Motherhood Is Hard. Getting Her The Perfect Gift Doesn’t Have To Be

If you have a new mother in your life and you want to make her first Mother’s Day special, you’ve come to the right place! Finding gift inspiration can be difficult at times, so we’ve provided general categories (and some specific gift ideas) that you can customize as needed. For the special women in our lives, it can be hard to find a gift that encompasses everything they mean to us. What can we give to the moms who give so much, especially to new moms?

Luckily, there’s no need to give a mediocre gift to that special new mom in your life: instead, you can use Gift Card Granny for your Mother’s Day Gift this year. It’s convenient, cost-effective, and creates great deals for your family! The big day is quickly approaching, so read on to get the scoop on what all new moms want for their first Mother’s Day.

Personalized Star Map

Give her a gift that sparks joy around the house.

Vendor: A Variety of Sellers on Etsy
Price: Varies

New mothers have endured a lot. Whether the mother in your life endured a difficult labor, a strenuous adoption process, or anything in between, mothers are the strongest women we know. Moms endure unbearable emotion for the sake of their children, so nothing makes a new mother prouder than the tiny life she created. Give her a gift that allows her to display that pride front and center.

Give your loved one an artistic and unique gift encompassing her love for her child. Artisan websites like are full of unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day. You’ll find wonderful renditions of gifts you may have thought of...and plenty of gifts you couldn’t have imagined in your wildest dreams. This star map, which displays constellations of certain dates, can be customized for any family!

All the buyer must do is give date information to the Etsy shop, and they can customize the map in any way you choose! This would be perfect around the house or in a baby’s room. Moms LOVE this!

Just to See Your Smile

Because who doesn’t love food?

fruit bouquet basket

Vendor: Fruit
Price: $69.99

There’s a reason that the go-to date night idea is often about eating. Not only is eating crucial to our health (duh), but it’s a way of socializing and enhancing connections. Give the tired new mom in your life a break from preparing snacks for herself and her newborn with a tasty treat that will both brighten her day (literally!) and help fuel those late night bottles and diaper changes.

This beautiful fruit arrangement incorporates a variety of nutritious and delicious fruits-- from grapes to oranges and honeydew. Plus, the chocolate-covered starwberries are sure to please even the pickiest chocoholic. It’s the ultimate guilt-free snack for busy new moms.

Yellow & White Delight Bouquet

Give Her a Bright Bouquet that’s Pretty to Look at and Even Better to Smell

1800 flowers bouquet

Vendor: 1-800-Flowers
Price: $49.99

Flowers: a tried-and-true gift for all moms. There’s a reason that flowers are one of the most popular gifts to give mothers on Mother’s Day. They look beautiful, smell beautiful, and tend to mark a special occasion for any mom.

We love this particular bouquet for Mother’s Day because these white and yellow blooms are sure to bring sunshine into any mother’s life.

Sleeveless Jersey Swing Dress

The Perfect Light, Flowing, Flattering Dress for Any Figure

old navy dress

Vendor: Old Navy
Price: $29.99

Our bodies are not like rubber bands - they don’t just snap back into place after being pulled to the brink of breaking. New moms often deal with body image issues after the months of carrying their babies completely morph their bodies. These strong women have endured months of growing bigger, curbing food cravings, enduring labor, and creating a new tiny person. And now, after all that, she may feel uncomfortable in her own skin. Many new moms feel a sense of sadness when they don’t fit into the clothes they used to or don’t recognize the body that they see in the mirror.

Though you can’t fix the root of her sadness, you can give her an outfit that makes her feel good about herself. This airy dress comes in a variety of sizes and patterns and will help her look polished even when she's been up all night with a baby.

Choosing the perfect gift doesn’t have to be difficult. Pick something that you think will speak to her soul. She will love any gift you give her, because it is coming from someone she loves.