The Best Gift Cards for Hunters and Fishers

Wilderness enthusiasts come in a lot of different forms, with some of the most popular being hunters and fishers. Both of these outdoor activities are enjoyed by thousands of folks in countless nations and societies around the world, whether it be as a means to survive or just for fun and thrills. Hunting and fishing have been a prominent part of the human experience as a whole since the very beginning. 

Though a lot has changed with the times and many of us do not have to depend on hunting or fishing for survival, these activities have certainly not died off even in locations where access to food is plentiful. This can be attributed to the fact that a lot of people who participate in hunting and fishing primarily do so not because of a need for food, but on account of their passion for the sport. With such a profound level of enthusiasm for these activities, it is no surprise that there are various retailers who cater to this demographic. 

If you are shopping for someone with a love for hunting or fishing and you want to give them something truly special, a gift card to one of their favorite sporting goods retailers would be certain to make their day. You don’t have to worry about which equipment is the right choice or possess any knowledge over outdoor recreational activities at all – you just need to let the gift card do the work for you. 

Check out the rest of this article to learn more about the many gift card options for sporting good retailers out there!

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1. Bass Pro Shops

Where anyone has the means to become a pro

Buy a Bass Pro Shops gift card


Anyone with a passion for outdoor recreation has likely found themselves under the roof of a Bass Pro Shops location at least once or twice. Thanks to their impressive inventory of sporting goods and immersive in-store experience, Bass Pro Shops attracts customers who enjoy all types of outdoor activities, from the mild and tame to the utterly intense. You can find supplies for fishing, hunting, boating, shooting, camping, and many other popular outdoor recreational activities 

Bass Pro Shops offers a broad selection of hunting gear including durable apparel, firearms, ammunition, trail cameras, archery accessories, scopes, and game processing equipment. In terms of fishing paraphernalia, Bass Pro Shops sells everything from rods, reels, and lures to filet knives, nets, and equipment for ice, saltwater, and fly fishing. Any fishing or hunting enthusiast is sure to find all they need to have a successful time with everything that Bass Pro Shops has to offer, so make the right choice with this trusted retailer. 

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2. MidwayUSA

Just about everything for shooting, hunting, and the outdoors

Hunters and those who simply like shooting for fun at public or private gun ranges will both appreciate the catalog of outdoors products offered at MidwayUSA. Headquartered in Missouri, MidwayUSA operates as an online retailer and sells its products across the continental United States.  

MidwayUSA sells individual parts for guns and full-service firearms, from rifles and shotguns to handguns and air pistols. They also stock gunsmithing supplies if you are particularly handy with putting together your own guns, including parts like sight installation tools, gun vises, bench blocks, carving tools, gunsmith hammers, gun oil, and related equipment. Midway USA provides practical accessories to safely carry your firearms like holsters and belts, along with ammunition and body armor. For those who prefer to shoot without the use of a firearm, MidwayUSA has plenty of archery gear for an equally thrilling shooting venture. 

And for the straight-up fishers in the crowd, you can find a decent selection of fishing equipment at MidwayUSA, from tackle boxes and fishing reels to life jackets and marine electronics. Though MidwayUSA gift cards are not available on Gift Card Granny, this retailer is definitely worth checking out for enthusiasts of the outdoors.  

3. Under Armour

Stay comfortable while you break a sweat

Buy an Under Armour gift card


While not a direct retailer of sporting goods like many others on this list, Under Armour provides sportswear that is designed to enhance your performance for all kinds of physical activities, even hunting and fishing. Shop for durable apparel, footwear, and accessories that are as functional as they are stylish and make the most out of your purchases. 

Under Armour makes shopping for the appropriate apparel easy by allowing customers to filter clothing options based on the types of sports they are buying for. Not only do they have categories for hunting and fishing, but you can also browse apparel options for baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, hiking, running, tennis, yoga, and even military and tactical wear. 

