Look Forward to Retirement with 7 of the Best Gift Card Options

Getting older might seem scary, but retirement is just over the horizon; take in your newfound freedom with 7 great ideas for gift cards

Most folks don’t look forward to getting older, what with the overall decline of physical health and increased likelihood of developing cognitive issues being particularly off putting to many. None of those negative factors are guaranteed to happen, though. If you’re someone who puts a lot of effort into taking care of your mind and body, you’re much less likely to experience adverse health issues. In fact, you might end up feeling like a brand new you once retirement rolls around. 

Ah yes, retirement. Just hearing that word must put a little pep in your step. After all, it’s what we all aim for, no matter how long it takes. Even if it feels like nothing special, retirement is something to look forward to and enjoy for the remainder of your years. Plus, think about all the great gifts you’ll be showered with when you finally retire. 

Friends, family, and coworkers want to ensure you start off your retirement in style, and there’s no better way to accomplish that than by giving a gift that is equally as liberating as being a retiree. Gift cards offer unlimited potential that measures up to the freedom that comes with retirement, and Gift Card Granny has plenty of options to pick from such as:

  • Gift cards for household items
  • Gift cards for great shopping deals
  • Gift cards for fun and food

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When it comes to finding great gift cards, there’s no shortage of retailers to choose from, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for run-of-the-mill options that fail to accurately capture the moment. Go with Gift Card Granny and be confident that you’re getting the very best gift cards out there for less. With a diverse catalog consisting of thousands of local and national brands, Gift Card Granny connects customers to gift cards that are right for them, all while earning cash back in the process. 

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1. QVC

The Preferred Destination for Home Shopping

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Retirement is practically synonymous with increased free time, and having more free time means getting to spend leisurely afternoons lounging on the couch, flipping through channels until you find something entertaining to watch that successfully holds your attention. And if the sports broadcasts and soap operas aren’t making the cut, then shopping might be the remedy. 

QVC is an American television network specializing in home shopping that pretty much anyone with too much free time is familiar with. They give airtime to a range of useful and fun products, from fashionable apparel and contemporary electronics to kitchenware and luxury handbags. Find your next favorite gadget from the comfort of your sofa, or get your holiday shopping done early without ever leaving the house.

Though a channel like QVC might seem old fashioned, it hasn’t missed the mark when it comes to modernization. QVC can be accessed via any smart device, connecting you with the network in real time even if you have long abandoned traditional cable. The QVC website also contains their entire catalog of great products available to order at anytime.

A QVC gift card makes shopping as easy as ever, so visit Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back for your purchases today!

2. Burlington

The Coats are Just the Beginning

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Buy Burlington Gift Cards

Once you retire, you start to gain a sense of clarity that wasn’t within reach before. Outside of the initial realization that retirement is unbelievably liberating, there’s also the newfound awareness of time and how limited it really is. That being said, it’s best not to waste any seconds with unnecessary chores and burdens that could be avoided, such as running around to a hundred different stores in search of new clothes and household paraphernalia. 

A quick trip to Burlington spares you the pain of long shopping expeditions by offering all you could want from a department store. Shop fashionable apparel for the whole family with their stylish options for men, women, teenagers, infants, and kids at a discounted price so you can look great while saving. They even have a section dedicated to plus size options that aren’t wildly overpriced, a section often overlooked by many retailers.

Burlington may be known for their amazing clothes, but they have plenty of other household essentials to make your life a little easier while you get your shopping done. From cosmetics and beauty supplies to bathroom necessities and home decor, Burlington has an abundance of cool finds to discover to make your house come to life. Don’t forget to finish off your shopping trip with a handbag or two, a perfect accessory that will make any outfits ten times as stylish. 

A Burlington gift card can’t be beat, so head over to Gift Card Granny and get one today!

3. Redbox

Time to Start Planning Your Next Movie Night

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With the dramatic rise in popularity of streaming services that has occurred over the last decade, it’s easy to get the impression that renting physical DVDs is a thing of the past. Sure, a majority of the video rental stores you loved visiting as a kid are long gone and never to return, but that doesn’t mean you can never again experience the excitement of finding a new favorite film by way of renting. You just need to know where to look.

Redbox allows DVD rentals to thrive even in an environment that has been steadily shifting to favor subscription based streaming services. There are around forty-thousand disc-rental kiosks still operating in conjunction with nearly one hundred fifty retail partners across the United States. They can be found in a variety of locations, including outside shopping centers and inside specific stores.

