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FAQs about Cash Back Rewards

What are Cash Back Rewards?

Granny Cash Back Rewards allows you to purchase discounted gift cards from select retailers and earn cash back that can be redeemed for a cash payout or free gift cards.

How can I earn Cash Back Rewards?

Earn cash back on select Granny Direct gift cards, all purchases from Premium Partners, and for many other activities such as downloading our app or subscribing to our newsletter.

How do I redeem my Cash Back Rewards?

Once you have earned at least $5 cash back, you can get a cash payout or redeem it for free gift cards from hundreds of top brands.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use EasyPay. Easy pay allows you to pay now and get any item now, but pay your bill over time. The best part? There is 0% interest. It doesn’t get better than that!
  2. Check special offers on Once you get to the site and sign into your account, you will see a bar at the bottom of the page that reads “Special Offers & Finds For You”. Click this to view special offers or events that are going on.
  3. Receive email updates from QVC. When you give your email you are opting in to get sneak previews of special offers & upcoming events delivered to your inbox.

FAQs about QVC gift cards

Does QVC have gift cards?

QVC offers a few different gift card options. You can get a traditional plastic gift card--these gift cards can be shipped directly to your home, so that you can use it yourself, or can be given as a physical gift. QVC also offers digital gift cards. These gift cards are delivered via email. They can be sent to any email of your choice, including your own.

What stores offer QVC gift cards?

There are a lot of different ways to get your hands on a QVC gift card. has all your options laid out for you. Remember when buying QVC gift cards to always check out Gift Card Granny for the best deals and discounts! Granny always has discount QVC gift cards, so consider making it your first stop when looking for gift cards.

Where can I find out the value of my QVC gift card?

To get a balance inquiry on any QVC gift card at any time of day, make sure you have your gift card number handy and use any of the following balance check options.

Is there an expiration date for my QVC gift card?

Nope! That is what makes QVC gift cards such a great gift option. Whenever your recipient needs it, it will be valid. Gift cards offered through Gift Card Granny have a 100% lifetime guarantee to never expire or lose value. Although it's best to use up your gift cards soon after you get them, so you don’t lose them or forget about them.

Where can I use my QVC gift card?

QVC gift cards are redeemable with QVC for food and merchandise by phone at 888-345-5788, via the web at, or via QVC mobile applications. For all of these methods, just enter your gift card number on the payment page of the checkout.

What amounts can I buy a QVC gift card for?

Denominations vary from $5-$500. This goes for digital gift cards and traditional plastic gift cards.

What should I do if my QVC gift card is lost, damaged, or stolen?

Any gift card, whether digital or traditional holds a real cash value. You should protect that gift card like you would the cash in your wallet. If you do happen to misplace your gift card, or you believe that is has been stolen, call Cash Star customer service immediately. If you call with your gift card number available, they will be able to cancel your card and reissue a new card with the balance available at the time of the report.

About QVC

A QVC Gift Card brings a smile to any face! Whether you email it, personally deliver your printed eGift, or mail a traditional plastic Gift Card, your thoughtfulness is sure to delight.

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