Gift Ideas for When Teens Hit the Road

One of the most exciting times for a teenager is when they get their driver's license. Getting a driver's license is a right of passage for most kids in America. When the time comes for a new driver to be crowned, they’re going to need and will appreciate some new materials. Below is a list of 5 items that would be fantastic gift options for new drivers.

New Driver Keyring
Add a personal touch to this common accessory.

Vendor: Etsy
Price: Varies

For new drivers, these keyrings make a perfect, affordable gift. There are a wide variety of personalized keyrings available on Etsy. Whether you choose one with a sentimental or humorous message, the keyring will always remind the teen of you and help to keep their keys from getting lost. 

Bluetooth Audio Receiver
For the traditionalists who still use aux cords.

Vendor: Best Buy 
Price: $29.99

Aux cords are a fantastic, cheap way to always have your favorite tunes blasting in the car. The Aluratek - iStream Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver offers all the simplicities of aux cords, without the hassles of dealing with cords that frequently break or get lost. Just plug it into your aux port and boom! You have bluetooth capabilities in your car. The receiver also offers all the conveniences of bluetooth capabilities. Music can be played from the front or backseat; the days of awkwardly reaching over each other to play music are over.

A Gas Gift Card
Because gas isn’t getting cheaper any time soon.

Vendor: Gift Card Granny 
Price: Varies

At first, driving is incredibly exciting for teenagers. The anticipation has built for the whole family throughout high school; mom and dad can take a break from drop off and pick up trips and the teen gets to enjoy rides with friends. Life just seems to open up...and then they have to fill their gas tank. Luckily, you can pick up a vareity of gas gift cards on Gift Card Granny. Not only will you make a new driver’s week, but you’ll save money while doing it.

Oakley Sunglasses
To assure safety and comfortability while driving.

Vendor: Kohl's 
Price: $156

In terms of sunglasses, you can’t do much better than Oakley. The company offers a wide variety of sunglasses for running, biking, traveling — they’re some of the most versatile sunglasses on the market that can last a lifetime. But a nice pair of sunglasses aren’t important for just style; they come in handy for driving, especially in the summer. One popular pair of shades is the Oakley Holston Square Mirrored Sunglasses.

Lug Wrench
So he never has to ‘lug’ his car home because of a flat tire.

Vendor: Lowe's
Price: $15.98

So, the new driver might be disappointed that you got him a lug wrench instead of a tank of Nitrous Oxide. While he or she may lose late-night drag races, the driver will never be stuck on the side of the highway with a flat tire. A lug wrench is a practical, useful gift for new drivers. To help a young driver be prepared in the event of a flat, pick up this Torin 14-in Folding Lug Wrench from Lowe's.

New Driver’ Bumper Sticker
They might get honked at a bit less.

Vendor: Walmart 
Price: 3 pack for $9.24

Let's be honest, a “New Driver” bumper sticker slapped on the back of your teen's car will be a little embarassing. However, these signs are magnets, so they can be removed whenever they please. While it makes a fantastic gag gift, it also serves an important purpose. Some new drivers are timid on the road, especially while merging onto the highway. So this sign can help alert other drivers to be a little more patient. 

These are only a few gift options for teenagers who just started driving. If none of these options are the right fit, don’t panic! Gift Card Granny is here with hundreds of gift cards to help you find the right gift.