Gift Cards for Girls: 10 Ideas That Will Make Her Happy as Pie

Any Young Girl is Bound to Be Over the Moon With These Fabulous Gift Card Ideas!

If little boys are made of snips and snails and puppy-dog tails, then it stands to reason that little girls are made of sugar and spice, and everything nice. After all, that’s how the nursery rhyme goes, and there’s no way grown ups would ever lie about that kind of stuff, right? 


Okay, I admit, that might sound a tad bit ridiculous, but it’s just an oversimplification of the truth. “Bones and blood, and everything nice” doesn’t have the same ring to it, so we can agree to disagree there.


But really, aren’t little girls just the sweetest things? Some parents might be inclined to say otherwise, but we all know they are perfect angels. At least, most of the time. Girls deserve the world and so much more, and while you might not be able to give them an entire planet, you certainly can give them a gift that will make their faces light up brighter than the bulbs on a Christmas tree. 


With the help of Gift Card Granny, you have an array of gift cards accepted by various different retailers to choose from. With so many options available at your fingertips, you’ll be able to please even the pickiest of girls. 


Whether it’s a gift for your daughter, niece, grandchild, or student, Gift Card Granny is sure to delight any young girl in your life while simultaneously earning a nice lump of cashback for yourself. As you peruse the following gift cards, expect to see:

  • Gift cards for trendy new outfits

  • Gift cards for toys and entertainment

  • Gift cards for delicious desserts

American Girl

All The Dolls A Girl Can Dream Of

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The famed American Girl dolls have kept their impressive popularity since their initial launch back in 1986, and with consistent quality and an array of fashionable outfits to decorate your dolls in, it’s really no wonder why. 


Produced by the Pleasant Company, American Girl encompasses a large catalog of dolls from diverse backgrounds and time periods throughout history. Many of these dolls are designed to portray different social classes, ethnicities, cultures, and faiths, making them an inclusive toy line that represents the many faces of girls across the world. 


American Girl dolls are accompanied by small books that tell each doll’s respective story, providing young girls with both a favorite new playmate and an easily digestible slice of historical relevance. Intended for girls at least eight years of age, American Girl makes learning accessible and fun, while still giving accurate accounts of history that make tough topics like poverty, war, and racism age-appropriate and comprehensive for their younger audience. 


Girls have insatiable curiosity concerning the world around them, so help feed their desire for knowledge by purchasing an American Girl gift card from Gift Card Granny! After all, there’s no greater gift than learning, and getting cash back.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

A Custom Friend Made For You


Gender roles are overrated and it’s silly to think every single little girl is going to want to play with a doll, but that doesn’t mean girls don’t want a small friend to enjoy some quality time with, and teddy bears might just make the perfect fit. Heck, even some adults still like keeping a stuffed animal or two as a bedtime companion. They’re soft, sweet, and totally snuggle-worthy!


Build-A-Bear Workshop is a magical place for kids to unleash their creative sides and make a stuffed animal friend that will last them a lifetime. There are many fun creatures to choose from when making your squishy pal, including selections from franchises like My Little Pony and Pokemon, giving your little darling plenty of room to explore. 


Whatever their preference may be, Build-A-Bear has something for everyone, so be sure to pick up a Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card today!

Gap Kids

Fashion Crafted For Kids

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Need a new fit for the school year? No girl wants to feel like the outcast among her peers who strut down the halls in their trendy new outfits, while she is still adorned in the same hoodie and jeans from last year. Lucky for her, Gap has a whole line of clothing dedicated to children of all ages. 


While some adults may not even be aware of the Gap Kids line of fashion, it is absolutely worth checking out the next time you're at the mall on a shopping venture. Gap is here for children and adults alike so you’ll be able to find the most fashionable outfits in a wide array of sizes and styles, perfectly crafted to suit the colorful personalities and energetic behaviors of children from all types of different backgrounds.


Plus, there’s the added incentive of picking up a little something for yourself while you’re at it. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! 


So go ahead and get a Gap Kids gift card from Gift Card Granny to satisfy the fashionista in your life. She’ll love you for it.  


It’s More Than A Coat Factory


Burlington has removed the “coat factory” from their namesake to put emphasis on the wide selection of assorted merchandise they carry, which happens to be much more than just winter coats. 


Founded fifty years ago in 1972, Burlington started as a coats and jacket wholesale, but gradually added other forms of attire and accessories to become less dependent on seasonal business. Now, Burlington stands right behind TJX Companies and Ross Stores as the third largest off-price retailer. 


This department store carries a wide assortment of fashionable finds and household gems that will appeal to any young girl’s eye. Whether you’re on the market for a new pair of kicks, stylish school supplies, or cute wall fixtures to help give your bedroom an extra dose of color, Burlington will make any girl’s dreams come true with a convenient price tag.


Pick up a Burlington gift card from Gift Card Granny today to start earning cash back!

Journeys Kidz

Stylish Wear For the Active Souls


Do you know any young girls who’d rather pass the time roughing it up outside with her friends at the neighborhood skatepark? What about the girl who always shows up at local sporting events to cheer on the team?


