How to Use a Gamestop Gift Card

Gamestop is the world’s largest video game retailer, with over 4,000 retail locations across the globe. They sell all things gaming, including video games, consoles, controllers, accessories, collectibles, and electronics. Gamestop is the place to be for everyone interested in upgrading their gaming zone. 

If you have a Gamestop gift card on hand, find the nearest store near you to browse their collection and spend it! Gamestop is still searching for the right pivot as games go digital, but their stores are still up and running, delivering gaming gear to many customers every day. Even if you don’t feel the need to purchase an actual video game at Gamestop, their store is filled with accessories and collectibles, and we are sure there’s something for everyone within!

Let’s jump into everything you need to know about how to use a Gamestop gift card. 

How to Use Gamestop Gift Cards

There are two main ways to use Gamestop gift cards. You can use them in-store or online. To use them in-store, you can find a location nearby and take the card with you to the checkout. The cashier will scan your card and automatically deduct the value from your total. Using a Gamestop gift card online has a few more steps, but it is another great way to use a Gamestop gift card. 

How to Use Gamestop Gift Cards Online

Using a Gamestop gift card online starts with you adding it to your Gamestop account. You can redeem a Gamestop code online by following these steps: 

  • Log into your Gamestop account
  • Select “Redeem” 
  • Type in the gift code and the PIN 
  • From there, you can spend the gift card’s value on your next purchase

Gamestop’s online store has a ton of fantastic options. Their retail stores are full, but you should check online if you are looking for a specific item and can’t find it. You can find Oculus gear with your Gamestop gift card online and many other items!

Video games are an amazing way to spend time with your friends. Get a game night planned with the help of a Gamestop gift card! 

Gamestop Gift Card Numbers

Every Gamestop gift card has a 19-digit code, and online-eligible cards have a 4-digit PIN. If you ever purchase a Gamestop from a third-party retailer, make sure the codes are the right length. Some scams use fake gift card codes that have different code lengths, which is a clear sign that it is incorrect. 

We guarantee that every Gamestop gift card sold at Gift Card Granny is a real gift card. 

Gamestop Gift Card Exchange Rate

Gamestop offers an electronics and game exchange for any unwanted items. You can bring in old electronics and games and receive either in-store credit or cash for your exchange. The rates vary by item; you can find their pricing here on their website. 

Receiving in-store credit is a higher rate than cash for your items, but it locks you to using your credit at Gamestop in the future. If you want to sell Gamestop gift cards, you have to do it at a third-party website online, which we do not recommend! 

Common Gamestop Gift Card Troubleshooting

Not all Gamestop gift cards are eligible for online purchases. If your gift card lacks a PIN number, it is only usable in-store. Some common Gamestop gift card troubleshooting includes cards with partially scratched-off codes. If that is the case, we recommend contacting Gamestop customer support with an image of your card to try and resolve the issue. 

There are many ways to game. A Gamestop gift card has every kind of gamer covered with their wide variety of products. 

Where to Buy Gamestop Gift Cards

Gamestop gift cards are sold in many locations. You may purchase them on their website, in some grocery and convenience stores nationwide, and through online retailers like Gift Card Granny! Gamestop gift cards are amazing gifts for many people. As long as they like to game and aren’t completely digital, a Gamestop gift card is a great choice! 

If you know they are a gamer but aren’t completely sold on a Gamestop gift card, we recommend looking into console-specific gift cards as well. With the prevalence of digital downloads, a console-specific card can load into their gaming account and purchase games directly to their console or PC. 

Purchasing gift cards on Gamestop’s website is a great way to get physical and virtual gift cards, but you would miss out on sweet cashback unless you get your virtual gift cards on Gift Card Granny! We have virtual Gamestop gift cards stocked right now, which are amazing. Both virtual and physical gift cards have their own time and place. 

Virtual or Plastic

Gift Card Granny offers many virtual and physical gift cards from retailers nationwide. Gamestop gift cards are available virtually at Gift Card Granny and are sent immediately to your email address. If you plan to purchase a gift card, take some time to decide whether virtual or plastic is better for you! Plastic gift cards are exciting to receive, and it is easy to add the card to their online account and use it during their next purchase. Virtual gift cards are impossible to misplace and are easy to spend the next time you place an order. 

Gift Card Granny only offers virtual Gamestop gift cards, but you can check for stores that sell them in your area or buy a Gamestop gift card from their website if you wish to purchase a plastic card. 

The final decision to purchase a  virtual or plastic gift card is up to you! A virtual gift card is awesome because you can send it to their email immediately; once it is there, they can spend it whenever they want. However, the danger with Virtual gift cards is that a typo in the email address means they are lost forever. Pay extra care when you choose the recipient’s address! 

A physical gift card is best when it is a part of a fun gift. There are many ways to add a bit of personality to a gift card gift, like packaging it in a fun way, adding a few other gifts along with it, or sending it in an exciting envelope. If you do not want to add extra personalization to the gift, we recommend using a virtual card for ease of use. 

When to Purchase Gamestop Gift Cards

Buy a Gamestop gift card

Not everyone is a gamer, but if your friend likes to relax by booting up some video games and playing by themselves or with friends, then a Gamestop gift card is a great choice! Finding a specific game for someone is a tall order, so let Gamestop do the heavy lifting there! 

Gamestop is the world’s biggest video game and accessory store. They’ve got everything a gamer might need, including video games, consoles, accessories, and more. There are Gamestops all over the country, so it is very likely that there’s one within easy driving range of the recipient. Gamestop is home to hundreds of video games across every platform, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. 

Video games are expensive. Show your appreciation with a gift card! It is a fantastic way to give a gamer something they will love. 

Buy a Gamestop gift card

There are an innumerable amount of great video games on the market. Give your friend a Gamestop gift card so they can peruse the offerings and pick out their favorite! 

This is How to Use a Gamestop Gift Card

Gamestop gift cards are versatile tools that are sure to put a smile on your friend’s face. There are lots of potential purchases at a Gamestop, and this store is one of the best places for a gamer to walk around and find something they like. So much game-purchasing is done online, usually on a console’s store or through Steam for online games. This is an efficient way to buy video games, but it’s not all about efficiency! 

With a Gamestop gift card, your friends can walk through the store until something pops out to them. They don’t need a specific destination or item. Rather, they can look through the games, accessories, and collectibles knowing that their gift card’s got them covered. 

Remember: You can purchase a Gamestop gift card on Gift Card Granny today. 

From all of us here at Gift Card Granny, happy shopping!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you buy with a Gamestop gift card?

You can buy anything at any Gamestop location or through their website with a Gamestop gift card. 

How do I redeem a Gamestop code?

You can redeem a Gamestop code online by following these steps: 

  • Log into your Gamestop account
  • Select “Redeem” 
  • Type in the gift code and the PIN 
  • From there, you can spend the gift card’s value on your next purchase

How do I use my Gamestop gift card on the PlayStation store?

You cannot use a Gamestop gift card on the PlayStation store. Gamestop gift cards are only redeemable at Gamestop store locations or online.

Can you use a Gamestop gift card on Xbox?

You cannot use a Gamestop gift card on the Xbox store. Gamestop gift cards are only redeemable at Gamestop store locations or online.