Don’t Fuggedaboutit! These are the Top Gift Cards for New Yorkers

New York City is one of the most vibrant, busy, and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Its population is large and incredibly diverse, which means people from all walks of life call the Big Apple their home. If you’ve ever visited New York City, you know there are all kinds of things to do and see, and some of the best restaurants and entertainment venues in the country.


Whether you want to get a slice of pizza in Brooklyn, catch a Broadway play, try out the best bagels, or simply want to visit the Statue of Liberty or the Metropolitan Museum, you can do it all in the City that Never Sleeps. But what if you know a New Yorker and are looking to find a unique and special gift for them? Maybe it’s their birthday, or they’re celebrating a big achievement at work or school, or you simply want to give them a gift to show you’re thinking about them! Whatever the reason, we feel that you just can’t go wrong with a gift card.


Gift cards are always the right choice when you want to send a personalized gift that you can be sure will always be the right size and exactly what the recipient wants. You won’t have to worry that you’ve just gotten them something that isn’t exactly their style, or something that they’ll never use.


This is why we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of the top gift cards for New Yorkers. So the next time you’re on the hunt for a gift, make sure to pick up one of these!


  • Gift cards for New York fashion

  • Gift cards for restaurants in New York

  • Gift cards to have fun in New York


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We’ve marked each gift card that is available at Gift Card Granny at the time of list writing, however if you see a brand that isn’t on the list, check back often. We’re always adding new retailers to our site!



Walk around the streets of New York in style


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New York is known as one of the top fashion hubs of the world, so make sure the New Yorker you know is always ready to step out in style with a gift card to Macy’s. This flagship department store has been operating out of New York City since 1858, and has only grown and expanded since then. Macy’s has everything someone might need to walk around the streets in style, including women’s clothing like dresses, pants, tops, skirts, and accessories like scarves, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, and handbags. 


They also offer all kinds of men’s clothing, children’s clothing, and housewares such as linens, bath towels, kitchen appliances, and even fine crystal. If you need something of quality to wear or to add to your home, chances are you can find it in Macy’s.


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Times Square Gift Card

Use this gift card to enjoy all the fun that Times Square offers!


Times Square is one of the most iconic places to visit if you’re in New York City. While many New Yorkers may stay away from this area because it’s so heavily populated with tourists, they’re really looking for a reason they can go themselves! Give a New Yorker you know a reason to visit TImes Square again with the Times Square Gift Card. This unique gift card is accepted at all the places that call Times Square home. That means they can choose to use it at one of the amazing restaurants there like Red Poke, Prime Catch 46, or Applebees. Or choose to use it at retailers like American Eagle, U.S. Polo Association, or M.A.C. Cosmetics!


You can use the gift card at one stop, or split it up between a variety of places. The choice is yours!


While you can’t get a gift card to Times Square at Gift Card Granny just yet, we’re always adding new brands so make sure you check back often!

Banana Republic

These stylish clothes always seem to be right fit for all occasions

One of the best places to get some chic clothing no matter what the season, is Banana Republic. This place offers style to men, women, and children with timeless pieces that are sure to upgrade anyone’s closet. Whether the New Yorker you know needs pants, vests, sweaters, shoes, belts, tops, dresses, or jackets, you can be sure they’ll find exactly what they need at this store. Banana Republic also offers a selection of items for the home, such as blankets, throws, pillows, and candles that are sure to add a little extra sophistication to any space in New York City.


You can use this gift card in store or online, so if they don’t have the right size or color, you can always get what you need online instead!


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When you purchase this gift card, you’re giving the gift of a healthy lifestyle!

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Do you know a New York woman who has made fitness a part of their lifestyle? Do they also like to step out of the house looking great and feeling even better? Well if so, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to Athleta. Whether they’re into yoga, running, tennis, pickleball, or any other athletic activity, they’ll be sure to find yoga pants, tank tops, sports bras, joggers, jackets, swimsuits, shorts, and skorts that will be just their style.


Athleta isn’t just athletic clothing, they also carry sleepwear, loungewear, and even streetwear like jeans. And since there is a thin line between athletic apparel and athleisure, we’re confident that any of these pieces would be perfect for a day out shopping or for brunch on the weekends.


Snag a gift card to Athleta from Gift Card Granny and score some cash back on your purchases! 

Blue Apron

Eating out adds up, so why not give a gift card to Blue Apron to a New Yorker you know?

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Cooking is a great life skill that everyone should have the opportunity to learn. When you live in New York, you have so many restaurants available to you with all kinds of cuisine, like Thai, Vietnamese, Jewish, Italian, Indian, French, and endless more. But all that eating out can really make an impact on your wallet. This is why a gift card to Blue Apron is such a great idea! Blue Apron is a subscription meal delivery service that wants to help more people get into cooking.


In order to do that, they make it easy to make home cooked meals. Everything you need is included in your box, and you can choose the amount of meals you’d like to make each week. Just follow the recipes and prepare the ingredients and you’ve got yourself a world class meal!


The Churchill Tavern

This chill pub is in the heart of Manhattan and is a must-visit destination

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When you live in New York, there are always going to be places you keep meaning to try, but something always gets in the way. If your New Yorker has always meant to get to the Churchill Tavern but still hasn’t yet, this is their opportunity! This tavern, named after the famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, is one of the most unique places in NYC, and that’s saying a lot. It was built to resemble a typical English pub with all the trimmings, including a fantastic selection of British and craft beers, wood bar, exposed bricks, warm lighting, and cozy booths. The menu is a mix of British pub fare and delicious American cuisine that’s sure to keep you coming back for more.


With brunch on the weekends and roasts on Sunday, this is a special spot where you’re sure to have a great time.


Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny doesn’t offer gift cards to the Churchill Tavern just yet, but keep checking back because we’re always adding more!


Sometimes we all crave a little comfort food!

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If a New Yorker you know just loves breakfast, you might want to consider getting them a gift card to Panera. Well known throughout the country as one of the best places to get breakfast sandwiches, bagels, fruit, muffins, and coffee, this is a great place to stop for a quick bite on the way to work. Or perhaps they’re more of a lunch person? Not a problem at Panera, which also offers some of the best comfort food out there. You can choose to get soup, salads, sandwiches, pizza, and mac and cheese. 


If you’re not feeling like coffee, Panera also offers a variety of juices, lemonades, tea, or hot chocolate.


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There is so much to do in New York, so give a gift card for a unique experience

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Although getting a gift card to an amazing restaurant or clothing retailer is always a great idea, sometimes you just want to give something more unique. This is exactly the occasion when you should purchase a gift card to Groupon for your favorite New Yorker. Groupon gives the gift of an experience, which is something most of us wish we had more of! In addition to great deals on experiences like golf, vacations, getaways, and bike rentals, you can also find deals on things closer to home.


Groupon has great offers for New Yorkers on some of their favorite restaurants, salons, home stores, and wellness centers. There are new deals every week so if they don’t see something that interests them, they can always check back later!


Get a New Yorker you know a gift card to Groupon at Gift Card Granny and let them enjoy an experience of their choosing!


A New Yorker you know can use this gift card for anything they want!

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When you can’t decide on a gift card, you can’t go wrong with a Visa card for a New Yorker you know! Visa gift cards are just like cash, which means they can use them for anything they need like groceries or gas, or something they want like a new couch or a fabulous new handbag. Visa gift cards are always the right fit because they give the recipient the opportunity to choose exactly what it is that they need. 


Give the gift of convenience with a Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny!


If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect gift for a New York friend or family member, look no further than these top options! When you purchase with Gift Card Granny, you’ll earn yourself cash back too.