Gift Cards for Cousins

When you are a part of a large family, it can be hard to keep track of all the aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and everyone else you might see at a family gathering. There have probably even been times when you completely forgot how a distant relative was related to you in the first place, which can be more than a little embarrassing. Still, family is family and you can still care for your relatives no matter how close or distant they may be. 

A great way to show you care about your extended family during the holidays, special occasions, or just because is with a gift card to a retailer you know they enjoy. Cousins, for instance, are some of the best family members to surprise with gift cards. Unlike a parent or a sibling, cousins may not be relatives to you very well, if at all. There may be some cousins who you are close with and basically fulfill the role of your unofficial sibling, while other cousins are a mystery to you, having only interacted with them once or twice. In either one of those scenarios, you can bet on a gift card to be well-received no matter how deep of a relationship (or lack thereof) you have with your cousin. 

If you think a gift card would be the perfect gift for any of your cousins, be sure to keep reading this article to discover all of the fantastic gift card ideas we have in store. Even if you are not sure what kind of present would be best for your cousin, this helpful list can provide you with the gift inspiration you need. 

Some of the gift card options featured in this article include:

  • Gift cards for dining and restaurants 
  • Gift cards for games and entertainment
  • Gift cards for services and events

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1. Bath & Body Works

Treat your body and your home right 

Buy a Bath & Body Works gift card


Any cousins who like to indulge in self-care with high quality body products will be delighted to receive a gift card for Bath & Body Works. Both men and women can partake in their moisturizing body lotions, mesmerizing fragrances, and all manner of bath products to transform any hygiene routine. 

Bath & Body works has a diverse array of core scents they always keep in stock year-round, in addition to seasonal and limited time offerings that reflect the time of the year, from crisp winter scents to refreshing spring aromas. Get your favorite fragrances as a lotion, shower gel, foamy hand soap, hand sanitizer, or traditional perfume so you can always smell exactly like you want to. 

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2. GameStop

Where you can trade in the old for the new

Buy a GameStop gift card


If you have a cousin who is into video games and always waiting on the next big release, you may be thinking about buying them a new title to add to their ever-growing collection. However, there are a lot of video games out there, and when you are not sure what your cousin would like, the likelihood of making the wrong choice increases astronomically. Fortunately, you never have to risk getting it wrong when you opt for a gift card to GameStop. 

GameStop has everything a casual or devoted gamer needs to enjoy their favorite video games. Find modern consoles, new and used games, gaming accessories, pop culture merchandise, and collectibles at this national video game retailer. You can even trade in old games for in-store credit or cash, helping you afford your next video game purchase. 

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3. Apollo Box

An online marketplace that suits everyone

Buy an Apollo Box gift card


When you want to give a unique gift for your cousin but are not sure what to choose, a gift from Apollo Box can make all the difference. Get an Apollo Box gift card so that your cousin can pick out their own present among a sea of independent, talented vendors from across the world. 

Apollo Box saves folks time and money when it comes to gift shopping for friends and family. Rather than needing to know what someone else wants and going with that, an Apollo Box gift card allows your gift recipient to browse an impressive marketplace of creations curated to their tastes. It is truly a great gift for cousins who you may not see very often and shows that you still care. 

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4. Cinnabon

A gift to satisfy the cousins who love sugar

Buy a Cinnabon gift card


Give your cousin something sweet and delicious with a Cinnabon gift card. This baked goods retailer can be found across the nation and beyond, with more than one thousand bakeries operating in forty-eight countries. 

Cinnabon is known for their classic, icing-covered cinnamon rolls, which taste like biting into a piece of heaven. They also sell other baked goods and cinnamon products including bite-size doughnut balls, mini rolls, churro swirls, caramel pecan rolls, and cups of the gooey cinnamon roll centers. You can pair any treat with a variety of refreshing beverages like the frozen cinnamon roll cold brew, vanilla iced coffee, raspberry lemonade, frozen lemonade, and even hot cocoa. 

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5. Build-A-Bear Workshop

Come right in and create your new best friend

Buy a Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card


Need to buy a gift for a younger cousin? Toddlers and preteens can both appreciate the whimsical creations that you get from visiting a Build-A-Bear Workshop, where you can bring your imagination to life. 

Build-A-Bear Workshop allows kids to channel their creative energy and put it to use to make a brand new toy they can have for a long time. Though their namesake is bears, customers can choose from a variety of adorable stuffed animals to make their new pal. Once created, you have the freedom to accessorize your plush with any outfit you desire, giving it even more personality and making it uniquely yours. 

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6. Mountain Hardware

Gear that extreme athletes can depend on

Buy a Mountain Hardware gift card


Perhaps you are not well acquainted with your cousins enough to know their favorite retailers, but you do know they are the sporty types who are always on the lookout for new adventures. If mountaineering is up their alley, then a Mountain Hardware gift card may be exactly what you need for a great surprise. 

Mountain Hardware offers a range of premium equipment built for athletes who like to test their limits in extreme environments. This sportswear company sells outdoor apparel built to withstand freezing temperatures, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and much more for all kinds of athletic endeavors. 

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7. Uber Eats

Get the best food in town delivered to your front porch

Buy an Uber Eats gift card


Rather than get your cousin a gift card to just any old restaurant, why not go for a gift card that allows them to get delicious cuisine from their favorite eateries delivered directly to their door? That is where an Uber Eats gift card comes in handy. 

Food delivery services have risen in popularity exponentially, and there does not seem to be any decline in that area of business in the near future. Odds are, you probably have plenty of cousins who already partake in food delivery services like Uber Eats, so a gift card only helps them afford their next meal. No matter what they like to eat, Uber Eats has a ton of food options to choose from to fit into your budget. 

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8. Groupon 

Good deals the entire family can be a part of

Buy a Groupon gift card


What’s better than free money? How about free money that you can use to afford some of the best deals in town. You can get exactly that when you choose a Groupon gift card, and better yet, the whole family can join in on the fun. 

Groupon makes saving at certain retailers, live entertainment, and exciting events as easy as it has ever been. Folks can explore deals on local happenings in the area, as well as at nearby businesses that you would not have known about otherwise. From riveting concerts and festivals to bargains at the local ice cream shop, Groupon has plenty of deals to make saving more accessible to everyone. 

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9. Disney Store

This gift card may as well be magic 

Get a Disney Store gift card


Cousins of all ages can appreciate a gift card that helps them make their next purchase of official merchandise from one of the most beloved animation studios of all time – Disney! 

Kids, teens, fully grown adults, and even folks old enough to be your grandparents can all enjoy the fantastical nature of a story animated through the Disney lens. Whether they are old souls who have a soft heart for the classics they grew up watching or are young children who are experiencing the magic of Disney movies for the first time ever, the Disney Store is a place where everyone can go to bring some of that Disney charm into their lives. They have princess outfits, plushies, play sets, figurines, cute accessories, collectibles you won’t find anywhere else, and much more that you will just have to see to believe. 

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10. Mastercard

Let your cousin buy anything they want with this nifty card

Buy a Mastercard gift card


Concluding our list is the Mastercard gift card, but be careful not to overlook it because this gift card knocks all the other cards out of the park. A Mastercard gift card can be used like a debit or credit card to pay for goods and services, but you never have to worry about money coming out of your account or paying a monthly bill. Use your Mastercard gift card funds on almost anything you want at any business that accepts electronic transactions. It’s definitely a great gift card to buy for any cousins you have that you may not personally know well, but still care about. 

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