Show Him You Care: Gift Cards for Dad’s Birthday!

Dad’s work hard to make sure their children have everything they need to grow and succeed. Although it’s not always obvious, they’re always working behind the scenes to ensure their kids have access to experiences that will be beneficial to them. When the time comes to celebrate their birthday, they probably don’t want a whole lot of fuss made over them. But you certainly want to show him you care, so you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift.


If you’re stumped on what to get dad for his birthday, we have a fantastic suggestion—why not a gift card? Gift cards make the best presents because you always know it’s going to be exactly what the recipient wants. You don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size, the wrong color, or worse, getting them something they won’t use at all. You can avoid all this with dad by getting him a gift card for him to enjoy whenever he wants to.


We’ve come up with a couple of options we think dad would love to receive for his birthday:


  • Gift cards for apparel

  • Gift cards for his favorite restaurants

  • Gift cards for everyday necessities


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Brooks Brothers 

Allow dad to pick up some nice apparel at this popular store


Does your dad’s wardrobe need a refresh? If so, you’ll definitely want to get him a gift card to Brooks Brothers. This store has been defining American style since 1818, and you’re guaranteed to find something stylish there that will fit right in with his fashion sense. He can choose from their comfortable polo shirts, chinos, slacks, dress shirts, sport coats, and even swimwear and casual attire as well.


If he needs to pick up some socks or undershirts, or other accessories like hats, bags, shoes, cologne, or ties, you can easily do that here too. 


Give your dad the gift of timeless style with a gift card to Brooks Brothers at Gift Card Granny!


Mountain Hardwear

If your dad has an outdoor hobby, this store is for him!


Does your dad love to get into the outdoors? Has he always wanted to start climbing? Well this is the perfect chance to help him pick up all the gear he needs. A gift card to Mountain Hardwear will give him the chance to either up his game, or start on a brand new adventure. This company caters to the needs of climbers everywhere, but it is also a great place to pick up some much-needed outdoor gear. Here he can choose from UV repellent shirts, warm jackets, vests, hoodies, shorts, pants, boots, and gloves. You can also check out their great collection of tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks. 


No matter what he needs to complete his outdoor activity, you’re sure to find it at this place, and for a great price.


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NHL Shop

Does your dad have a favorite NHL team? He can grab all kinds of apparel here.

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If your dad has a favorite hockey team, chances are he’d love some new team apparel. Whether he needs a new jersey, t-shirt, or a hat proclaiming his allegiance to his team, you’re sure to find all kinds of options at the NHL Shop. While he’s there, he can check out the fun apparel from all 32 teams in the league like sweatshirts, long sleeve rugby shirts, polo shirts, shorts, tank tops, and even socks—all with the logo of his favorite team!


So whether he lives in the city of his favorite team, or he has to watch from afar, no one will ever doubt which NHL team he’s cheering for each hockey season.


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Callaway Golf

If your dad loves to golf, this is the gift card for him

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Does your dad try to get a game of golf in whenever he can? Is he glued to the TV when the U.S. Open is on? If so, he would certainly appreciate a gift card to Callaway Golf. This is your one stop shop for all things golf where he can pick up some new drivers, irons, putters, golf balls, a golf bag, hats, gloves, and even the proper shoes. Golf is a game of skill and concentration, and in order to succeed at it, you’ve not only got to practice, but you’ve also have to have the right gear.


A shopping trip to Callaway Golf may be just what your dad needs to really improve his game this year. So why not get him a gift card for his birthday? You can get them at Gift Card Granny and earn yourself some cash back while you do it.


Your dad can pick up all kinds of great outdoor gear at Cabela’s

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If your dad just loves to spend time outdoors, chances are he’d appreciate a gift card to Cabela’s for his birthday. This store has everything he might need if he’s a fan of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or shooting. Whether he needs something as basic as a new tent, or really would like to take a closer look at their fishing poles and tackle, he can do it all here. Cabela’s also carries all the apparel you’d need to have a great day outdoors too, from shirts, pants, hats, rain gear, swimwear, and even footwear, your dad is sure to find exactly what he’s looking for here.


