Gift Cards for Campers: 10 Options for Those Who Call Nature Their Home

Any camper with an explorative itch they need to scratch will be able to experience the call of the wild with these thoughtful and practical gift card ideas 

There’s nothing quite like the call of the great outdoors, and any friend of yours who happens to be a camping enthusiast will tell you the same thing. Being out in nature, making use of the land’s finite resources, basking in the warm glow of the sun’s orange evening rays and taking in the refreshing scent of pine and rainwater. Truly, nothing is comparable in the slightest. 


Though you appreciate the love your companion has for the natural world, it does make gift shopping more tricky. How could any present you pick out dare compete with the beauty of camping? 


While you can’t capture the unrivaled essence of being out in nature with any store bought gift, there are plenty of ways to assist your friend on their next camping endeavor to help make it an unforgettable experience. After all, no camper with their wits about them would dare be left to the mercy of the wilderness without the appropriate gear to get them through it. 


A gift card to any leading retailer of camping accessories or outdoor recreational equipment from Gift Card Granny makes the perfect present for any eager camper in your life, and with an abundance of great brands to choose from, you’re bound to discover something wonderful. 


Some of the gift card ideas for campers we will be covering include the following:

  • Gift cards for camping equipment

  • Gift cards for outdoor recreation and sporting

  • Gift cards for durable clothes

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Any camper is sure to appreciate your thoughtful gift of new camping gear, but you know what will really make their whole year? A gift card to one of the many retailers on Gift Card Granny that specialize in camping paraphernalia, outdoor equipment, and clothing manufactured to withstand the worst weather possible. Gift Card Granny makes finding the best brands as simple as addition, and you’ll always get a nice sum of cash back for your troubles. 


Now, let’s get on with the camping!

Mountain Hardware

Only Climb with the Best


Mountaineering isn’t for everyone, but there are a considerable portion of devoted campers that make mountain climbing a well indulged pastime. It’s thrilling, captivating, and an all-around good time, so long as you’re equipped to handle it.


No experienced mountaineering enthusiast would dare traverse dangerous terrain without quality gear designed exactly for the occasion. And for all the explorers at heart out there, Mountain Hardware is there to keep you safe while you’re on your feet. 


Founded in 1993 as a lesser branch of Columbia Sportswear, Mountain Hardware manufactures and distributes gear intended for high performance outdoor activities like mountaineering. Any camping fiend who enjoys the exhilarating rush of blood that accompanies intense outdoor sports would be thrilled to stock up on the latest equipment and accessories Mountain Hardware has in store.


Snag a Mountain Hardware gift card from Gift Card Granny for a mountain-lover in your life and earn a nice chunk of cash back today!


Let Nature Inspire You

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Camping doesn’t have to be a fashionless endeavor, and that goes for camping gear and clothing alike. 


No modern day camper should be subject to boring designs that fail to measure up to the wonders of the great outdoors. No matter if it’s a windbreaker or a tent, campers deserve to have camping paraphernalia that reflects their inner style. 


L.L.Bean is a staple American retailer of outdoor recreation equipment and attire fit for wilderness exploration. Their clothing catalog is practically bottomless and has options for men, women, and kids. Find casual pieces perfect for any occasion, swimwear, athletic gear, sleeping attire, and quality outerwear to get any daring camper through the tribulations of mother nature. 


A gift card to L.L.Bean awaits you on Gift Card Granny, and so does an easy chance to earn cash back.  


Discover the Camping Destination of Your Dreams

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Camping is supposed to be a time of relaxation, mindfulness, spirituality, and some other synonyms that fit into the hippie vernacular. Unfortunately, making camping arrangements can be a bit of a bore, even stressful at times. That’s why there’s Hipcamp. 


Forget the hassle of last minute reservations and let Hipcamp make the whole process a lot easier. As an online marketplace for outdoor stays and camping experiences, Hipcamp hosts thousands of available areas of land for camping and other outdoor excursions including space for RVs, traditional campsites, glampsites, and rentable cabins for users to book across various countries. 


Find the perfect camping fit based on landscape, location, amenities, and activities offered by the host or lodging type. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a summer-long trip to a remote location void of technology, Hipcamp has a location suitable for everyone’s specific styles. Hipcamp caters to individual needs and preferences, so whatever it is that you want out of your camping experience, Hipcamp will be sure to provide. 


While Hipcamp is not available on Gift Card Granny at this time, don’t give up on dreams of a spectacular camping getaway quite yet – we’re always adding more awesome options to our catalog! 

REI Co-op

A Life Outdoors is One Worth Living For

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We wouldn’t dare make a list of the best gift cards for campers without including this household favorite, now would we?


That’s right, REI (officially known as Recreational Equipment, Inc.) is a staple in the outdoor lifestyle. Founded in 1938 in Seattle, Washington, REI operates as a consumers’ cooperative and promotes a vast inventory of top-quality gear for outdoor recreation activities, travel apparel, and services for outdoor-oriented vacations and courses. 


Anything an active camper could need to have the time of their life in the throes of nature can be found at REI. Set up the perfect campsite with their selection of backpacks, camping tents, cookware, flashlights, and other essential items. 


