8 Gift Cards Fit for Seven-Year-Olds

Out of touch with the kids these days? Shop with confidence and browse our top 8 gift card ideas perfectly suited for young children

It doesn’t take an expert to shop for a little kid. Whether you’re a parent, uncle, cousin, godmother, friend of the family, or simply looking to put a drop of sunshine into a young child’s overcast day, know that any gesture of kindness and generosity is certain to be appreciated by the gift recipient. 

Kids might seem like demanding and ungrateful bundles of lawless, unfiltered energy, and while they can definitely harbor some of those traits, they are thinking people no different from anyone else. Their feelings deserve to be considered by the adults around them, and sometimes the best way to get through the adult-child barrier is by way of an awesome present that speaks volumes. 

Since you probably don’t make a habit of hanging out with seven-year-olds on a daily basis, you might feel a little stuck on the wayside when it comes to gift shopping, but rest assured that pleasing a young child is no Olympic feat. And with Gift Card Granny, you’ll be an expert gift-giver in no time! 

Let’s take a look at some potential gift card ideas for seven-year-olds, which includes:

  • Gift cards for toys and entertainment
  • Gift cards for fashion and jewelry
  • Gift cards for books and movies

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1. Build-A-Bear

Build a New Friend For Life

Buy Build-A-Bear gift cards now

Buy Build-A-Bear Gift Cards

Seven-year-old’s aren’t babies, but they are still quite a ways away from maturity. They need comfort in much the same way they need fun and engagement, which is why stuffed animals and plushies are so popular among children. And when it comes to needing a soft new toy, there’s no better retailer to check out than Build-A-Bear. 

Build-A-Bear not only helps kids meet their new best friends, but encourages children to channel their creative energy and design unique soft toys and custom teddy bears. From the fur color to the attire, every choice is left to the creator, giving kids complete control over the final outcome. 

The Build-A-Bear catalog is certainly overflowing with bears, but there’s a variety of other animals and toy designs available for customization. Choose from beloved brands and always go through life with your favorite cartoon character by your side, or stick with the traditional route and build a cozy little bear friend imbued with your love and care. 

Buy a Build-a-Bear gift card

2. GameStop

Where Players of All Ages Can Let Loose

Buy GameStop gift cards now

Buy GameStop Gift Cards

Video games are a pastime for all ages. From little children to grown adults, the appeal of video games stretches far and wide, transcending language and borders all for the sake of entertainment. With so many great video game retailers out there, both in person and online, picking the best one is easier said than done, but there’s no doubt that GameStop deserves a spot on this list. 

Ever since first opening their doors in 1984, GameStop has been providing its customers with direct access to the latest video game releases, contemporary electronics, and gaming hardware from the best manufacturers on the market. Their library currently hosts hundreds of thousands of video game titles for dozens of consoles, old and new.

Buy a GameStop gift card

3. The Children’s Place

For the Needs of All Children

Buy gift cards to the Children’s Place now

Buy Children's Place Gift Cards

Kids don’t stay small forever, and they have a habit of outgrowing their clothes at record speeds. While this always guarantees a closet of fresh new finds, the cost of clothes can add up fast. That’s why you can never go wrong with a gift card for children’s apparel, especially when it’s from a retailer like the Children’s Place. 

Founded in 1969, the Children’s Place has been supplying clothing essentials to numerous generations of children over the years, and they continue to do so with as much vigor as ever. They currently operate over one thousand stores across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, which isn’t even accounting for their various other international locations. Even with the rise of department stores and online shopping, speciality retailers like the Children’s Place aren’t out of the game yet. 

What makes a clothing retailer like the Children’s Place so special anyway? There are a number of positive attributes associated with this apparel company, from clothes that combine style and comfort to an array of sizes that range from infant to grown teenager. Variety and appeal matter to any customer base, and when a family of five need to shop for new clothes for their kids, they’re gonna go with an option that’s curated for their specific needs. 

Buy a The Children's Place gift card

4. Books-A-Million

Books As Far As the Eye Can See

Buy Books-A-Million gift cards now

Buy Books A Million Gift Cards

There’s no such thing as not being old enough to enjoy the company of a book. Little kids can get as much entertainment out of reading as adults do, and there are plenty of books that are easy for children to digest. While reading doesn’t typically come to mind when thinking of a seven-year-old’s favorite hobby, there is no doubt that there are enthusiastic seven-year-olds reading books as if they were candy. 

Books-A-Million is for those young readers who just can’t get enough and for the ones who are just getting started. This bookstore company operates nearly three hundred stores in thirty-two states, making it one of the largest book retailers in the entire nation. 

