Our Top Gift Card Options that Make For the Best Prizes

Reward outstanding achievements with something equally as impressive with these fantastic gift card ideas!

Whether it’s for a competition, an award ceremony, or for recognizing an achievement of any volume, gift cards make for excellent prizes. There’s an abundance of great options for all kinds of brands and retailers, meaning everyone is bound to find one that reflects their own interests. 

If you’re someone who was tasked with collecting a variety of fun gift cards to use as prize material in an upcoming contest or event, then you best not disappoint. After all, prizes truly make a contest worthwhile, so be sure to choose a selection of gift cards that reflect the significance of the accomplishments of participants. 

Gift Card Granny takes away hours of searching for the perfect gift cards by hosting a catalog of useful options all in one place. Finish your shopping in a fraction of the original time and browse some of the best potential gift card ideas for prizes, such as the following:

  • Gift cards for apparel and accessories 
  • Gift cards for restaurants and dining 
  • Gift cards for entertainment and art

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1. Gap

Apparel that Breathes Life into any Closet

Buy a GAP gift card

Buy Gap Gift Cards 

Everybody needs clothes, though some are a bit more picky about their fashion choices than others. A faded tee and worn jeans might work for the guy down the street, but there are plenty of folks who put a lot of time and effort into their appearance. While it is true that certain individuals may have a better eye for putting together stylish outfits than some, talent has no bearing on apparel that looks as good as it feels. 

Never worry about feeling out of place with clothes from Gap. Operating as a clothing and accessories retailer since it first opened in 1969, Gap has worked its way into the fashion world in stride. Gap has a fashionable catalog of clean, comfortable clothing items for men, women, teens, kids, babies, and even those who are pregnant. 

Style is a personal thing, and at Gap customers can curate their wardrobe to their specific liking so it accurately reflects the kind of person they are. Never be ashamed to express yourself through apparel that speaks to you!

If you know anyone who’s looking to refresh their look with a variety of classic and modern designs, then pick up a gift card to Gap from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back when you give!

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2. Qdoba 

A Style that Works for Everyone

Buy a Qdoba gift card

Buy Qdoba Gift Cards

One of the best prizes out there is delicious food, or at least the means to afford one. Everyone has personal preferences and there are definitely some cuisines out there that don’t agree with all stomachs, which is exactly why an entirely customizable menu is key.  

Luckily for connoisseurs of Mexican-style fare, Qdoba has got customization down to an exact science. Founded in 1995, this restaurant company has been satisfying customers with their broad menu of tasty Mexican-inspired cuisine made from entirely fresh ingredients. 

While some menu selections are pre-made, all of them can be customized for each customer’s particular tastes. Get your favorite meals in burrito, bowl, taco, quesadilla, or salad form and enjoy a side of crispy nachos and complementary queso with the purchase of any entree. 

Never give a disappointing prize with a gift card to Qdoba from Gift Card Granny!

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3. Zappos

Run Straight into Fashionable Footwear 

Buy a Zappos gift card

Buy Zappos.com Gift Cards 

A pair of shoes only lasts for so long. Before you know it, holes start appearing in the fabric and the soles get worn down to such a significant degree that each pebble you step on causes a sharp pain to shoot up your foot. When the wear and tear gets to such a drastic point, there’s no use putting off the inevitable purchase of a new pair of shoes.

Zappos is an American online shoe and clothing retailer that has been running since 1999. With their infamous 365-day return policy and an impressive catalog filled with thousands of unique designs, Zappos is one of the best online destinations for footwear and related apparel. Don’t fret when you can’t find a shoe style that works at the local shoe retailers; check out what Zappos has in stock and always get exactly what you’re looking for. 

Zappos stocks trendy, dependable shoes for men, women, and kids, leaving no member of the fam out. Shop an array of footwear including boots, sandals, sneakers, loafers, clogs, and so much more. Plus, stock up on a range of apparel for different lifestyles and activities, from swimwear and shorts to dresses and coats. Finally, finish off the entire ensemble with various eye-catching accessories, such as handbags, sunglasses, and scarves. 

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4. Starbucks

Take Life One Cup at a Time

Buy a Starbucks gift card

 Starbucks Gift Card

When it comes to picking out prizes, you’re gonna want to go with a relatively safe option that can be enjoyed by many. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who would turn down a refreshing, handcrafted beverage though, which is exactly why the gift of Starbucks is universally appreciated. 

Starbucks has been serving premium roasted whole bean coffee since their first shop opened up in 1971, more than fifty years ago today. Evolving and expanding over time, Starbucks now dominates the coffee industry across North America and is the world’s largest coffeehouse chain, having nearly thirty-four thousand stores in eighty countries.

Though Starbucks is known for delicious caffeinated beverages and iconic flavors, it is more than a coffee destination. Starbucks promotes an atmosphere of warmth and belonging inside of their cafes, encouraging all customers to relax and enjoy their beverages before they go about their day. It’s a wonderful setting for small social gatherings, meetings, study sessions, and even just to pass time.   