There are many retailers available on Gift Card Granny, but unfortunately REI is not yet one of them. Keep your eyes peeled for which brands get added next!

The North Face

Exploration is a Part of Human Nature

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Anyone who participates in regular camping excursions knows the importance of preparation. Missing one or two crucial items can be all the difference between having the time of your life and experiencing the unfiltered brutality of mother nature, so always take proper measures to prepare yourself with essential camping equipment. 


If you’re new to the camping scene and aren’t sure where to start, try beginning with appropriate attire. The North Face is an American outdoor recreation company that produces their own brand of quality outdoor clothing, footwear, and related accessories to encourage exploration and discovery. 


The North Face has an extensive clothing catalog that will keep any wilderness explorer comfortable and safe throughout the year whether there’s rain, snow, or sunshine. Find insulated winter jackets, windbreakers to beat off bad weather, raincoats to keep you dry, warm fleece, hiking apparel, durable duffle bags, expertly crafted sleeping bags, and anything else an eager camper might need to keep them going. 


Thrill the explorers in your life with a gift card to The North Face on Gift Card Granny to make some easy cash back!

Sportsman’s Warehouse

For the Hunters


Let’s deviate from the mainstream camping trends and look at another area of outdoor recreation: game hunting. 


While not every camper is eager to pick up a weapon and shoot for sport, there are certainly a large number of individuals who have a passion for the hobby. And to provide for all your hunting needs, Sportsman’s Warehouse is an unrivaled prime shopping destination.


Operating in twenty-nine states across the United States, Sportsman’s Warehouse makes stocking up on the latest outdoor gear as simple as a trip to the grocery store. Find all the equipment you need for fishing, hunting, camping, boating, and even outdoor cooking. Don’t forget to browse their wide selection of clothes and footwear, either. 


There’s a Sportsman’s Warehouse gift card waiting over on Gift Card Granny for the eager sporting enthusiast in your life, so snag one today and start earning cash back the easy way.   


The Best Comfort a Camper Can Find

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Becoming one with nature is great and all, but can you truly indulge in all that the outdoors have to offer if you can’t get your mind off the uncomfortable grip of your undergarments squeezing your thighs during every stride you take? 


Any half-decent camper knows to stock up on essential attire that can withstand extreme weather conditions without hindering physical movement. One such retailer that prides itself on comfortable quality is Jockey. 


A manufacturer of underwear, sportswear, and sleepwear for men, women, and children, Jockey strives to bring stylish comfort to its customers with apparel that promotes the spirit of adventure. From simple and sleek to bright and bold, the wide range of designs at Jockey ensure a great fit for everyone. 


Swing by Gift Card Granny to pick up a Jockey gift card, where comfort and cash back are a few clicks away.  


Have Fun and Look Good 

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One of the first rules of camping is to have fun. It’s quite possibly the most important rule, aside from the one about packing all the gear you need to survive the wilderness. That one’s pretty crucial. 


Luckily, safety and style have been flawlessly combined with the magic of Moosejaw. Founded in 1992, Moosejaw is a retailer of outdoor recreation apparel and gear for various sporting activities including snowboarding, camping, hiking, biking, and rock climbing. 


Moosejaw’s mission is to produce outdoors-focused clothing that can help anyone, from extreme adventurer to casual camper, feel good, look good, and stay safe while they explore all of nature’s wonders. 


While you can’t find Moosejaw on Gift Card Granny at this current time, our extensive catalog is always growing with new exciting options!   


Take Care of the Planet While You Shop

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Outdoor sporting and camping often go hand-in-hand, and while not every camper is an avid participant of intense athletic feats, it’s generally a good idea to keep stocked up on the proper attire fit for any outdoor occasion. 


Patagonia blends quality fashion with a commitment to appreciating and caring for the natural world. Though known primarily as a retailer of outdoor clothing, Patagonia was founded with a mission to give back to the planet and acts as a large environmental activist. 


To further demonstrate their dedication to these values, Patagonia employs a one percent self-imposed Earth tax on all of their sales, which is used to support local environmental nonprofits working to defend air, land, and water worldwide. 


To any camper who truly admires the natural world, shopping at Patagonia is a no brainer. Pick up a Patagonia gift card from Gift Card Granny today to give back to the Earth while earning cash back. 

Custom Mastercard

It’s a Simple Choice, Really

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Of course, if you just can’t bring yourself to choose between all the amazing retailers for camping equipment and related gear in this list, there’s always the tried and true option that’s never a bad choice – a custom Mastercard. 


There are way too many quality products in the camping scene stocked by different retailers to settle for one, so get your camping enthusiast a gift card that can be used at practically any retailer. Load with your desired amount, send through the mail or digitally, and earn easy cash back for your generosity. 


A custom Mastercard gift card is waiting for you on Gift Card Granny!


Take some of the stress out of preparing for a camping trip by helping your friend get the equipment they need to survive their outdoor excursion.  


Well, that was certainly a lot to take in. With all this prime information, you must be itching to jump on the Gift Card Granny train and snatch up a gift card to any of these outdoor recreation retailers. There’s no doubt a gift card to any one of these places would make that camping enthusiast friend you have the happiest person in the world, so give them a gift they’ll never forget.