The shelves at Books-A-Million are packed with fantastic finds for readers of all ages, and seven-year-olds can enjoy the massive selection of content in the children’s section. With relatable characters and engaging stories, reading can be a fun activity for any young child. 

Buy a Books-a-Million gift card

5. Claire’s

Accessorize in All the Colors of the Rainbow

Buy Claire’s gift cards now

Buy Claire's Gift Cards

It’s hard to put yourself in the mindset of a seven-year-old but, basically, anything that looks cute and colorful is something of value to a child. So when you're browsing around for theoretical presents, be sure to swing by Claire’s and check out their wide array of cutesy products perfectly appropriate for a seven-year-old kid. 

From kid-safe jewelry and fashionable accessories to toys and school supplies, Claire’s has an abundance of fun and practical products suited for the everyday life of a young kid. Children will be awestruck by sparkly earrings, cute charm bracelets, cool hair extensions, and plenty of other fluffy pink things that help them rep their inner style. 

Fashion isn’t the only thing available at Claire’s. Shop any of their retail locations for a variety of electronics, bath and body products, and everyday accessories like backpacks, wallets, sunglasses, and even umbrellas. 

Buy a Claire's gift card

6. Disney

Don’t Just Dream About It – Have It!

Buy a Disney gift card

Disney Shop

There’s not a kid in this wide world who isn’t familiar with the iconic magic of a Disney film. Whether it’s the first, fifth, or fortieth watch, there’s an undeniable aura of enchantment in any movie lucky enough to brand the Disney title, and the impact on children and adults alike is entirely other-wordly. 

The Disney universe is truly powerful enough to transport viewers of all ages to fantastical realms with the use of captivating story elements and intriguing character progression. Disney plots are easy enough for a young child to follow along, yet fleshed out and developed in such a way that the movies never fall flat for the adults in the room. 

With the online Shop Disney store, every Disney fan can shop for the latest official merchandise of their favorite brands and movies within the Disney umbrella, such as Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. Browse trendy apparel customized with that Disney flare, from dresses and sleepwear to jackets and even quality costumes. This exclusive retailer also has an expansive selection of collectibles and limited edition items, making it the prime destination for any Disney fan. 

A world of fun awaits at Shop Disney, but Gift Card Granny does not currently offer gift cards for the retailer. Check back soon to see the next additions to our catalog!

Buy a Disney gift card

7. Journeys Kidz

Never Too Young to Appreciate A Good Pair

Journeys Gift Card

If you don’t think it’s possible for kids to be stylish, then you’ve been looking in all the wrong places. There are plenty of fashion retailers out there that cater specifically to the youth, ensuring they aren’t left out of the latest trends. And when it comes to the world of striking footwear, Journeys Kidz leaves other shoe retailers in the dust. 

Kids are often misunderstood by those around them, especially when it comes to adults and parents. Though they can be rambunctious, kids simply want the means to express themselves and to be accepted by the adults in their lives. Fashion is a fantastic way to do just that, and footwear can make quite the impression on others. 

Journeys Kidz has plenty of hot new kicks fit for the skaters, misfits, and kids who just want to make a statement. With hundreds of loud and proud designs, the footwear selection at Journeys Kidz is unbeatable. Shop trendy sneakers, boots, sandals, slippers alongside stylish apparel and accessories to match with any fresh pair. 

8. Fandango

Take Your Movie Game Up Another Level

Buy Fandango gift cards now

Buy Fandango Gift Cards

Kids love movies, and with streaming more popular than ever, they have access to thousands of exciting titles at any given time. While that development is a game-changer, the novelty of sitting down in a movie theater and seeing the latest release on the big screen is unmatched. 

Share the excitement of movie theaters with today’s children with Fandango, a ticketing company that sells a wide variety of movie tickets via their websites and mobile app. Fandango is great for any passionate movie enthusiast who loves securing tickets to the latest releases as soon as they become available. In addition to tickets, Fandango provides its customers with access to showtimes, trailers of upcoming feature films, fan reviews, and so much more!

Buy Fandango gift cards now

There’s nothing like being a kid and, as an adult, it’s hard to put yourself on their level. Kids have different priorities, interests, and ways of thinking in regards to the world around them. While quirky and unique, your average seven-year-old is also confusing and hard to follow. That makes gift shopping a bit more tedious, but Gift Card Granny can connect you with a variety of great gift cards fit for a young kid. 

Enjoy all the gift possibilities this list offers and make the wishes of any seven-year-old come true!