Gift Suggestions For Every Type of Teacher

Gift guides for teachers can be tricky. Every teacher has received plenty of modest boxes of chocolates and apple-themed paperweights -- it’s time to up our gift-giving game and get more creative with the way we show appreciation to our educators! Whether they’re crafty or need a little help amping up classroom supplies, saying ‘thank you’ has never been easier.

Check out our fun and functional ideas below!

Personalized Pencils
Help your teacher stock up on classroom supplies while adding a personal touch.

Vendor: Etsy
Price: Varies

Practical and endearing, personalized pencils show teachers that you care and put a unique spin on a classroom staple. For teachers nearing the end of the school year, pencils often get permanently borrowed or lost, leaving them to scrape for writing utensils. Lost pencils no more! Name engraved, these ones are easily returnable and easily found.

Personalized Desk Caddy

Vendor: Shutterfly
Price: $49.99

It’s cute and it helps organize a teacher’s desk.

Pens, post-its, highlighters--a teacher’s desk can easily turn into a cluttered mess. This personalized desk caddy is a great functional gift, and customizable with photos or designs. Add more pizazz by turning it into a gift basket full of desk accessories or small treats.

Teacher’s Survival Kit
Fill with items-cheeky or functional-in case of “emergency.”

Vendor: Office Depot 
Price: Varies

Grab a small basket or storage bin at Office Depot and create a Teacher’s Survival Kit. Fill it with whatever items you feel best suits the teacher’s need like band aids, gum, and disinfectant wipes. Or, go the fun route and include treats and novelty items. Get as creative as your heart desires.

Chocolate-Cherry Decadence Coffee
Coffee for the teacher who needs a unique jolt of caffeine.

Vendor: Harry & David 
Price: $12.99

Being a teacher is hard. Sometimes regular run-of-the-mill coffee just won’t cut it. With this decadent blend, your favorite teacher can take a well-deserved break with this extra luxurious coffee blend. A fresh cup o’ joe with subtle notes of chocolate and cherry is a gift that any teacher will thank you for.

F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers
A lighthearted book that’s sure to make any teacher laugh.

Vendor: Barnes & Noble 
Price: $9.95

A collection of wild exam answers, this book is a hoot for anyone who picks it up -- especially for teachers, who might even find it relatable.

DIY Plant Gift
A simple DIY project for teachers who love plants.

Vendor: Home Depot 
Price: Varies

If you’re feeling crafty, this heartfelt gift is one that will hit the mark. Simply pick up a few supplies from your local home improvement store -- like a classic terra cotta pot, paint pens, some soil, and a flower -- and you can put together a lovely customized gift in minutes. A sweet DIY potted plant gift idea will add a touch of joy and color to any classroom.

This year, show your appreciation for the educator in your life. From functional accessories, to quirky novelties, this guide can help put a creative spin on gift-giving. No matter what it is, the perfect gift is a meaningful one.