Did you know they also sell items for your outdoor patio space as well? That’s right, if your dad would like some items to spruce up this area, he can browse patio furniture, fire pits, windchimes and more. 


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Buffalo Wild Wings

Does your dad love wings? He’ll love a gift card to this place.


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If your dad is a big fan of wings and watching the game on some amazing TVs, then you’ve got to include a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday! This one of the best spots to not only watch live sports, but to catch up with friends and enjoy some delicious food in the process. Their wing flavors are some of the most flavorful around, and you can choose to either get traditional wings, or go with the boneless option. Make sure to wash it down with one of their many beers on tap, which rotate according to the seasons.


No matter what sport your dad is into, either baseball, football, golf, hockey, or basketball, it’s always a good idea to catch the game with some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings.


You can pick up a BWW gift card for your dad at Gift Card Granny and really make his birthday a great one!

California Pizza Kitchen

Pizza is always a great option, and you can’t go wrong at the California Pizza Kitchen

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Does your dad just love pizza? Is it what he wants to order each time you get takeout or delivery? If so, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to the California Pizza Kitchen. If he’s never been here before, this will be an extra special treat. This place has it all when it comes to the freshest pizza around, with pies like the Sicilian, Roasted Garlic Chicken, California Club, and Wild Mushroom just to name a few. Most of their popular pizzas can also be made with a gluten-free cauliflower crust too!


In addition to pizza, CPK also has a wide variety of popular salads, soups, appetizers, and pasta dishes that are sure to please anyone’s taste buds. Whether you choose to order pick up, or want to go into the restaurant, you’re dad is really going to enjoy this delectable food.


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Tony Roma’s

Treat your dad to a fantastic dinner at Tony Roma’s

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If your dad prefers ribs and steaks, then you’ve got to get him a gift card to Tony Roma’s. This place is known for its amazing ribs and steaks, and has been around for around 50 years! This is one of the top spots to go if you want some baby back ribs, delicious steaks, burgers, seafood, chicken, and appetizers like kickin’ shrimp, potato skins, and spinach artichoke dip. This is a place that takes pride in treating its patrons like family, and you are certain to feel welcomed as soon as you walk in.


With locations in the U.S. as well as abroad, it’s safe to say that the food speaks for itself! If you want to treat your dad to a great lunch or dinner out, you’ve got to give him a gift card to Tony Roma’s from Gift Card Granny, where he won’t be disappointed!

Baskin Robbins

Ice cream is essential for any birthday!

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While we’re pretty sure you already have the birthday cake covered, how about the ice cream? Because you just can’t have a proper birthday without ice cream, make sure you treat your dad to a gift card to Baskin Robbins. This is the premier place to satisfy any sweet tooth with some of the most amazing ice cream flavors out there, like Peaches and Cream, Cherries Jubilee, Chocolate Chip, Cotton Candy, Rocky Road, Cookies and Cream, Pralines and Cream and so many more! 


In addition to their famous flavors, Baskin Robbins also has plenty of options when it comes to cakes (like birthday cakes!), cones, bakery items, beverages, and even sundaes. Your dad is sure to enjoy a trip to this sweet spot, and having a gift card will make that trip even sweeter.


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Shell Gas

Because your dad always appreciates practical gifts

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Because a gas card is always much appreciated by dads everywhere. If your dad likes to drive around town, or if he has a commute to work, a gas card to Shell is a thoughtful gift idea. In addition to filling up his tank of gas, he can also use this handy gift card on items in the store! Whether that’s a drink, coffee, candy, or other snack, he’s sure to appreciate this the next time he hits the road.


Make sure you get your Shell gift card at Gift Card Granny.


There you have it, our top 10 gift cards for dad’s birthday. When it comes time to celebrate, get your dad a gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back!