Gift Ideas for Gamers Who Love Overwatch

Overwatch is a popular team-based shooter game. Players of all ages enjoy the competitive gameplay and fun characters. If you know someone who can't get enough of Overwatch, you can find a gift just for them in this gift guide. From the best console on the market to Overwatch-themed merchandise, here are 7 gift ideas for gamers who love Overwatch. 

1. Xbox One X Console
If your Overwatch fan is in need of an upgrade, why not gift them one of the best consoles on the market right now?

Vendor: Xbox 
Price: $599.76

Consoles don’t last forever. The device finally gives out or an outdated machine can’t support all of the new features and looks of a game. Whatever someone’s reason might be, this Xbox One X console is the perfect gift for an Overwatch fan. The Xbox One X is the best Xbox on the market currently. It has 40% more power than any other console and has stunning 4K for the most immersive experience ever. The new Overwatch game looks even better on this console by taking advantage of the dynamic scaling resolution.

2. Playstation 4 Pro
If you Overwatch fan is more of a Playstation gamer, they may want the new Playstation 4 Pro.

Vendor: Best Buy 
Price: $399.99

If your gamer is a Playstation ride-or-die, this is the console for them. The Playstation Pro 4 is the most advanced on the market. With 1 terabyte capacity, it allows for maximum game storage while also having vivid graphics, faster frames for enhanced gameplay, and 4k video for an elevated gaming experience.

3. Overwatch Pillow, Storage Box, and Loot Crate Candle
A pillow version of a super fan’s favorite character is sure to be a hit.

Vendor: Amazon
Price: $49.99

Fans have always liked to collect memorabilia whether it be for artists, movies, or video games. If you know an Overwatch superfan, they may already have posters or a T-shirt or even a mug. This Overwatch-themed set comes with character pillow, storage case, and loot crate candle. 

4. Overwatch Monopoly
This is the gift for a gamer who enjoys board games as much as video games.

Vendor: Barnes and Noble 
Price: $49.99

Gamers need a break from screen time too. This Monopoly: Overwatch Edition features six pieces of characters from the franchise and objective cards that may seem familiar. Encourage your gamer to gather up some friends and enjoy a different kind of game night with this Overwatch themed board game.

5. Overwatch Headset
An Overwatch-themed headset to use when playing their favorite game.

Vendor: Walmart 
Price: $75.64

Anyone who has played any video games knows those crucial moments. When you’re in the lead and any slip up can lead to loss. If you make it through, it’s a whole different kind of relief and if you can’t make it then it’s a crushing loss. With this headset, an Overwatch player gets all the information necessary to pull off a win. This Razor headset is built with 50mm drivers and closed-cup ears for powerful sound and sound isolation features. It’s compatible with PC, Mac, Playstation, and Xbox devices.

6. Overwatch Lamp
For the gamer who doesn’t want to leave the game behind, this is the gift for them.

Vendor: Etsy
Price: $99.49

For the fan who eats, breaths, sleeps Overwatch, this is the perfect gift for them. If they are in need of a little light in their game room or just need a light for their bedside table, this lamp will shine a light in the shape of their favorite character. These Overwatch lamps come in 13 styles of the games favorite symbols and characters. They are handmade and come with a full warranty. With little noise or heat, a fan can relax and play or stream in peace.

7. Overwatch Shot Glass Set
For times when a fan wants to celebrate with their favorite heroes.

Vendor: GameStop 
Price: $10.97

Gamers enjoy hobbies and nights out that don’t include gaming. Sometimes, however, they may still want to include their favorite game. This shot glass set ensures they can take their favorite game with them when celebrating with friends. This shot glass set is part of a collectibles selection from Just Funky and includes four different glasses. Each shot glass features a different gradient and heroes, including popular ones like Zenyatta, Lucio, and Mercy.

In short, there are a variety of unique gift options for Overwatch gamers out there. What's more, if you're not sure what the gamer has or needs, you can always send them a gift card to popular gaming retailers like GameStop, Xbox, PlayStation Network and more on Gift Card Granny.

Do you have a gift suggestion for an Overwatch superfan? Let us know in the comments below.