Enjoy the Great Outdoors with these Gift Cards for Hikers

Getting the chance to explore the outdoors is such a great way to not only maintain your physical health, but your mental health as well. Staying active and making sure you eat right are key to staying in shape, and when you have the chance to get active outside, it makes it even better! After all, most of us spend too much time inside and at a desk, so when we have the chance to get up and go, most of us would choose to spend time outside if we can.

There are all kinds of fun activities and sports that you can do outside, but one of the most popular ones is hiking. People of all ages like the chance to walk the trails outside and explore new places, whether alone or with a group of friends. And there are so many great places worth exploring!

If you know someone who loves to go hiking, consider getting them a gift card that will give them something they could truly use. But how are you supposed to know what gift cards a hiker would really appreciate? Not to worry, because we have 9 gift cards any hiker would really like to get their hands on including: 

  • Gift cards to get hiking gear
  • Gift cards to get hiking experiences
  • Gift cards to fuel up pre or post hike 

Head to Gift Card Granny and pick up some gift cards for hikers!

We all know how amazing gift cards are. They allow you to give the recipient the choice to pick out exactly what it is they want. It guarantees they’ll love the gift, and actually use it, instead of having it collect dust somewhere. If you’re going to pick up gift cards for hikers, you should stop by Gift Card Granny first. Gift cards on our site offer you the chance to earn cash back when you make qualifying purchases. Then you can use that cash back to purchase more gift cards, or take a cash payout! 

All the gift cards available at Gift Card Granny have been marked in this list, but if you find some that aren’t on our site, don’t worry. We’re always adding to the ranks of gift cards available on Gift Card Granny, so just make sure to check back often!

1. REI

Pick up all the hiking gear you need at this essential store

Buy an REI gift card


If someone you know loves to go hiking, then one of the gift cards that will be at the top of their list is definitely REI. This company has it all when it comes to all things outdoors. Whether that’s camping gear like tents and portable stoves, or hiking essentials such as boots, compasses, and lightweight jackets. REI is known for having all the popular brands in stock when it comes to gear that is designed to be used outside, including Coleman, Merrell, Columbia, Patagonia, and the North Face. 

Whether your loved one needs to stock up on supplies for their next trip, or are looking for some new additions to their hiking accessories, REI is sure to have it along with so much more. Unfortunately you can’t get a gift card to REI at Gift Card Granny just yet, but make sure you check back often because we’re always adding new brands!

Buy an REI gift card

2. National Parks Annual Pass

Get out and hike through the beautiful National Parks with a pass!

Buy a National Parks gift card


When someone loves the outdoors so much that they take every opportunity they get to further explore it, you’ve got to make sure you get them something they can really use. Did you know the National Parks Service offers an annual pass that allows you to do just that? That’s right, you can head over to their site and purchase an America the Beautiful Annual pass that will give you entrance to all National Parks, as well as those lands under the Bureau of Land Management, The Fish and Wildlife Service, and more for an entire year.

This is a fantastic gift for any hiker who is looking to branch out and try hiking in new areas and see some different parts of the country. Giving the gift of an annual pass also gives a hiker you know a reason to go places they might not otherwise venture to, which is always a great idea!

Gift Card Granny does not yet offer the annual passes to see the National Parks, but you can easily find them on the parks’ website for purchase!

Buy a National Parks gift card

3. Cabela’s

If you need to pick up anything for a hike, you’ll find it here

Buy a Cabela's gift card 

When hikers go out into the outdoors, sometimes they just want the chance to walk in the woods, or to explore some rocky terrain. Other times, hikers are venturing out to explore an area and then make camp in a tent. This gives them more time to enjoy being in nature. When you’re camping you may also want to participate in activities like fishing, biking, or hunting, which is why a gift card to Cabela’s is such a great idea for any hiker. 

Cabela’s has the apparel and the boots every hiker needs to make the most out of their hike that day. In addition, they also have all kinds of supplies to make sure your campsite is well stocked, or that you have the gear to make a memorable fishing trip after your hike. For all things outdoors, you can trust Cabela’s to have it. 

