How to Use a Grubhub Gift Card

Grubhub is a delivery service that connects hungry users with local food delivered right to their doorstep. Grubhub and similar services are great for nights when you are out later than expected or simply do not want to cook. Grubhub has many retailers all over the country, giving you many options from which to choose. 

Grubhub uses independent contractors to make all their deliveries. The restaurant does not participate in the delivery. The restaurant receives Grubhub orders like any regular to-go order. Once the Grubhub driver picks it up, it is completely out of the restaurant’s hands. This is why you cannot use restaurant gift cards on Grubhub. Grubhub gift cards are the only ones accepted on the app or website, even though you can order from countless restaurants across the states. 

Let’s break down everything you need to know to use a Grubhub gift card!

How to Use a Grubhub Gift Card

There are many ways to use a Grubhub gift card. You can order on Grubhub’s app or on their website. When you have a Grubhub gift card, you can add it to your account by following these steps: 

  • Log in to your Grubhub account.
  • Tap the profile icon.
  • Select "Gift Cards."
  • Select "Redeem a Gift Card."
  • Follow the prompts to enter your gift card code and add the balance to your account.

Once the gift card is accepted, the balance is added to your account and is automatically added to your next purchase. With a Grubhub gift card on your account, you can use it on any kind of purchase and also use it on their online website. Just make sure you’ve logged into the same account on your different devices!

How does a Grubhub gift card work? 

Grubhub gift cards add money directly to your Grubhub account. While you can purchase physical Grubhub gift cards as well as e-gift cards, there are no stores where you can spend the physical card. Just like you cannot spend restaurant gift cards on Grubhub, you cannot spend Grubhub gift cards at restaurants. Each gift card is, in essence, a way to get you the code that’s added to your account. E-gift cards are a great option, but a physical card is a fun way to create a personal gift for a friend or family member with a gift card, fun packaging, and perhaps some additional small gifts alongside it. 

Pizza is an amazing delivery for any time of the week. Late-night pizza deliveries are sometimes exactly what you need!

How to Use a Gift Card on the Grubhub App

It’s easy! Once you add a gift card to your account, it is automatically added to your next purchase. If you are interested in sending a gift card to your friend, as long as they have a Grubhub account and use it on occasion, we think it’s a great choice! Once they add it, there’s no chance it’s lost or forgotten. If they do forget about the gift card, then they are in for a pleasant surprise the next time they make an order! 

What to Do When Grubhub Gift Card Code is Scratched Off

If your Grubhub gift card code is scratched off, you should contact their customer support by calling 877-951-2500 or visiting If your gift card was properly activated it is in their system, and they should be able to help get you the proper funds into your account. 

How to Check Grubhub Gift Card Balance

You can check the balance on any Grubhub gift card by visiting this webpage:

Troubleshooting when Grubhub Gift Cards are not Working

One common issue with Grubhub gift cards is that they will not work on any account that does not have an additional payment method, such as a debit or credit card. This means Grubhub gift cards should only be given to people who already have a Grubhub account, as adding a credit card just to use a gift card becomes tedious rather quickly. 

Grubhub delivery drivers do a lot of good work. These services are hard to use outside of cities and suburbs, but there are often a lot of drivers in the area and you will get your food in good time! 

Where to Buy Grubhub Gift Cards

There are a lot of places where you can purchase Grubhub gift cards. You can grab them on their website, in some grocery and convenience stores around the country, and through online retailers like Gift Card Granny! Grubhub gift cards are amazing gifts for many people. As long as they use the app, then a Grubhub gift card is always welcome. 

Purchasing gift cards on Grubhub’s website is a great way to get physical and virtual gift cards, but you would miss out on sweet cashback unless you get your virtual gift cards on Gift Card Granny! We have virtual gift cards stocked right now, and virtual gift cards are amazing. Both virtual and physical gift cards have their own time and place. 

