10 Fun Summertime Gifts for Tween Girls

Encourage Kids to Play Outside with these Hot Weather Gifts

It’s summer, and that means that kids are finally out of school! Now they can direct all that youthful energy toward having fun in the sun. Whether you’re looking for a gift suitable to a girl with a July birthday, or you just want to get your kids out of your hair, this list of fun outdoor gifts will be sure to help you out.

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Nike Kawa Slides
Slide On and Go

Vendor: Nike
Price: $28

These slip-on sandals are so easy to put on that she’ll never venture outside shoeless again. They’re great for lounging around by the pool, making art on the driveway with sidewalk chalk, or just generally exploring. They’re super comfortable, with a soft foam sole and a foot-conforming strap, not to mention super stylish. Summer is also the season for softball, soccer, and many other sports. These slides are easy to tote along so that she doesn’t have to wear cleats in the car, and they’re actually specially formulated to help her feet recover after a long game.

Double Water Slide - Sun Squad
The Penultimate Summer Gift

Vendor: Target
Price: $24.99

Let’s just admit it — water slides are awesome. An adrenaline rush comparable to a roller coaster, a cooling spray of water, and a ton of fun, right in your backyard. This particular water slide is even more epic because she and a friend can all use it at the same time! No one will be getting hot while waiting for their turn with this top-tier summer gift.

Mermaid Tail Skirt
The Shimmery, Magical Skirt of Her Dreams

Vendor: 6pm
Price: $16.56

Mermaids don’t exist? Tell that to this skirt! Made for wear in the water, this skirt will finally allow her to swim like a real mermaid. The stretchy material will still give her plenty of freedom to kick around, the elastic waistband will keep the skirt snugly on her waist. Be warned — she might want to stay in the pool forever!

Flower Sunglasses
Protecting Your Eyes Has Never Looked So Cute

Vendor: Aerie 
Price: $15.95

It can be difficult to get young girls to wear sunglasses. They’re uncomfortable and get in the way, and kids usually aren’t thinking about protecting their eyes. These adorable flower sunglasses from Aerie can change all that — she’ll always want to be wearing them. Plus, they’ll look fantastic in family pictures.

Adidas Romper
Ideal For Running Around Outside

Vendor: Adidas
Price: $34

Rompers have become popular lately in the adult world for their convenience and stylish silhouette, and now young girls can take advantage of these benefits thanks to Adidas. Soft and stretchy, this romper is made with comfort in mind. It’s super easy to slip on, and then she can get on with her day, whatever that may involve.

Butterfly Kite
Great for Beach Trips

Vendor: Walmart 
Price: $13.99

A normal kite is exciting enough, but even more fun is sending a giant butterfly up into the sky. This colorful kite just the thing to occupy a young girl’s attention — and who knows, she may even learn a life lesson or two while as she discovers how to fly it.

Stomp Rocket Ultra Kit
Just As Awesome As It Sounds

Vendor: Walmart 
Price: $19.99

STEM is now a very viable career path for young ladies, and it’s never too early to get her started. This rocket kit will show her how fun physics can be while teaching her some basic concepts, like gravity, force, and just how powerful her own weight can be when in motion. All she has to do to set off the rocket is run and jump, as shown in the image above. The foam-tipped rockets make it completely safe, and they’re equipped with LEDs so that they can be seen even in the dark.

Rainbow Heart Water Bottle
To Keep Her Hydrated

Vendor: The Children’s Place 
Price: $14.95

It’s important to drink plenty of water during the sweaty months of summer, and one way to encourage a young girl to do so is to present her with her very own water bottle that she can carry everywhere. Not only is this rainbow heart water bottle super cute, but it also has an insulating layer that will keep her water cold and a secure cap so that she’ll never spill her drink.

Holographic Fanny Pack
Convenient and Trendy

Vendor: Claire's 
Price: $19.99

Fanny packs are officially in style, and young girls shouldn’t be left out of the fun. This fanny pack contains plenty of room for whatever she wishes to carry when she’s roaming around outdoors, with two separate zipper pockets. It also features an adjustable buckle, which means that it will fit girls of all shapes and sizes. Holographic material has also become a trend, and this fanny pack won’t disappoint there. It’s made of a shiny, silver cloth that shifts through the spectrum of the rainbow when in the right light.

Lacoste Watch
Fashionable and Durable

Vendor: Lacoste
Price: $75.00

This sleek Lacoste watch has just a little touch of cute which makes it perfect for a 10-year-old girl. She’ll need to be able to tell the time wherever she happens to be, so why not get her a durable, stylish watch that will stand the test of time? This high-quality watch is guaranteed to last at least two years, but the classic design should still please her even as she enters her temperamental tweens. Plus, the design on the side, created by Keith Haring, will give her an early introduction into the world of pop art.

There you have it — the perfect summertime gifts for tween girls. They’ll be sure to please at any birthday party, or they should help you hold her over until school starts again. If you want to save some money on any of the gifts on this list — and who wouldn’t — don’t forget to head on over to Gift Card Granny and pick up a gift card. And, above all, enjoy your summer!