8 Gift Cards for Car Guys

Getting gift cards for car guys is a great idea. Especially if you are not the type to get your hands dirty working on a car, or aren’t nearby to lend a hand on their next repair job! People love when friends and family show interest in their hobbies, but not everyone is in a position to actually partake. Gifts are a great way to let them know that you are interested in what they are doing in their spare time. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best gift cards for car guys in order to help you decide what route to take with your gift. We have some gift card ideas for car parts or mechanics, as well as some for superstores where a lot of their potential parts and tools reside. Gift cards for car guys as gifts (instead of specific tools) is a good bet because, well, it is challenging to get into the field and figure out where to start with a gift. 

Now, let’s get into our list! We hope that this article will help you figure out which store to purchase a gift card from and, well, we’re the best place to do it! Let’s get into our top eight gift cards for car guys, including:

  • Gift cards for car parts
  • Gift cards for tools
  • Gift cards for superstores

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Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump right into our list!

1. Pep Boys

A gift card for DIY car guys

Pep Boys is a fantastic store for car guys. They have a tremendous quantity of car parts in their store, perfect for car guys who want to make their own repairs when their car needs them. This is coupled with the fact that everyone who works at Pep Boys is a car guy themselves! If you know your friend or a family member has been rattling on about the gritty details of their car, then a trip to Pep Boys might be exactly what they need! 

Pep Boys is also a great all-around store for cars in general. It has tires, batteries, and can do repairs like a mechanic. Even the most serious car guy may want some repairs done to their car by a professional instead of always DIYing it. 

2. Auto Zone

A gift card for car parts nationwide

Buy an Autozone gift card

Auto Zone is similar to Pep Boys in the parts they have in their store. We like to include both of these on the list because Pep Boys is a bit more all-encompassing, whereas Auto Zone is all parts all the time. They have quick deliveries and a tremendous list of parts at their retail stores, and also have a lot of same-day delivery across the country. If you know they like to get immersed in a project and make online orders as they figure out what they need, there’s no better place to do it than Auto Zone!

Auto parts can quickly become very challenging to acquire. So many cars have custom parts that are difficult to find in any normal store, so a place like Auto Zone that has warehouses full of cataloged parts helps them find even the rarest. 

Buy an Autozone gift card

3. Tire Rack

A gift card for all things tires

Car enthusiasts have no end to their need for tires. Finding the right tire, however, is not always the easiest thing! The folks at Tire Rack are experts in all kinds of tires and can give advice on all the different makes and models that fit on the car, as well as what the differences are between them. Tires are not always the first thing in the minds of car guys, and getting advice from experts ensures that they get the perfect set of tires for their car, be it a project car or repairs on the one they are driving. 

Tire Rack also has a way to install the tires if your friend does not want to. They can deliver them to a mechanic or auto body shop to install, or send an installer with the tires to have an at-home tire installation. While we’d wager that some car guys would rather do the installation on their own, just like Pep Boys, the ability to get them installed just in case is a great plan B! 

4. Car Toys

A gift card for gadgets

Car Toys is a company that has all the accessories anyone would ever need! They have too many items to list as possibilities to add-on to a car. A gift card to Car Toys is great for car guys who love to upgrade the interior of their car. Just about every part of the car can be replaced, upgraded, or fixed when it goes wrong. If your friend or family member is the kind of car guy that loves to work on the hardware in their car then, this is the gift card for them!

Car Toys also offers detailing. If that part of the process is one that the car guy is not necessarily into, then this gift card lets experts take care of that.

5. Home Depot

A gift card for tools! Car guys can never have enough tools

Buy a Home Depot gift card

The first half of this list was all about car parts and car accessories. Those are certainly where the focus of this list lies, but we would be remiss not to mention gift cards for the tools necessary to do the work! Home Depot is the place to go. For DIYers, Home Depot is their one-stop shop for all the tools they could ever need. If you know the car guy is in the mood to get some new shiny tools or they are new into the business and have a long shopping list of tools they need before they start their first project. 

This is a great way to help out on a project! It is likely that any new project they start will come with  a few very specific new tools they need to go out to get. Sure, Home Depot has a lot of tools, but it also has a lot of parts. Nuts and bolts, screws and washers, and just about everything else are available at this fantastic store! 

Buy a Home Depot gift card

6. Amazon

A gift card for just about anything they need

The fact that we have Amazon on this list should be a no-brainer. Amazon is a classic. They’ve got it all, and we’re pretty sure that no one who has ever received an Amazon gift card was disappointed. They are so versatile! It is important to ensure that the car guy will be excited to use the gift card they receive. We have a lot of car-related gift cards on this list, but it is important to add that a gift card to a place like Amazon opens the door for them to purchase something related to their car as well as something else if they want it! Amazon is a fantastic store for this because they have so many products. Their online store is immense. 

There is always a slight danger with gift cards that they won’t get used. Even the best gift card can get lost in the depths of their wallet or in a drawer somewhere, leaving it unused and the gift unspent. There are some times that if too long has passed then they will go to the store and forget the gift card or think about the gift card at the wrong time and constantly forget to use it at the right time. Amazon gift cards let them use it and add it to their Amazon wallet right away!

7. Walmart

A gift card for a nationwide superstore

Buy a Walmart gift card

In the same vein as Amazon comes the Walmart gift card! Walmart is another great store for car-related items as well as just about anything else they could need. This is a great fit for car guys who aren’t sure what kind of gift card they want. Walmart has a lot of tools and cleaning products for their projects, so if they are running out of soap to wash their car, a sponge, or any other consumable tools that they can be sure to get it here. 

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Buy a Walmart gift card

8. Donation in Their Name

A gift card for pure car guys

This is a bit unconventional and it is not technically a gift card, but there is no better way to give a meaningful gift to your car guy friend. With a donation in their name, they have the opportunity to pick out their favorite automotive non-profit to give back to their community when they can. This gift shows them that you care and that you are interested in doing some good in their community rather than helping them out with their next purchase.

Some car guys really have it all, and if you are really having a hard time figuring out what company is the best for them this could be the move! There are a few garages like this around the country that help people with repairs and rely much more on the community to raise money and keep the repairs from getting too expensive for people who really can’t afford it. 

Even if your car guy friend doesn’t have it all, this is a great opportunity to give a donation in their name. It is all too easy to think about donations but never follow through on doing the research and finding out which place is the best for your money to go. 

These are our favorite gift cards for car guys!

Gift cards are always a hit, regardless of the occasion. If you’ve gotten to the end of this car-filled list and are still uncertain of what kind of gift card to get, feel free to ask! You can ask them or their friends to find out what the best gift card at this time may be. That little bit of insight can lead you down the path to the perfect gift card, especially now that you have all these stores fresh in your mind. Even if they may know that a gift card is coming, figuring out what they really like is always worthwhile.

As long as the store is online or close by, we think that they will love the gift card and might appreciate the chance to get a gift card rather than another item to add to their home. 

Gift cards make such amazing gifts for everyone out there. Gift cards for car guys are a great way to show your appreciation and give them something that they will love. We hope that you have found the perfect gift card on this list!

Remember: many of the retailers on this list are available at Gift Card Granny, where you can earn cashback and rewards on all of your gift card purchases. 

From all of us here at Gift Card Granny, happy shopping!