Gift Cards Make Gift Giving Simple and Easy

Over the years gifts cards have accumulated a bad reputation due to the worry that they might be received as an impersonal gift. While in some cases this might be true, it is false in just as many. Gift cards are a safe and easy way to show someone you care without having to worry about buying the wrong item despite it being from a retailer you know that they like. Gift cards are also a great way to give them the gift of experience instead of items.

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With that said, here are 7 reasons why gift cards can make for the perfect gift.

1. Avoid Awkward Returns

There’s nothing worse than getting a gift that you simply don’t want or can’t use. How many of us have been gifted an ugly article of clothing, an appliance you have no use for, or something you already own in some shape or form?

While it really is the thought that counts, sometimes the thought is a bad one. The hassle of receiving a bad gift really comes into play when you decide that you’d like to return or exchange it. Not only does this create unnecessary stress for the receiver of the gift having to deal with lines and customer service agents, but it’s also terribly awkward for the gift giver if they ever inquire about the gift in the future.

All of this can be avoided with a gift card. Send a gift card to a retailer you know they like and shop at so that they can pick and choose how they would like to spend the money. Returning gifts is a pain and often involves long lines, frustrated customers, complicated policies, and disgruntled retail workers. Avoid the struggle by gifting gift cards!

2. Guarantee They Get What They Want and Need

Giving someone a gift card is the best way to make sure they can choose what they want when shopping, but also what they need. It is an unfortunate fact that plenty of gifts aren’t particularly practical. Trinkets and knick-knacks can be unique and cute, but let's face it, 90% of the time they’re just going to take up space on some shelf collecting dust.

Gift cards, on the other hand, give the receiver the opportunity to shop not only for what they want, but also for what they need. It’s unlikely that anyone would vocalize that they want a new mop for Christmas, but this might, in fact, be exactly what they need. Giving them a gift card gives them the chance to shop not only for fun gifts, but also to save money on everyday necessities they might need to stock up on.

3. Saves Money and Time

In 2018, Gallup reported that the average American spends approximately $885 on Christmas gifts. This varies, of course, depending on who you are purchasing gifts for, but it remains that gift giving is an expensive tradition for all of us. Giving individual, personalized gifts for a variety of people can lead to disagreements as to who got the “better” gift regardless of whether you spent the same amount of money.

Solve this problem with gift cards. Giving gifts cards can not only help you to budget by spending the same amount of money on each person on your list, but it can also save you loads of time. Shopping for items at a variety of stores can be a waste of time, especially if the product is out of stock. Save time and money by purchasing gift cards instead.

4. Shop From Home

Save money on gas by doing all of your shopping online. Most retailers that offer gift cards or gift certificates are likely to sell them through online shopping portals as well as at their brick and mortar store. Save yourself the hassle and have the cards delivered to you in the mail, or have them mailed to the recipient directly. This is a great way to get all of your holiday shopping done in one fell swoop instead of spending weeks upon weeks shopping throughout the busy holiday season.

5. Give Them an Excuse to Shop

Money is a worry for most of us, and chances are we often try our best to save money and budget. Giving someone a gift card is a perfect way to provide them with an excuse to go out and treat themselves to something they normally wouldn't do like going out to a nice dinner, getting a massage, or splurging on that handbag they really wanted.

6. Practicality

Gift cards are practical for everyday life. While it would seem silly for you to show up at the Christmas party with $50 worth of groceries to give to someone as a gift, chances are that they would be excited to receive a $50 gift card to the local supermarket. Gift cards are nice because you can get them for just about anything, anywhere. Whether it’s for groceries or clothes, restaurants or hair cuts, gift cards are one of the most practical gifts you can give.

7. Treat Them To Experiences, Not Items

One of the best aspects of giving gift cards this holiday season is that they give you the ability to purchase experiences instead of items. We all have plenty of stuff littering our homes and apartments, and as much as a new scarf might be a pretty gift, it won’t bring the same kind of joy and memories as a trip to a local Escape Room or night out with friends.

Gift cards are typically available for most entertainment venues online or in-store. Movie theatre gift cards are a great way to give someone an excuse to get out of the house for a night. The same goes for gift cards to restaurants and theatre performances. Give them the gift of great memories with the freedom to choose where, when, and what those memories will look like and who they will share them with.

In short, there’s no good reason to spend all of your time trapped in retail lines and holiday traffic this season. Save yourself the hassle, the time, and the money by sending a gift cards this holiday season.