Retirement should be about enjoying the things that bring you joy in life, and sometimes nothing can beat the nostalgic pull of renting a physical copy of a movie, popping it into the dusty DVD player, and hearing the mechanism whir out of dormancy. Redbox offers a direct link to the past that still remains relevant to this day and, hopefully, for many more years to come.  

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4. Uber Eats

Get the Best Eats Around in Minutes

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Buy Uber Eats Gift Cards

Retirement is, first and foremost, a time to relax and live leisurely. You’ve worked your entire life to have this moment, and now that it has come you deserve to take as much time as you need to spoil yourself like never before. 

Food is a fantastic way to indulge, and when your favorite restaurant dishes are delivered straight to your front door? Well, that’s even better. 

Order anything your taste buds desire with the convenience of Uber Eats. Available online and as an app, Uber Eats follows you wherever you go, keeping you connected with the tastiest cuisine in your area. Home, out on the town, at a friend’s place – it doesn’t matter, Uber Eats will be there to satiate your stomach on even the dreariest of days. 

If this sounds like the order for you, be sure to pick up an Uber Eats gift card from Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back in no time!

5. Pier 1 Imports

A Delivery That Will Warm the Heart and Home

Pier 1 Imports Gift Card

A comfortable home environment will transform your quality of living. The best news is that there’s no time limit on doing what you want with your house, which means getting older can’t stop you from decorating to your heart’s content. In fact, retirement marks the perfect opportunity to truly dedicate yourself to your household and accomplish the design goals you’ve always dreamed of, so long as they are reasonable and within your budget.

Pier 1 can help with that and more. A former retail chain based out of Texas and known for its imported selection of home furnishings, Pier 1 has recently transitioned to operating entirely as an online retailer. While this unfortunate development takes away the whimsical appeal of brick-and-mortar locations, their online catalog of trendy imports keeps the magic flowing. 

Pier 1 has a variety of neat furniture finds, wall decor, dinnerware, lighting fixtures, outdoor furniture, and seasonally inspired creations to make anytime of the year feel special. Add a pop of color to your patio with a patterned outdoor cushion, fill your home with pleasant fragrances with scented candles and diffusers, or liven up monotone walls with a range of art pieces and classic clocks. Any of that and more is possible when you do your home furnishing shopping with Pier 1. 

6. Joann

The Only Limit is Your Imagination

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Being retired means you have more time to do the things you truly enjoy. Instead of heading to work, you can pass time by going to the lake, the gym, the library – wherever! Use that spare time to indulge in a number of activities, hobbies, and pastimes that you normally never have the opportunity for.

Crafting is quite popular among retired folks due to it being a time-consuming activity. Even if you’ve never had an interest in doing crafts before, retirement might just be the motivation you needed to get started. For both seasoned and inexperienced crafters alike, Joann is here to make the whole process a lot less chaotic. 

Operating as a crafts and fabric retailer, Joann pairs perfectly with any retiree who wants to explore their creative side. They sell a range of quality, versatile fabrics that can be used for a range of creations including cotton, fleece, and flannel. That’s only the tip of the Joann iceberg, though. Knitting and crochet enthusiasts will fall in love with a wonderland of stunning yarns available in a variety of colors and styles. They also have tons of crafting materials inspired by different seasons, holidays, and other important events. 

From paper crafts and art supplies to sewing machines and bakeware, a Joann gift card can satisfy anyone’s creative urge. Be sure to pick one up from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back asap! 

Buy a JOANN gift card

7. Custom Mastercard

Live Every Day to the Fullest

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Since the whole point of retiring is about freeing yourself from your old responsibilities and finally having the opportunity to live life the way you want to, it only makes sense that a gift card can uphold those same values. And how do you accomplish that? By getting a gift card that isn’t limited to any one store or brand, of course. 

A custom Mastercard makes for a fantastic retirement gift that goes a long way no matter where you’re at. Use it anywhere, at basically any store, the same as you’d use a personal credit or debit card, minus any cost to you. With no restraints and unlimited potential, it isn’t hard to understand why a custom Mastercard is perfectly suited for those celebrating the onset of their retirement. 

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Being able to successfully retire is no small feat. It deserves all the praise and celebration it gets, so be sure to commemorate this special time with a gift card from Gift Card Granny!