The Top 11 Gift Cards for Gamers

Are you and your friends avid gamers? Gaming is a popular pastime among all ages, from people playing chess and drinking tea to younger kids playing new AAA games and mobile games. If you’re planning a gift for someone who likes to game, we have some awesome ideas for you! Shopping for a gamer, especially if you’re not a gamer yourself, can be a little challenging. With so many new games out and so many games continuing to come out all the time, it can be hard to know what to get your game-loving friend. 

Gift cards are an amazing way to get something you know all gamers will enjoy. They can cover many more bases if you are uncertain about the particular gaming preferences of your friends and family. With a gift card, the recipient can pick out a game or accessory that they like and enjoy knowing that they purchased it with a gift card from you! 

In this article, we’re going to look at the top nine gift card ideas that are a great gift for any gamer in your life or as a treat to yourself if you’re an avid gamer, too!

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Let’s jump into some of our favorite gift cards for gamers! 

1. Valorant

A gift card for Valorant gamers

Buy a Valorant gift card

Valorant is a competitive tactical FPS from Riot. It is a free-to-play game, but this gift card gives gamers access to what may be the most important part: skins! With a Valorant gift card, gamers can pick out new skins for their favorite guns and bring them into the next match. 

Buy a Valorant gift card

2. Best Buy

A gift card for gaming accessories

Buy a Best Buy gift card

While the great majority of game purchasing has moved into the digital realm, gamers still have plenty to purchase from their local Best Buy. This store has loads of gaming accessories. Computer gamers can browse their local store for new parts, including hardware, monitors, mice, and keyboards. 

For console gamers, Best Buy has headsets, controllers, and consoles. 

Buy a Best Buy gift card

3. Nintendo eShop

A gift card for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts

Buy a Nintendo eShop gift card

The Switch is an amazing console that draws both serious and casual gamers to its pages. Nintendo’s latest console has loads of fantastic games, including classics like Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros., and Persona 5 Tactica. The Switch has games for everyone! 

Switch gamers will always welcome a Nintendo eShop gift card, as they can use it to purchase a new game or buy DLC or cosmetics for games they already own. 

Nintendo eShop gift cards are not currently available at Gift Card Granny, but you can snag one on GiftYa!

4. Roblox

A gift card for fans of this classic game

Buy a Roblox gift card

Roblox is a game that’s been around since 2006 and has recently surged back in popularity. Roblox is super popular with kids, and you may know some who play every day! Robux, the premium Roblox currency, is used to purchase all manner of cosmetics from their stores so they can look awesome while they play their favorite game modes on the platform. 

Any Roblox gamer will certainly appreciate a gift card to its store! 

Buy a Roblox gift card

5. Fortnite

A gift card for Fortnite gamers

It should come as no surprise that Fortnite is high on our list of gift cards for gamers. This gaming sensation is still immensely popular among young gamers, and we are certain they would enjoy a gift card to purchase new cosmetics in the game. In a game like Fortnite, cosmetics are everything! You can purchase new characters, new gliders, emotes, dances, and much, much more

Unfortunately, Fortnite is unavailable on Gift Card Granny yet, but check back soon! We are always adding more retailers. 

6. Xbox

A gift card for classic console gamers

Buy an Xbox gift card

Let’s start off this list with one of the more obvious gift card idea choices: an Xbox gift card. Whether you’re an avid gamer yourself or you don’t know much about games and are searching for a gift for someone else, you can never go wrong with an Xbox gift card. Many gamers have an Xbox in their homes, and even some people who might not consider themselves big gamers might have an Xbox because they’re such versatile gaming consoles. Xboxes can stream on all major platforms and play all the latest games. 

You can use an Xbox gift card to buy gaming accessories like a new controller that matches your (or your friend’s) aesthetic or even some add-ons within a game. This is great because if you or someone special in your life have been wanting a gaming accessory or add-on for a while, an Xbox gift card is the perfect excuse to finally buy it! Plus, you’ll be saving when you purchase through Gift Card Granny! 

Buy an Xbox gift card

7. PlayStation

A gift card for console enthusiasts

Buy a PlayStation gift card

Similar to Xbox, PlayStation is another gaming console classic. If you don’t have an Xbox, you probably have a PlayStation (or you might even have both). PlayStation has been around for ages and only continues to get better with time. A lot of gamers first got their taste for their gaming appetite from playing a game on the PlayStation. 

