Helpful Gift Ideas for Writers and Editors

Writing isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be in movies or other media. Sometimes the story flows out nicely, with just a few bumps and bruises, but most of the time, progress is slow, hair-pullingly, teeth-gnashingly slow. All this results in the need to cut the story up, get rid of all the junk, then piece it back together again — the dreaded process known as editing. When your favorite writer is down in the trenches, he or she could certainly use a pick-me-up. 

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Writers can use any help they can get while editing. Here are 8 gift ideas for the writer in your life.

African Sunrise Herbal Tea
A soothing blend of vanilla and citrus.

Vendor: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 
Price: $8.99

A steaming mug of tea always makes it easier to get down to work, and this herbal tea may even be able to counteract some of the stress inherent in the editing process. With honeybush, hints of vanilla and citus, this tea is both calming and delicious. It’s also naturally caffeine-free, so your writer can indulge even late in the evening.

Antique Books Candle
There's nothing like the sweet smell of an old book.

Vendor: Etsy
Price: $20

The distinct smell of old books is a comforting scent to many, and your writer is likely no exception. The Antique Books candle takes the smell of aged paper and combines it with notes of leather and must in an attempt to recreate the experience of sticking your nose directly into the spine of an old book. Whether they succeed or not, this cozy candle is sure to bring your writer some comfort as they edit, with its fragrant scent and warm glow.

VelvetLoft Plush Throw Blanket
Soft and fuzzy.

Vendor: Bed Bath & Beyond 
Price: $24.99

While editing is mostly strenuous mentally, the whole process is so much easier if you’re comfortable physically. This ultra-luxurious plush throw blanket will ensure that your writer will be as cozy as possible while editing — and while relaxing, too! After all, it’s important to take breaks.

Black Dot Journal by Artist’s Loft
For notes, doodling, and general creativity.

Vendor: Michaels 
Price: $6.99

Don’t worry about your writer already having stacks of notebooks — writers hoard notebooks like dragons hoard gold, artists hoard sketchbooks, or knitters hoard yarn. A writer can never have enough notebooks because every one of their notebooks is used for something different. Maybe one is for jotting down ideas, one is a personal journal, one is for serious writing only, one is for research, one is just for fun — the possibilities are endless. The Black Dot Journal could be any of these, with faint dots on the paper to guide the way for writing, but provide enough freedom that your writer could do pretty much anything else. Sketching out characters, scribbling out frustration — anything.

Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens (Pack of Three)
The best of both worlds.

Vendor: Office Depot 
Price: $8.19

Although a lot of writing and editing is now done on computers, some writers just prefer the feeling of pen on paper. It can be hard to edit when writing in pen, though — unless you have a Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen, that is. The secret is actually in the ink. It’s sensitive to heat, so when faced with the friction of the eraser, it disappears. In addition to the erasing capability, the pen boasts a smooth ink flow that won’t smudge, even after lines and lines of writing.

Flower Fusion Violet Nourishing Sheet Mask
Revitalize the face and the mind.

Vendor: Sephora 
Price: $7

Encourage your writer to take a short break and refresh their mind (and face) with this nourishing sheet mask. This super soft face mask is made of 100% bamboo and is infused with essential oils that will both moisturize the skin and relax the mind.

Borealis Backpack
For carrying delicate laptops safely.

Vendor: The North Face
Price: $89

The Borealis Backpack could easily be taken on a day out in the mountains, but it could just as easily be taken on a trip to your writer’s favorite coffee shop, library, or snug writing nook. Thanks to its suspension system, your writer could wear this backpack all day without a twinge of pain. It also protects ther most important instrument — the laptop — with a padded sleeve. Of course, it’ll be able to handle however many notebooks they desire to take, or those heavy pages of a manuscript. 

A Man Without a Country by Kurt Vonnegut
An inspiring, semi-autobiographical novel.

Vendor: Barnes & Noble 
Price: $12.99-$28.95

It’s a well-known fact that Kurt Vonnegut is a great author and every writer should have a taste of his work. His semi-autobiographical essays in A Man Without a Country are a good place to start. Not only will this give your writer a taste of Vonnegut’s sharp and cynically humorous writing style, it will also inspire them to push on with their own artistic creation. If anyone can remind the world, and your despondent writer, that writing is an art, it’s Kurt Vonnegut.

Lastly, writing, and even more so editing, can be difficult. But, you can remind your writer that their end product will be worth it. Help to smooth the path to that wonderful accomplishment with any of these gifts.