Gift Cards for Camera Lovers

Do you happen to know anyone with a passion for photography and a trusty camera that they always keep on-hand? There’s tons of folks out there who wouldn’t be caught dead without a camera; after all, nobody knows when the perfect photo opportunity will pop up, so it’s better to be safe and prepared than sorry. 

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for the camera lovers in your life, you may want to consider going with a gift card. While it’s not the latest thousand dollar model that just hit the shelves, gift cards give camera lovers a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing a device that works for them. From disposable and digital cameras to instant print cameras and video recording devices, there’s quite a lot to sift through when considering all of your different camera options. 

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1. Staples

Equipment to set yourself up for success 

Buy a Staples gift card

Staples is the kind of store you shop at when you need to buy business materials and miscellaneous office supplies, as their selection of products is quite expansive and caters to a lot of professions. And for those whose careers or hobbies involve picture taking, Staples provides plenty of nifty cameras to try out and fall in love with. 

Looking for great digital cameras to take the perfect shot? Staples has models from a range of reputable brands including Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak, Hamilton, and Minolta. Whether you need a highly optimized product for perfect precision and detailed shots or you want a simple, easy-to-use device that develops film immediately, you will have your fair share of choice when shopping at Staples. 

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2. Crutchfield 

Tons of electronics for all your needs

Buy a Crutchfield gift card

Shopping for consumer electronics is easy when everything you need is all in one place, and that’s exactly how it is with Crutchfield. This North American retailer has been in business since 1974 and continues to provide exemplary service to its customers with a wide range of electronics. 

Crutchfield is great for any folks who need to update the electronics in their life, whether it be the car stereo, a smart security system, or headsets for gaming. And yes, Crutchfield has plenty in terms of cameras, including drones and accessories. Browse DSLR cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, mirrorless cameras, and various other digital cameras for your photography needs. Crutchfield also has you covered on additional camera equipment such as lenses, batteries, camera bags, and data storage. 

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3. Walmart 

Affordable prices on the devices you need 

Buy a Walmart gift card

The average camera user takes pride in their device and its capabilities. In order to find a camera that’s right for you, it only makes sense that you have a lot of quality options to choose from. A department store like Walmart is just the retailer to shop at when you want a wide variety of camera models, and a Walmart gift card makes obtaining the camera of your dreams as easy as ever. 

Walmart has dozens upon dozens of impressive, contemporary cameras and camcorders to choose from. Browse many different types including digital SLR, mirrorless, point and shoot, disposable, instant, and action. From cameras worth the better part of a grand to your basic, cheap throwaway camera, Walmart has a style and price tag for everyone. However you like to capture a moment, let Walmart be there to lend a hand. 

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4. Newegg

Technology that will fit your lifestyle 

Real camera enthusiasts shouldn’t have to settle for cheap devices that aren’t equipped to perform their desired jobs. Rather than choose from a limited selection at a nearby retailer, why not check out an online retailer with tons of product variety? 

Newegg is an online retailer that specializes in the sale of computer hardware and consumer electronics. While they have a reputation for providing customers with amazing gadgets including computer systems, gaming laptops, software, appliances, and computer accessories like monitors and keyboards, they offer a decent array of cameras too. Shop for digital cameras worth their value from brands like Nikon, Sony, Canon, and Minolta. Whether you’re looking to capture compelling, professional nature shots or simply want a camera to memorialize the special moments in your life, Newegg has plenty of quality devices to choose from for all camera users. 

Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not offer Newegg gift cards at this time. Check back in the future to see which retailers join our gift card catalog next!

5. Shutterfly 

Preserve the moments that make your life special  

Buy a Shutterfly gift card

Other than that precious moment where you capture the perfect shot, camera lovers also live for the stunning developed photos that come afterwards. After all, you don’t want your photo to stay locked onto a digital device forever – it deserves to be seen and admired by other people in any format you choose, which is exactly why a Shutterfly gift card is an excellent gift for camera lovers. 

If you’ve never heard of Shutterfly before this, you’re in for a treat. Shutterfly is a photography company that takes your amazing photos and transforms them into beautiful products for your household. They offer traditional photo books in a variety of sizes for folks who prefer to flip through pages as they relive memories, in addition to an array of decorative pieces to make your home shine. Browse through options like fleece blankets, mugs, tabletop prints, puzzles, doormats, pillows, shot glasses, dinner plates, and more. Shutterfly even has lots of cards and stationery options as well. 

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6. Camera Wholesalers

Do your shopping at a retailer you can rely on 

Chances are, if you aren’t into cameras or photography, you won’t know about all the great things that Camera Wholesalers has to offer. If you are on the lookout for a trustworthy retailer that will give your photographer friend something to fawn over, the excessive inventory of quality cameras and gear available at Camera Wholesalers is sure to leave them smitten. 

Founded in 1978, Camera Wholesalers provides its customers with photography equipment for both amateurs and professionals, including cameras, lenses, tripods, camera bags, binoculars, backdrops, and additional accessories to fit into any project. Camera Wholesalers employs experienced photographers who know their way around the equipment, and they can provide any advice you need. Prices at Camera Wholesalers are lower than big name competitors, and there is a large variety of used equipment available at a drastically discounted cost. 

Unfortunately, gift cards to Camera Wholesalers are not available on Gift Card Granny at this time. Check back soon for future updates!

7. Custom Visa Gift Card

Build a gift you feel proud to give 

Buy a custom Visa gift card

The thing about camera lovers is that they are, for the most part, extremely passionate about their hobby. With so much devotion to their craft, it makes sense that camera-loving folks would want a device that enables them to capture timeless scenes in a clean, professional manner to accurately preserve the moment. And if you personally don’t know a thing about cameras, then it’s best to leave the decision making up to the camera expert you’re buying for. That’s why a custom Visa gift card is one of the best gifts out there!

Gift Card Granny gives you the option to build a custom card that can be personalized with a photo or small message for your recipient. Visa gift cards are always a good option when it comes to buying presents since they can be used pretty much anywhere electronic payment is accepted, and a customized Visa gift card takes it one step further and makes the gift all the more special. You can request your custom Visa gift card be delivered as a plastic card through traditional mail or as an egift (bear in mind digital gifts can only be used for online purchases). 

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With so many gift card possibilities available at your fingertips, finding a great gift card for any camera lovers you may know is easier than it's ever been before. From gift cards to specialty electronics retailers to wholesale operations and independent sellers, there’s no limit on what you can get. 

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From all of us here at Gift Card Granny, happy shopping!