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Tips and tricks

  1. Watch live TV on Hulu Plus. Say goodbye to large cable bills and channels you never watch! You can now watch live TV on Hulu, so you can keep up with all your favorite sports teams and news shows no matter where you live.
  2. So many plans to choose from. No matter which Hulu plan you choose, you’re going to have access to thousands of fantastic movies, TV shows, and live TV as soon as you sign up.
  3. Create profiles for everyone on the account. Hulu makes it easy to create and store profiles for each member of the household to get a more personalized experience.

Answers to your questions about Hulu gift cards

Can you buy Hulu Plus gift cards?

When you want to watch all the best movies, shows, and live sports, just one company comes to mind, and that’s Hulu. With such a selection of shows, there’s bound to be something for everyone, no matter if you’re in the mood for drama, comedy, or sci-fi. You can pick up Hulu Plus gift cards at retailers such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Walgreens, but it’s always best to check with each store first before assuming they’ll be stocked up on Hulu gift cards.

But did you know that you can also pick up Hulu gift cards for friends and family at Gift Card Granny? That’s right, Hulu Plus gift cards are available for purchase, but with Granny, you’ll never need to pay the full retail value. Now that’s a great deal!

What is a Hulu Plus gift card good for?

If you have an account with Hulu, simply login and access your account and enter the gift card’s redemption code. You will then have your gift card attached to your account to pay for your monthly subscription until the gift card runs out.

If you don’t already have an account, that’s no problem at all! Simply create one of the Hulu site, and enter your gift card in for payment options. Unless you enter in another form of payment, you account will close once the gift card has run out of funds. Just make sure to add a credit or debit card to keep the Hulu Plus streaming alive!

How does the Hulu Plus gift card work?

Hulu Plus gift cards allow you pay for your monthly subscription to Hulu. Just pick out the Hulu service that works best for your lifestyle, (either with ads or without ads, or with a live TV package or without one). They are not redeemable, however, for premium network ad-ons such as HBO or Showtime. Also keep in mind, if you access your Hulu account through a third billing such as iTunes or Spotify, you are not able to redeem your gift cards through those services.

Where can I purchase Hulu Plus gift cards?

You can pick up your discounted Hulu gift cards right here at Gift Card Granny, and give the gift of amazing movies, sports, and TV. Gift Card Granny offers these gift cards at a reduced cost, saving you even more money!

You can also pick up Hulu gift cards at major national retailers as well, and in a denomination of your choosing.

How do I check my gift card balance?

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all your gift card balances. But we can help you check your Hulu Plus gift card balance

Will this gift card have fees or expiration dates?

There are never any fees, either to activate or maintain your Hulu Plus gift card. This is a nice option because sometimes you might not get around to using it right away. These gift cards also do not have an expiration date either, which gives you plenty of time to get around to redeeming them! Just note that Hulu gift cards are not reloadable, but you can always pick another one up.

Hulu gift card redemption instructions

To redeem this gift card:

1. Visit

2. Enter PIN

Please note: Use the PIN provided by Gift Card Granny to successfully redeem your Hulu gift card. 

About Hulu

Get a Hulu subscription and stream the TV you love, anytime, on your favorite devices. We’re talking over 85,000 episodes of new TV, classic TV, laugh-your-face-off TV, cry-your-eyes-out TV, and every other kind of TV. Plus, get Hulu Originals you can’t watch anywhere else - like The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock - and movies, and Live TV for sports and news and all the stuff you need to watch right when it happens. It’s all on Hulu, and it’s all waiting for you. Plans start at $5.99/month. Start streaming today.

Hulu has:

● Current episodes of the latest TV

● Exclusive past seasons of classic shows

● Groundbreaking Hulu originals

● Popular movies and documentaries

● Option to add Live TV

Comments about Hulu

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