Top-rated Gifts for Dog Moms

Dog moms work hard to take care of their fur babies just like the other moms out there and they deserve to be celebrated too. We all know a dog mom that would go to the ends of the Earth for her fur baby so why not show her a little appreciation. Searching for the right gift is hard and so is saving money. That’s why Gift Card Granny wants to help. Find the perfect gift and save money while you’re at it when you earn cash back rewards or get a discount on your gift card purchase. From major retailers to smaller stores, you’ll be able to find a gift for anyone on your list without breaking the bank.

Ready to shop? Check out our dog mom gift ideas.

1. Dog Crew Socks
A pair of crew socks for one to show off their best friend.

Vendor: Macy’s 
Price: $7.00

Whether a dog lover needs a pair of warm socks for a rainy day in with their favorite dog or need a fashion statement at work, these are the pair of socks for the job. They can be paired with Birkenstocks, slides, or sneakers for a great look. These socks are one of three from Hot Sox, with styles in black and tan as well. These comfortable pairs are machine washable and fit shoe sizes 4-10.5.

2. Paw Print Charm
Take a reminder of a dog mom’s furry creature wherever they go.

Vendor: Pandora
Price: $65.00

Charm bracelets are a cute way to keep what’s important to you close no matter where you’re at. There are charms to symbolize family, friends, places, and activities. But this charm would be a special way to remember a favorite furry friend. This sterling silver paw print charm from Pandora comes embellished with cubic zirconia stones that shine beautifully. It screws on perfectly to a Pandora charm bracelet and can be paired perfectly with a heart or bone charm.

3. Dog Collar Charm
A cute dog charm to let everyone know exactly whose dog is the best.

Vendor: Petco
Price: Varies

There’s never a limit to how many cute items a dog can have to show off that he or she is in fact the best dog. Gift any dog tag charm to an owner who loves to take a stroll in style. Choose from a variety of charms at Petco.

4. Dogs Tote Bag
The perfect tote bag to take one’s dog love on-the-go.

Vendor: Urban Outfitters
Price: $25.00

Whether it’s a day out to the beach or just a day at work, leaving the house requires taking all of the essentials. A beach day needs a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, a speaker, and some snacks. Wherever the destination, why not give a gift so that dog mom in your life can show off who is the most important to her. This dog-themed tote bag is 100% cotton and extremely durable for all dog and non-dog items. Tote a proud dog declaration no matter the occasion and fit all of the essentials in on bag. This tote has comfortable straps and is machine washable in case of accidents.

5. Doggie Bag Holder
A dual-purpose design for hand sanitizer and doggie bags.

Vendor: PetSmart 
Price: $9.99

Every dog mom has moments when they absolutely love their furry creature and moments when they wish they could be as far away as possible. Typically, the far away moments happen when the dog has to go #2. Luckily, there's this cute doggie bag holder from PetSmart in the shape of a dog to proivde her a little chuckle during clean up times. 

6. Custom Dog Magnets
Make personalized enamel magnets of someone’s favorite companion.

Vendor: Etsy
Price: $32.00

Everyone’s fridge is secretly the heart of their home. Long day at the office? Head to the fridge for some revitalizing dinner. Bad date? Head to the fridge for some ice cream. Went the extra mile on a run? Head to the fridge for some water and protein. Why not give a gift that will add a personal touch to such an important part of the home? These custom enamel magnets are handmade from any photo of choice. Work with the artist to perfect a magnet for the dog mom in your life!