Send Them Off in Style with These Student Traveler Gifts

Deciding on the perfect gift for anyone can be a challenge, but that’s where Gift Card Granny comes into the picture. Gift Card Granny makes it easy to search, purchase, and personalize gift cards for your friends, family, and loved ones and also provides convenient gift guides like this one to help you pick out the right gift for all the jet-setters in your life!

Here are 10 of the best going-away gifts for students studying abroad.

1. Kindle Paperwhite
For Layovers and Lazy Days

Not every second of a study-abroad experience can be adventure and it is likely that more of it will be spent in airport terminals than your traveler would like. Send them off with the new Kindle Paperwhite.

This device is an easy, small, and light-weight way for your traveler to access a world's-worth of books from the convenience of a hand-held tablet. It's wterproff with a high-resolution display, a built-in light, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift that your traveler will treasure during and after their journey.

2. Travel Journal
Keep those creative juices flowing all over the globe!

Whether it is so your traveler can write a quick note, or so they can look back on the memories of their travels in the years to come, a travel journal is the perfect gift for any study abroad experience. You can find travel journals just about anywhere, but this personalized travel journal from Mark & Graham includes maps, international dailing codes, and world weather information.

3. TECHO HD Smartphone Camera Lens Kit
Leave the clunky digital camera at home.

Perfect for the budding photography student or for anyone who wants to remember their world-wide journeys through stunning photographs without dropping the cash on an expensive camera.

The TECHO HD Smartphone Camera Lens Kit available at Walmart allows smartphone users to adapt their phone camera into a professional quality lens to capture every moment of their travels in the most beautiful resolution. Lightweight and small, this gift also won’t take up too much space in their carry-on.

4. Best Selling Travel Books
Delayed flights got you down? Get a fast-pass with a book set abroad.

We know we already included the Kindle on this list, but perhaps your traveler is a bit of a literary purist and gets a kick out of reading books the old-fashion way. Search for a book written in or about the location to which they are traveling. Barnes & Noble offers a wide selection of travel books to choose from.

5. A Piece of Home
Something sentimental will keep them grounded.

Studying abroad can be a scary experience for first time travellers and, depending on how long the program is, can lead to some serious homesickness for your traveler.

As a small gift, send them off with one of these state-shaped necklaces from Etsy user theFolk. These handmade wire necklaces are made of durable and beautiful sterling silver and 14K filled gold and are the perfect sentimental parting gift to remind your traveler that there will always be a home to return to.

6. Airbnb Gift Cards
So they’ve always got a place to lay their head at night.

Depending on your traveler’s program they may find themselves in need of additional housing at one point or another, whether it be in a pinch, or as part of an unplanned excursion.

Be sure that no matter where they go in the world, they will have a place to sleep at night with gift cards from Airbnb. With locations the world over and the ability to search by location and date, your traveler will treasure this back up plan in case of emergency and in case of adventure.

7. Comfy Travel Pillow
Every little bit helps on a 16-hour red-eye flight.

Traveling isn’t always comfortable. Well, actually, it almost never is. So be sure to arm your traveler with all the comfort tools possible.

A neck pillow is a must for any traveler, and the Latitude 40°N Memory Foam Neck Pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond comes highly rated. It incorporates memory foam materials, has a machine washable cover, and comes with a strap to attach to luggage.

8. Anywhere Travel Guide Cards
Give Culture Shock the Boot

It can sometimes be difficult to decide what to do when visiting a new place, let alone a new country. The sheer amount of opportunities can often be overwhelming for first-time and even experienced travelers.

Help your traveler squash the culture shock nerves with these Anywhere Travel Guide Cards. These cards are helpful in deciding what attractions to see, but also in encouraging fun and unique ways to discover a new city or country.

9. Universal Travel Adapter/Surge Protector
Keep Their Journeys Fully Charged

Maybe one of the last things travelers expect about going to a new country is that it might not be so easy to charge their phones overnight at a hostel without the proper equipment. A voltage converter and travel outlet adapter set is a must-have for every world traveler. While you might be able to find individual adapters by country, we definitely suggest investing in this combined set by BESTEK.

10. Passport Holder
Travel In Style

Traveling abroad brings on the immediate anxiety of worrying that you’ve lost your passport every time it isn’t sitting firmly in your palm. Keep your traveler’s passport and other important travel documents safe, secure, and in style with gorgeous passport holders and carriers from Macy's. With a wide array of designs these products are perfect for any traveler on your gift list.

In short, it can be hard to send someone you love a world away, but the experiences they’ll have while they are away will bring them home as better, more worldly people. Help them have the best time possible with a useful gift.