A PlayStation gift card is a great gift for a family member or friend or even a great idea as a way to treat yourself. PlayStation gift card holders can discover new games that they might not buy for themselves if they weren’t using a gift card. If you’re using Gift Card Granny to purchase a PlayStation gift card for yourself, it can give you a good excuse to try a new game because you’ll be saving with cashback. A PlayStation gift card can also be used on a variety of merchandise and accessories as well, and you can use it online from anywhere! 

Buy a PlayStation gift card

8. Game Stop 

A gift card for the gamer who wants the option to buy online or in-store  

Buy a Gamestop gift card

A Game Stop gift card is the perfect gift card for any gamer who likes to go to a store to look at and explore new games. Game Stop stores offer any gamer the experience of a community with the same interests. Going to a Game Stop is a great way for fellow gamers to connect with one another and talk about the current games they’re playing or the new ones coming out. 

Not everyone is a gamer, but if your friend likes to relax by booting up some video games and playing by themselves or with friends, then a Gamestop gift card is a great choice! Finding a specific game for someone is a tall order, so let Gamestop do the heavy lifting there.

Gamestop is the world’s biggest video game and accessory store. They’ve got everything a gamer might need, including video games, consoles, accessories, and more. There are Gamestops all over the country, so it is very likely that there’s one within easy driving range of the recipient. Gamestop is home to hundreds of video games across every platform, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. 

Video games are expensive. Show your appreciation with a gift card! It is a fantastic way to give a gamer something they will love. 

Buy a Gamestop gift card

9. Google Play 

This is an excellent gift card for anyone with an Android device

Buy a Google Play gift card

Do you have any friends with an Android device who use it all the time? If so, then a Google Play gift card is a great gift this holiday season. Google Play gift cards cover the Android app store, opening up the recipient to spend the card on apps, games, music, TV, movies, and more! The Google Play store is immense. 

The app store has so many games these days that any mobile gamers will love a Google Play gift card. Lots of games have small purchases that your employee might be eyeing up but avoid because it's just a game, and they don't want to connect their credit card. A gift card is perfect.

Buy a Google Play gift card

10. Apple

Games, music, TV shows, and more 

Buy an Apple gift card

Next on our list is a gift card to Apple. This is a great card for anyone with an Apple device. There are tons of opportunities to spend a few bucks on the app store, including transactions in games, music, movies, TV, and rentals. 

We like an Apple gift card because there are so many one or two-dollar purchases on phone apps that most people avoid because they don’t want to spend any money on their phones. A gift card can change that! If there’s a game, a movie, or something else that they’ve had their eyes on but avoided because of the few bucks it costs, a gift card is a perfect way to let them splurge! 

Gift Card Granny does not offer Apple gift cards at this time, but you can snag one at GiftYa!

11. Steam

A gift card for PC gamers

Steam has recently released an updated smartphone app that makes it even easier to browse and pick out new video games for PC gaming. For anyone who enjoys video games every now and again for a pleasant, immersive media experience, a Steam gift card is right for you. It is almost impossible, however, to know what video game to buy for a friend. That’s where Steam comes in. 

Steam hosts a wide variety of video games developed by creators from all kinds of different backgrounds. Browse games produced by major studios and the other latest AAA hits, or go down a more niche route and discover the magnificent world of indie gaming. No matter your preference, Steam has a video game to satisfy even the pickiest gaming enthusiast. 

Gift Card Granny does not currently offer gift cards for Steam, but keep an eye out to see which retailers join our lineup next!

These are our favorite gift cards for gamers!

So there you have it: the top nine gift card ideas for gamers. There are plenty of gaming gift card ideas out there for the gamer in your life, but these top nine from Gift Card Granny are sure to be a hit and make any avid gamer happy and excited! If you are uncertain which one is the best for your friend or family, you can always ask. It takes away a bit of the surprise, but we think it is always worthwhile. 

It’s a great idea for everyone involved! So what’re you waiting for? Go grab one of these top nine gift cards for gamers on Gift Card Granny today! 

Don’t see a gift card you like? Check out Gift Card Granny to search through hundreds of gift cards that you can save cash back on! 

We’ve marked all the gift cards on this list that are currently available on our website. From all of us here at Gift Card Granny: Happy shopping!