Buy a Cabela's gift card 

4. Patagonia

When you need to stay warm or pick up hiking essentials, Patagonia is your place

Buy a Patagonia gift card


No matter what season you’re going hiking in, you’ve got to have the gear to do it right. If it’s nice and warm out, you’re going to want lightweight shirts, shorts, and a backpack. However, when it’s cold, you’ll need to layer up and ensure you have the right boots and jacket. There’s no better place to get all you need for a hike than at Patagonia. They have a huge selection of men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and outerwear that will ensure you’re comfortable and prepared for any type of weather on your hike. 

Patagonia is also giving back to help the planet, and 1% of sales is given to preserve and restore our environment. 

Buy a Patagonia gift card

5. Barnes & Noble

Head to this bookstore to find all kinds of books on hiking

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

Do you know someone who might be interested in hiking, but doesn’t know where to start? Everyone has to start somewhere, and one of the best places to learn about a new skill or activity is with a book from Barnes & Noble. This place has all kinds of books on how to get started with hiking, and you can even check out some of the best places to hike around your neighborhood, or around the world! 

Going hiking involves a little more than just walking outdoors, and it helps to know that you need to be prepared. A hiking how-to book could be just what they need to get started on their hiking journey. Of course, this bookstore also has lots of other topics if the gift card recipient would prefer to check something else out too!

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

6. Zappos

You’ve got to have the right shoes for hiking and resting afterwards

Buy a Zappos gift card

When you’re preparing to go out for a hike, there are certain items you need to make sure you bring. You’ll need a backpack, water bottle, appropriate attire, a hat, and of course, the right kind of shoes. You can find all kinds of great hiking and walking shoes over at Zappos, which is why any hiker would love to receive this thoughtful gift. You can not only pick up some hiking shoes, but also any other type of shoe you might need. If you know someone who’s planning on taking a hike and camping afterwards, chances are they’d like a casual shoe or tennis shoe that they could easily wear around the camp instead of heavier boots.

Buy a Zappos gift card

7. North Face

For anything outdoor related, North Face is sure to have you covered

Buy a North Face gift card

When you enjoy doing outdoor activities, you need to make sure you’re flexible with the weather. After all, it’s not always going to be warm and sunny outside when you want to take a hike. This is why having a variety of items at your disposal ensures you’ll be able to go hiking no matter what the weather is like that day. At the North Face, you can pick up everything you might need to have an enjoyable experience on the hiking trail. Whether you need some layering clothes, a zip up jacket, or something much heavier, the North Face has a lot of men’s and women’s options.

There are also plenty of bottoms, tops, and shoes available that would be ideal to have in any hiker’s closet!

Buy a North Face gift card

8. Panera

Stop into Panera for a pre-hike coffee

Buy a Panera gift card

Whether you need a little pre-hike pick me up, or would rather enjoy some delicious food and drink after a hike, Panera is always a great spot to go to. Here you can enjoy their freshly brewed coffee in the morning along with their signature bagels, muffins, or other delightful pastries. If you choose to hit up Panera after your hike, they have all kinds of great options for lunch or dinner like sandwiches, soups, salads, and their popular mac n’ cheese.  

No matter what time of day you’re going to Panera, it’s always a good decision. Make sure you pick up a Panera gift card at Gift Card Granny for your hiking friend and earn cash back!

9. Dunkin’

Need some coffee to get your day started? Dunkin’ has you covered

Buy a Dunkin' gift card


Most people look forward to their coffee in the morning. It helps them get the day started, and gives a much needed caffeine boost to ensure you’re ready for whatever the day has in store. No matter how you take your coffee, whether it’s hot, cold, with flavor, black, or with whip cream and sugar, you can find exactly what you want at Dunkin’. Before heading out on the trail, many hikers also like to get their favorite coffee, that way they know their body is ready to do some serious, or not so serious, walking.

Whether a hike is intense or relaxed, it’s always good to start out with coffee from Dunkin’. 

Buy a Dunkin' gift card

Hiking is one of the most popular ways for people to get outside and explore the land around them. Not only is it a great activity for physical fitness, but being outdoors can help improve our moods as well. If you know someone who is a hiker, or is looking to get into hiking, consider getting them any of these top gift cards! And when you choose to buy them at Gift Card Granny, you’ll earn cash back for yourself!