Stitch Your Way Into Your Favorite Knitter’s Heart With These Gifts

What was once considered to be just an occupation for your grandma has made a comeback, and chances are that you have a crafty loved one who’s into knitting. If you want to go the basic route, you could just give them yarn, but buying yarn for a knitting project may be more complicated than you’d suspect. Every pattern requires a different ply of yarn, as well as a certain thickness of needles, and you’d have to buy multiple spools in the same color just to have enough to make something as simple as a scarf. Rather than going through all the trouble of finding out exactly what yarn your knitter needs, here are some creative gift ideas.

Knitting can be a pretty expensive hobby, so if you want to get your knitter something nice without shelling out the big bucks, consider picking up a discount gift card. Your knitter will appreciate you pitching in to help them increase their yarn stash.

No tangle-prone wires.

Vendor: Apple 
Price: $159-$199

Knitting is second-nature an activity, especially when you get really good at it. A lot of dedicated knitters like to listen to podcasts or music or even watch a show as they work. Wired headphones make that difficult, often becoming tangled with the yarn. The solution? Apple Airpods. They’re completely wireless and feature touchless voice control so that your knitter can switch podcasts or turn up the volume without missing a stitch.

Chunky-knit Sweater
Snug and stylish knitting inspo.

Vendor: H&M
Price: $29.99

Sometimes your knitter is going to want to wear knitted clothing without putting in the hours to make it herself, and this comfy cozy sweater is sure to be her new go-to. Made of 100% cotton with a unique yarn that contains little black fuzzies, this sweater is both fashionable and super warm. Who knows — maybe she’ll even use it as inspiration for her next project.

Get Knooking by Laura Strutt
Knitting — but with a crochet hook.

Vendor: Target 
Price: $19.95

The world of knitting is truly vast, which means that your knitter probably hasn’t heard of knooking, which is just knitting, but with a crochet hook. This book will introduce her to the concept and get her started on some easy, beginner knooking projects that will still turn out to be beautiful and functional. Plus, it comes with a complementary bamboo crochet hook. Don’t be surprised if she gets hooked on knooking!

A Month of Hulu
Entertainment at its finest.

Vendor: Hulu 
Price: $5.99/month

Knitting is a simple, repeated action that can become somewhat boring after a few rows, so many knitters like to binge TV shows and movies while letting their hands do the work. Hulu offers thousands of shows for all types of viewers, including drama, comedy, and TV classics. With this abundance of entertainment, your knitter should be able to get through several sweaters in no time flat.

Fair Isle Happiness is Handmade Canvas Project Bag
A cute way to hold projects.

Vendor: Joann 
Price: $25.99

She can carry her yarn proudly and easily in this cute canvas bag that’s designed especially for knitters. It snaps shut to keep her yarn safe and secure inside, and contains small, slim pockets that fit her needles perfectly. Dull class? Bring your knitting. Boring meeting? Bring your knitting. Long commute? You guessed it — bring your knitting. She never has to be bored when she has her knitting bag.

Everything Mary Black Yarn Knitting Needle Case
The perfect storage solution for all those needles.

Vendor: Walmart
Price: $8.99

From skeins of yarn to different sizes of needles, knitting can be quite a clutter-prone hobby. That’s where this knitting needle case comes in — it’ll keep all of her needles safe and ensure that none of her needles ever loses its partner. Specially designed to hold knitting needles, this case is the perfect length to fit most standard needles and can be easily stowed away in a desk drawer.

Traditional Wicker Basket
For those who really love their yarn.

Vendor: All Modern 
Price: $34.00

Speaking of organization, this traditional wicker basket makes it easy to store even the largest of yarn collections in a cute and convenient way. The basket comes in black and mint, and features a hexagonal design that adds to its contemporary vibes. Plus, if she ever feels the need to move her yarn collection, the handles and lightweight design will make it easy.

Lemon Chamomile Tea
A delicate tea for a delicate task.

Vendor: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 
Price: $8.99

If your knitter is also a tea drinker, consider this delicious Lemon Chamomile tea from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Made with invigorating citrus and relaxing chamomile, this lovely, fragrant drink doesn’t have any caffeine. Introduce a soothing sip to your knitter's day.

Knitter’s Salve
For busy hands.

Vendor: Etsy
Price: $12

As usual, Etsy’s vendors do not disappoint. This beautifully smooth knitter’s salve is perfect for those whose natural hand oils are absorbed by their knitting, with four variations: unscented (for those with sensitive skin), sweet orange and mandarin, frankincense and orange blossom, and lavender and palmarosa, all of them handmade. The basic ingredients are beeswax, jojoba oil, and calendula oil to make a hydrating mixture that absorbs quickly into the skin so that your knitter won’t have to worry about getting it all over her work.

Merino Wool Sweater
For any male knitters out there.

Vendor: J. Crew
Price: $79.50

If you want to get a gift specifically for your knitting guy friend, check out this washable Merino Wool Sweater. It’s made with super soft merino wool that's flexible and isn't too hot. 

Now you have a wide variety of yarn-less gift options that your knitter will love. Any of these gifts will show your friend or family member how much you appreciate their craft.