Virtual or Plastic

Gift Card Granny offers many virtual and physical gift cards from retailers nationwide. Grubhub gift cards are available virtually at Gift Card Granny, and they are sent immediately to your email address. If you plan to purchase a gift card, take some time to decide whether virtual or plastic is better for you! Plastic gift cards are exciting to receive, and it is easy to add the card to their wallet and use it at the appropriate time. Virtual gift cards are impossible to misplace and are easy to spend the next time you place an order. 

Gift Card Granny only offers virtual Grubhub gift cards, but you can check for stores that sell them in your area or buy a Grubhub gift card from their website if you wish to purchase a plastic card. 

The final decision to purchase a  virtual or plastic gift card is up to you! A virtual gift card is awesome because you can send it to their email immediately, and once it is there, they can spend it whenever they want. The danger with Virtual gift cards, however, is that a typo in the email address means they are lost forever. Pay extra care when you choose the recipient’s address! 

A physical gift card is best when it is a part of a fun gift. There are many ways to add a bit of personality to a gift card gift, like packaging it in a fun way, adding a few other gifts along with it, or sending it in an exciting envelope. If you have no desire to add extra personalization to the gift, we recommend going with a virtual card for ease of use. 

When to Purchase Grubhub Gift Cards

Buy a Grubhub gift card

Grubhub is a great choice for, well, just about anyone! They offer countless restaurants and retailers from which to order, ensuring that everyone can find a restaurant they like. Delivery services like this are great for maximum convenience. No cooking, no cleanup, and no trip to get the food! The downside to a service like this is the extra fees. You have to pay a service fee and pay the driver, and Grubhub inflates the prices of some restaurants by a little to increase the price even more. 

This is understandable given the awesome convenience of tapping your phone and having food dropped off at your door a short time later, but it does dissuade many from ordering, even when they want to. The extra fees are incentive enough for some to cook even when they don’t want to. That’s where your gift card comes in! 

With a Grubhub gift card, the next order becomes much more affordable. Even if it is only $5 that will cover the service fee and make it similarly priced as if you picked up from the restaurant. 

Buy a Grubhub gift card

Where to Get Free Grubhub Gift Cards

Do not follow links that promise free gift cards. Websites that offer 50% discounts or deals that are too good to be true are always scams. 

There are, however, ways to get discounts on gift cards and cash-out rewards for gift cards. The first is through Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny offers realistic cashback on all your purchases through our website. This is a great way to save a bit every time you purchase gift cards for yourself, friends, and family. 

Another way people get “free” gift cards is through online reward programs, often based on surveys or game playing. The survey kind of reward program often has you picking out surveys to complete, and each one gives you a certain amount of points. You can then redeem those points for gift cards. These are a nice way to earn a little bit more money in your downtime, but the rewards are generally metered out pretty slowly. 

The reward programs based on game playing often give you tasks to complete in various video or mobile games. When you complete those tasks, you are, again, rewarded with points, which are then redeemable in gift cards to various places. These reward programs are fun, but we hazard against spending too much time on them, as the rate at which you are paid is usually rather low.

After your food is delivered, you can rest easy and enjoy your meal. Takeout is perfect for a night on the couch! 

This is How to Use a Grubhub Gift Card!

We hope this article has answered all your questions regarding Grubhub gift cards! These are excellent cards that let your friends enjoy a delivery meal from one of their favorite nearby restaurants. 

Remember: You can buy a Grubhub gift card on Gift Card Granny today and earn some cashback while you do so! 

From all of us here at Gift Card Granny: Happy shopping! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my Grubhub voucher?

Within the app, select “My Grubhub” and select the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. From there, select “Gift Cards” on the menu and “Redeem a Gift Card” 

Can you use a Grubhub gift card on DoorDash?

No. DoorDash is a separate service with its own kind of gift card. Grubhub gift cards are only redeemable on Grubhub itself, either online or through the app. 

Can you cash in a Grubhub gift card?

You can add a Grubhub gift card to your account where it is cashed in the next time you make a purchase on their app.