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4. Cabela’s 

Get them geared up for their next big adventure

Buy a Cabela’s gift card

Hunters and fishers who want a range of quality gear at competitive prices from all the best brands would not want to pass up a shopping trip to Cabela’s. This retailer sells goods for a ton of different outdoor recreational activities so that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy everything nature has to offer. The hunting and fishing sections both in-store and online give customers a curated selection of relevant products that is well-organized and not too overwhelming with options. 

Aside from equipment to help hunters and fishers have successful trips, Cabela’s also has clothing and apparel to enhance performance. Men, women, and even children can shop for stylish outerwear, tops, hats, shorts, pants, workwear, boots, base layers, and accessories. Cabela’s even has entire clothing categories for hunting and fishing apparel, which must be great for folks who enjoy those activities and prefer a quick and direct shopping experience. 

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5. Sportsman’s Warehouse 

Good deals on tools you need to succeed 

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Get outfitted for any outdoors adventure when you shop at Sportsman's Warehouse. With over one hundred locations in twenty-nine different states, Sportsman’s Warehouse has become a sporting goods favorite among consumers in the United States thanks to their sizable inventory and competitive prices. 

Hunters of all types can browse a curated selection of hunting gear including crossbows, arrows, binoculars, tripods, hunting packs, decoys, attractants, and treestands. For those that prefer hunting with firearms, Sportsman’s Warehouse carries thousands of firearms, ammunition, and gun accessories. They also have categories for fishing, boating, camping, and even outdoor cooking so you can best prepare yourself for anything nature throws your way. 

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6. TackleDirect

All your fishing needs under one roof 

Professional and casual fishing enthusiasts will have quite a lot to fall in love with when browsing everything TackleDirect has in stock. TackleDirect is a premier fishing outfitter that has been doing business for over twenty-five years. Their flagship store in New Jersey is their only brick-and-mortar location, but they offer a ton of high-quality fishing products online that can be shipped throughout the United States and beyond. 

TackleDirect sells all manner of gear for your saltwater, freshwater, and fly fishing needs. They have spinning and casting rods, braided and fluorocarbon lines, reel accessories, nets, lures, coolers, and plenty of boat maintenance tools to ensure your fishing trips are always smooth. You can even find fishing apparel from some of the most beloved brands to pair great performance alongside stylish fashion. And don’t forget about their clearance section to snatch up stellar merchandise at incredible bargains. 

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7. REI

Make the most of your life by living it outdoors

Buy an REI gift card


Recreational Equipment, Inc., commonly referred to as simply REI, is one of the major retailers of sporting goods and apparel, travel gear, and equipment rental. REI stocks some of the most well-known outdoor clothing brands on the market, such as Patagonia and The North Face, giving you direct access to high-quality gear for your sporting needs. 

One of the best benefits about REI that sets it apart from competing retailers is that it is set up as a consumer cooperative. What this means is that, for a modest membership fee, shoppers can earn a percentage back on annual dividends as long as a certain amount is spent on qualifying purchases each year. Furthermore, a majority of REI’s profits go to conservation efforts and local grassroots programs. Doing business with REI isn’t just good for you – it has a positive impact on the entire planet as well!

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8. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Be confident in everything you do with gear from Dick’s

Folks who are involved in athletic and outdoor recreation endeavors are certainly familiar with the shopping experience that accompanies a visit to any Dick’s Sporting Goods location. When it comes to sports, leisure sports products, and outdoor gear, Dick’s Sporting Goods has rightfully earned its household name and has attained a prominent spot as a top brand in the realm of sporting goods. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods was founded in 1948 and is now considered to be the largest sporting goods, sports, and gym equipment retailer within the United States. Shoppers can find a diverse array of products to support all types of activities, hunting and fishing included. Traverse the colorful aisles of your local Dick’s Sporting Goods in person to see all of the awesome gear they sell, or browse their massive online catalog and filter by different categories to easily access the items you’re looking for. Dick’s Sporting Goods makes finding what you need to support your passions a simple and fast process, ensuring you don’t waste any time while shopping for what you need. 

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There is no shortage of sporting goods retailers that cater to the various unique needs of hunters and fishers. Use this list to start exploring some of the very best options around so that you can safely enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer!