop for all of your gift cards. Not sure where to start? No worries! In this article, we are covering the top 8 gift card ideas for brothers-in-law, including: 

  • Gift cards for home improvement
  • Gift cards for movies
  • Gift cards for beer

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Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump right into our list!

1. Home Depot

A gift card for the handyman in all of us

Buy a Home Depot gift card

In all likelihood, there is a constant vortex of possible home renovation projects swirling around his head. Some big, and some small. All of these projects need materials to get the party started, and there is no better place to find that than the palatial interior of the Home Depot. This is a treasure trove of odds and ends that only the seasoned DIYer can categorize and keep in their mind. If he is one of these guys, then getting him a Home Depot gift card on his birthday will be a spectacular gift.

Buy a Home Depot gift card

2. Dunkin’ Donuts

A couple of free coffees goes a long way! 

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card 

A gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts is a superb gift for your brother-in-law if he likes coffee or if he has a sweet tooth! This is a low-risk high reward gift card in that you can be sure he’ll enjoy every order on your card at Dunkin’. Even if he doesn't usually go to Dunkin’, we think he would like the incentive to go, knowing that his purchase will be on your dime. Having to spend money at Dunkin’ is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a lavish latte and a delicious donut. There are so many coffee drinks and specialty donuts nowadays that a handful of free orders are always appreciated. 

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card 

3. Fandango

A gift card for movie lovers

Buy a Fandango gift card

Movies are a great way to relax and unwind, and seeing a movie in theaters is an experience that streaming cannot replicate (yet!). Getting a Fandango gift card lets him keep his eye on movies in the theaters and coming out soon so he can pick out which ones he wants to go to and get the tickets thanks to your gift card. With movie popcorn as expensive as ever, a gifted ticket might let him splurge guilt-free on the biggest size of popped corn that the theater can offer! 

Movie theaters offer an amazing experience, but with streaming being what it is, it can be hard to summon the desire to go to the theater rather than just waiting for it to be on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Keep your ears open, and you might find a movie he’s excited about, making this birthday the perfect time for a Fandango gift card. 

Buy a Fandango gift card

4. Beer Drop

The quintessential gift card for beer lovers

Buy a Beer Drop gift card

Beer drop is a phenomenal gift for your brother-in-law if he is a beer lover. They offer gift cards that allow him to peruse their website to find the perfect box or subscription for himself. Beer Drop offers a tremendous selection of craft beers from all around the country that can be purchased individually or in a box, meaning he has complete control over the six-pack that is shipped right to his door. Beer Drop has a selection of hundreds of beers, guaranteeing that they have styles and breweries that even the most devout beer lover hasn’t stumbled across. 

If your brother-in-law really loves beer, a gift card to Beer Drop is an excellent way to show your appreciation. Unfortunately, Beer Drop is not one of the many retailers available at Gift Card Granny, but you can purchase a gift card on Beer Drop’s website. 

Buy a Beer Drop gift card

5. Craft-A-Brew

Gift the gift of home-brewed beer

Buy a Craft-A-Brew gift card

If you are looking to take a beer-related gift one step further, then we present to you Craft A Brew. For the industrious beer lovers out there, Craft A Brew offers supplies to make your own beer, wine, and mead. The benefit of purchasing a gift card from this website is that it leaves your brother-in-law able to peruse it at their leisure and pick out the perfect kit or subscription for themselves. Perhaps a 5-gallon beer kit is too much, and they would rather become a member of the Craft Society. 

Brewing beer is hard work. The gift card allows him to choose his own timeline to ensure that a beer kit isn’t sitting unused and forgotten in their storage room due to unfortunate timing. Their gift card is much easier to keep track of, especially if it is online. We recommend a gift card to Craft A Brew to let your beer-loving brother-in-law get on the other side of the process and start making his own beer! 

Buy a Craft-A-Brew gift card

6. Local Brewery

Local brews are a great gift for brothers-in-law

A gift card to a local brewery lets them have some of their favorite local beers — or try new ones!

Is there a brewery that your brother-in-law is going back to again and again? Consider getting him a gift card there! There is something special about drinking beer that is brewed locally, and supporting local businesses is always a good thing. This is also a great fit if you are a fan of the same distillery, as you may just get an invite when he remembers your generous gift! 

There are a lot of businesses available at Gift Card Granny where you can earn cash back on every purchase. Check it out to see if your local distillery is one of them! 

7. Barnes & Noble

A home for books, games, and much more! 

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 

Barnes and Noble is an excellent choice for a gift card. They have such a diverse collection of books on their shelves that readers of all ages and interests can find a book that they enjoy. There is a certain pleasure in walking around the store without a specific destination, just looking at covers and titles as they catch your eye. Also, it could be the perfect occasion if he has a book on their mind and this spurs them to go and pick it up. 

Does your brother-in-law like to read? Reading is not for everyone, but all readers would love a gift card to Barnes and Noble with which to pick out their next book. 

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 

8. Local Ice Cream Spot

A gift card to a local creamery is always a great choice! 

Buy a Cold Stone Creamery gift card

If your brother-in-law has a sweet tooth, a gift card to a local creamery will go a long way. Perhaps they go there all the time, and this card will be used on their routine after-dinner run to grab a scoop or two of their favorite ice cream. Or, if this creamery is more of a special treat, he will certainly love the incentive to go again and have his ice cream for free! 

Ice cream is a special treat, and if you are the giver of the gift card, your recipient will think happily about all of the delicious bowls and cones of ice cream they got to enjoy with your gift card. We recommend doing some research by asking his spouse about his favorite ice cream spot to know exactly which one to pick out. 

That being said, we love Cold Stone Creamery! Cold Stone Creamery is one of the thousands of retailers you can find on Gift Card Granny. 

Buy a Cold Stone Creamery gift card

Your brother-in-law is a big addition to your family, and we are certain that he would appreciate the gift and the chance to get to know you better. 

These are our brother-in-law gift card ideas! We hope that you are excited to get him a gift and get the chance to know him better through this gift card! Doing the research to figure out what kind of store he will love is a great way to see where his interests lie and go with something that he will love! In terms of where to find that interest, you can always ask his spouse! They are certain to know exactly what your brother-in-law is looking for and direct you down the right path, especially now that you are equipped with this fantastic list of gift card ideas. Gift cards often give an experience that they would likely not have had otherwise, and we think they will appreciate that more than just another item to add to the house. 

Gift cards are a fantastic way to show your appreciation and a great gift. Gift cards allow them to take the initiative, and sometimes you get to come along for the ride. Gift cards are always valuable gifts, and we hope that you have found the perfect card for the occasion with the new knowledge you possess. 

Remember: many of the retailers on this list are available at Gift Card Granny, where you can earn cashback and rewards on all of your gift card purchases. 

From all of us here at Gift Card Granny, happy shopping!