Gift Cards You Can Use at Spas in Sacramento, California

California is packed full of many gems, from the lights and glamor of Hollywood to the gorgeous Victorian abodes nestled along the gentle slope of the famed Steiner Street. One step into The Golden State will grant you spectacular sights, breathtaking scenery, and whimsy that feels straight out of a fairy tale. But don’t pinch yourself, because you are far from dreaming up a picturesque paradise; California and its many beautiful cities are as real as any others, and you can get a taste of the West Coast life when you visit any of them. 

Since Cali is overflowing with notable destinations that attract tourists from across the world, it’s quite easy to become caught up and captivated by the bigger names –  Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim, Long Beach, Santa Monica. All are great places in their own respect, but they tend to outshine California’s capital city of Sacramento. However, if you want to immerse yourself in that rich, genuine California experience without hitting up some of the popular southern California cities, then Sacramento is the place to be. 

There’s tons of fun things to do in Sacramento, even if it doesn’t have quite the grandeur as other notable California cities. You can visit historic museums, explore stunning nature trails, discover a lively art and cultural scene, and check out an array of local restaurants and craft breweries that you won’t find anywhere else. And when you’re ready for rest and relaxation, you can hit up the many different spas throughout the city for some much-needed luxury pampering. 

Sacramento has many great spas and wellness centers offering a wide array of services, from full-body massages that will help you unwind tense muscles to rejuvenating facials that will make you feel like a brand new you. Spa amenities, hair treatments, makeup services, fitness facilities, and so much more can be yours when you visit Sacramento, so don’t pass up on the chance to experience pure bliss during your trip. 

To help get you started on planning your stay in Sacramento, let’s take a look at some great gift card options for local spas, salons, and wellness centers. Every business will be different, with many offering unique services and experiences that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Take advantage of your time in Sacramento by experiencing all the pampering you have ever dreamed of. 

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1. Spa Week

Enjoy relaxation on your own terms

Buy a Spa Week gift card

Regular spa visits should be a part of any healthy lifestyle, but the truth of the matter is that going out of your way to book a spa visit can be easier said than done. In order to get motivated, services like Spa Week exist to simplify the spa booking process and make your personal wellbeing an everyday priority. 

Spa Week can effortlessly integrate appointments at local spas, salons, and wellness centers into your busy schedule by showing you nearby businesses with services you’re interested in. A Spa Week gift card can be used to pay for an array of wellness-related services at eligible businesses, from nail care and eyelash extensions to scalp massages and exfoliation treatments. However you wish to look after yourself, Spa Week can help connect you with tons of unique spas and wellness centers in the area of your choice. 

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2. Asha Urban Baths

A safe space in the city to focus on your wellbeing

For some, the best way to unwind and find peace in mind and body happens to be in communal spaces. Asha Urban Baths provides a relaxing setting where folks can gather, socialize with one another, and restore their energies by way of rejuvenating bathhouse services. Whether you wish you submerge yourself in hot soaking pools or experience the crisp, refreshing sensation of a cold plunge, Asha Urban Baths offers a variety of services to appeal to your needs and restore your wellbeing. 

Asha Urban Baths is a tranquil indoor oasis for both men and women to enjoy. A sophisticated, co-ed venue, Asha Urban Baths uses the powers of heat and water to ensure guests get a premium spa experience in an inclusive bathhouse environment. Some of the various services offered at Asha Urban Baths include full body or targeted massages, salt therapy, soaks, sauna visits, cold plunges, sound immersion, and facials. Guests are welcome to check out all packages currently available at Asha Urban Baths to find an experience suitable for what they are looking for. 

Learn more about Asha Urban Baths. Gift Card Granny does not offer gift cards for this merchant at this time. 

3. Spafinder 

Find your slice of heaven on Earth 

Buy a Spafinder gift card

Walking into a new spa can feel a little overwhelming sometimes. You’re there to relax your mind and body, but when you are not sure what the experience will be like or the cost of services, it is only natural you may end up with feelings of apprehension. That is why a gift card for a service like Spafinder is the perfect remedy to help clear up any doubts and provide you with the motivation you need to try out a new place. 

When you use a Spafinder gift card for your next appointment, you have the freedom to choose where those funds end up going. A Spafinder gift card does not lock you into one particular business or franchise, which is a definite bonus for folks who want to explore the many spa options available in Sacramento. Spafinder gift cards work by allowing users to browse an online catalog of eligible businesses in the area of their choice, and once they find the ideal spot they simply hand over their gift card at the time of their appointment. It’s a super easy, convenient way of checking out and paying for different spa services in all kinds of different cities. 

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4. FloatAwaySpas

Serenity is only one floating pod away 

A spa is a place where you can leave your everyday troubles behind and relax your mind, body, and soul. Every spa and wellness center has something different to offer its clients, from exotic massages to waxing services and laser hair removal for aesthetic purposes. Whatever you want, spas are here to deliver you a blissful experience you won’t soon forget. And if you truly want to float away on cloud nine in a tranquil setting, then FloatAwaySpas in Sacramento is definitely worth checking out. 

At FloatAwaySpas, folks can shut out the outside world if only for a moment by immersing themselves in zero gravity floating pods. It may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but FloatAwaySpas is as real as can be. Unwind your mind, reduce your stress, and increase your sense of calmness in zero gravity sensory deprivation tanks that block out unwanted worries and inconveniences. Pair your zero gravity floating pod experience with a rejuvenating massage session arranged for your needs, or visit the infrared sauna so you can sweat off any unwanted stressors. There are so many ways you can ease your tension when you visit FloatAwaySpas in Sacramento – pick out services that are right for you and watch your headaches melt away. 

You can learn more about the services available at FloatAwaySpas here. Gift cards for FloatAwaySpas in Sacramento are not currently available through Gift Card Granny, but you can check out our many other gift card options to see what’s right for you!

5. Mastercard 

A gift card that helps you get everything you need and more

Buy a Mastercard gift card

With so many options for spa services available to you in Sacramento, it can be hard to settle on a gift card for just one business. If flexibility is something you value in a gift card so that you do not have to be locked into one choice, then you would probably appreciate everything a Mastercard gift card can do for you. From traditional spas and wellness centers to salons and beauty parlors, a Mastercard gift card can be used to pay for a variety of self-care services that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. 

Mastercard gift cards are fantastic shopping tools that can buy a whole lot more than an appointment at a local spa. You can use Mastercard gift card funds to purchase goods in person at your favorite retailers, order products from online shops, groceries at the neighborhood supermarket, takeout from independent and chain restaurants, and pretty much anything else you could want. Still have leftover money on your Mastercard gift card after your spa appointment? Make a good day even better by topping it off with a shopping spree at the mall or sitting down for a meal at one of your favorite dining establishments. 

The shopping potential of a Mastercard gift card is practically unlimited, which is why it makes for such an amazing gift for all kinds of folks. No matter what they need or like to shop for, you can guarantee that a Mastercard gift card will get the job done. 

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There are so many different spas and wellness centers to explore in Sacramento, California. While you may not be able to experience them all, our list has a few gift cards to help get you started on your wellness journey!