There really is so much to love about Starbucks. Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not offer gift cards to Starbucks at this moment. Check back soon to see which retailers join our catalog next!

Buy a Starbucks gift card

5. DoorDash

The Joy of Eating Out From the Comfort of Home

Buy a DoorDash gift card

Buy DoorDash Gift Cards

Convenience is an underrated gift that many people don’t often think of, but it can make a world of difference for those affected by it. Imagine how great the feeling of relief must be when, after a long, exhausting shift at work, you come home and don’t have to cook dinner for a change. It’s admittedly pretty great. 

Share the unrivaled gift of convenience and good food with DoorDash. Operating as an online food ordering and food delivery platform, DoorDash has been providing quality meals to thousands of households since its initial launch in 2013. Search for your favorite fast food brands, local establishments, and even grocery services all in one app.

If delivery isn’t your typical cup of tea, DoorDash also has an option for pick-up services. Place an order at any restaurant supported by DoorDash, select pick-up or delivery, and get your food on your terms. No more waiting in line or wasting precious time that could be spent enjoying a good meal when you’ve got the magic of DoorDash in your pocket!

Nothing can beat the prize of a DoorDash gift card from Gift Card Granny, so get one today and earn cash back asap!

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6. Society6

An Affordable Dream House is Only a Click Away

Buy a Society6 gift card

Society6 Gift Card 

Decorating a house is always fun in theory, but it can be both difficult and exhausting when you finally get around to trying. Not to mention how hard finding the right decor is. So many department stores offer unoriginal, basic designs and uninspired furnishings that only come in shades of gray. 

Society6 is different. Founded in 2009, Society6 distances itself from typical bland department store decor by hosting an inclusive community of artists and providing a platform for the sale of their creations. Browse stunning art pieces that will undoubtedly bring a splash of color onto the walls of your home, including options like posters, canvas prints, tapestries, framed artwork, and more. 

A home is more than walls, though, and Society6 has got enough fun finds to fill an empty warehouse. From decorative throw blankets and cushy comforters to artist-designed apparel and functional office paraphernalia, any home will be transformed into a sanctuary of style and harmony with the unique selection at Society6. 

While you can’t get a Society6 gift card from Gift Card Granny quite yet, rest assured we’re always adding amazing new retailers to our lineup. Watch out for the next best brands that join us!

Buy a Society6 gift card

7. FYE

It’s For Everyone’s Entertainment – Really!

FYE Gift Card 

People like to be entertained. Arcades, movie theaters, live shows, and so many more places meant for fun and indulgence all exist because of that fact. Even the content we consume each day is primarily done as a form of entertainment. With that being said, it only makes sense to assume that there is no greater gift than being entertained. 

Enter FYE, a chain of retail entertainment stores that gives customers exactly what they would want. Endless hours of hit shows, bargain video games, CDs of all musical genres, and fun knickknacks line every nook and cranny inside FYE establishments. From niche and nerdy to collectible and amusing, FYE is packed with loads of exciting goods that will spark genuine joy in all who shop there. 

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8. Sweet Frog

Make Life a Little Sweeter and a Lot More Delectable 

Buy a Sweet Frog gift card

Buy Sweet Frog Gift Cards 

There was a time when frozen yogurt joints dominated the world of chilled desserts. Ice cream always remained supreme in the face of froyo adversity, but the popularity and novelty of creamy, delicious frozen yogurt couldn’t be ignored. 

Years have passed since then and, while frozen yogurt has lost quite a bit of its initial momentum, it is an undeniable fact that the treat is still as wonderful as it ever was. Sweet Frog is a testament to that, and any of their three hundred and fifty plus stores can vouch for that. 

Create a match made in froyo heaven with a variety of pleasant flavor options to choose from, and take your creation even further with Sweet Frog’s full service condiment bar. They have pretty much any topping you could ever want, from chopped nuts and dried fruit to sour candies and rich chocolates. Add as much as you can fit in your bowl, and don’t pass up on the hot fudge for a tasteful finishing garnish. 

If this sounds sweet to you, don’t wait any longer – get your Sweet Frog gift card from Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back today!

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9. Custom Mastercard 

For Where You Need It Most

Buy a Mastercard gift card

 Buy Mastercard Gift Cards

Choices are tough, which is exactly why there’s no shame in leaving the decision up to the winners of those gift card prizes. 

With a custom Mastercard, recipients will have complete control over what they get with little restriction. Don’t let a certain store chain or brand limit the prize possibilities; after all, you’re the one picking out the best gift cards. 

Opt for a custom Mastercard gift card from Gift Card Granny for guaranteed satisfaction and cash back!

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That's it for our list of the most popular gift cards for prizes.

And that’s the end of our list! That didn’t take long at all, and now you have plenty of suitable gift card ideas to sift through before you pick out your favorites. Give a prize that leaves an impression and spread some joy to those around you with Gift Card Granny!