For the kids who are constantly on the move, you’re gonna need something suited for their active lifestyles. Forget the fluffy teddy bears and dress up dolls – these girls want to look good while they get dirty! When it comes to making outdoor excursions like a fashion runway, Journeys Kidz is what you need. 


Specializing in footwear that’s both durable and in vogue, Journey’s has its own line dedicated entirely to kids. You get the same high quality Journey’s product in sizes that will fit your little girl’s feet and make her the envy of the playground. 


Pick up a Journey’s Kidz gift card from Gift Card Granny today! 


Jewelry For Teens and Tweens

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If there’s a store that outshines Claire’s in terms of carrying every accessory under the sun for all your tween and teen girl needs, then I have yet to find it. 


Seriously, Claire’s is on a whole different level than any of its competitors. From the moment you enter any of this dreamy retailer’s stores, you are swept into a bubbly wonderland brimming with pink, sparkles, and fuzzy things whose only purpose is to simply sit there and look adorable. 


Claire’s has been an icon among the demographic of young girls since its startup in 1961, and it’s really no surprise as to why. From bracelets and earrings to purses and toys, Claire’s and tweens go together like milk and cookies – careful you don’t get a toothache from all the sweetness, though!


Make any girl feel like a princess with a Claire’s gift card!

Baskin Robbins

A Match Made in Heaven

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There’s no such thing as too much ice cream, and nobody knows that fact better than girls who are just as sweet! Trust her on this one, she’s got her facts straight. Isn’t that precious little face reason enough to believe?


A cone from Baskin-Robbins will surprise and delight any kid, no matter their age. From restless youngster to brooding teenager, it’s nearly impossible to find a girl whose eyes don’t light up at the mere mention of getting ice cream. And honestly, the same can be said of many adults. Ice cream is just that good. 


When it comes to getting your ice cream fix, there’s few places better suited for it than Baskin-Robbins. This American chain has been serving up delectable frozen treats since its start in 1945, and it now operates more than a whopping eight thousand locations across the globe. Baskin-Robbins has steadily grown as a dominant force within the world of soft serve, and their menu has evolved right alongside them with the addition of vegan and non-dairy options. 


A Baskin-Robbins gift card from Gift Card Granny is a great choice for any girl with a love for ice cream!


Dave & Buster’s

Because Who Doesn’t Love the Arcade?


What if there was a way the whole family could enjoy being at an arcade that was constructed with both children and adults in mind? Luckily, we live in a time where that privilege has already been graced upon society.


At Dave & Buster’s, adults can relax with a drink in hand while kids can be swept away into a world of pixelated gaming and neon lights. Young boys aren’t the only ones who enjoy video games, so it’s about time we stop segregating the interests of girls and boys. All that matters is they get to have fun and enjoy time out with their loved ones!


With a Dave & Buster’s gift card from Gift Card Granny you’ll be getting something that the whole family can enjoy! 


A Cute Name Suited For Cute Faces

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There are few things better than frozen desserts, but completely customizable frozen desserts? That might just take the cake. 


Forget your typical ice cream and indulge in a scoop of delicious frozen yogurt at Pinkberry! With a similar consistency and taste as ice cream, frozen yogurt contains all of the fun novelty as the traditional dairy treat, but with less calories and fat to weigh you down afterwards. 


With more than two hundred Pinkberry locations serving over twenty countries, this froyo shop provides a range of yummy flavors to choose from, so you’ll be hard pressed finding something you don’t like. And don’t forget the condiment bar, where you can adorn your desserts with a plethora of additional treats like cookie crumbles, fruity pieces, and crunchy nuts. 


Show any little girl that she is as sweet as saccharine with a Pinkberry gift card!  


Sweet Treats For Sweetie Pies

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While the dentist might not be too pleased with all the sugary goodness packed into this list, rest assured that any girl will be in confectionary heaven. That’s why we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mention Cinnabon, the king of all things sickeningly sweet and coated in frosting. 


Ever since Cinnabon’s humble beginning in 1985 in Seattle, Washington, the addictive taste of their baked goods has proceeded to dominate the taste buds of Americans all over the country and beyond. With over one thousand stores operating in nearly fifty countries, it’s easy to see how Cinnabon became a staple name worldwide.


Cinnamon rolls may be what made them famous, but Cinnabon has a diverse menu of tasty treats to choose from, including gourmet iced coffee and savory hot chocolate. Mmmm, is your mouth watering yet?


Satisfy your little girl’s sweet tooth and pick up a gift card for Cinnabon from Gift Card Granny today!



Girls aren’t as complicated as the movies make them seem. They just wanna have fun, and you can help them accomplish that with the perfect gift card to use on their next shopping trip to the mall. 


With so many retailers to choose from, you can appease the vast sea of unique personalities that make up all the girls you know and love. Spend less time fretting over whether your gift is good enough and let Gift Card Granny do the work for you!