How to Use an AMC Theatres Gift Card

Catching a movie in theaters with your favorite people is something you can always look forward to. Whether you’re spending time with dear friends, a romantic companion, or family members who you couldn’t imagine living life without, being in front of a movie screen with the ones you love most of all makes for a truly special moment you will be able to fondly look back on for the rest of your life. 

It doesn’t take much to find an excuse to enjoy a night out at the movies with your pals, but if you’ve got a gift card for AMC Theatres lying around the house, you have even more of a reason to take a trip to the cinema. As the largest movie theater chain in the world, AMC Theatres elevates the movie-going experience by providing a prime environment to view the latest cinematic releases in. Spacious interiors, ambient lighting, enhanced food and beverages menus, and luxurious recliners are just a few of the features that make AMC Theatres stand out from your typical neighborhood cinema. 

Get engaged in what you’re watching at your local AMC location with premium presentation experiences including Dolby Cinema, IMAX, PRIME, and Laser powered by Cinionic. And if half these words are foreign to you, don’t worry – you’ll still have one of the best movie-going experiences of your life when you catch a flick at AMC Theatres. 

If you’ve never used an AMC Theatres gift card before, or if you have considered purchasing one to use in the future, you can learn all there is to know about how to use an AMC Theatres gift card by reading the rest of this comprehensive, info-packed article. Stay tuned for details you won’t want to miss out on!

Buy an AMC Theatres Gift Card

Shopping for AMC Theatres gift cards is super easy when you know where to look. If you’re on the market for an AMC Theatres gift card, you will be happy to know you can pick one up at a variety of places including your local AMC movie theater location, online at the AMC Theatres website, and at participating retailers such as Safeway, Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens, and CVS. 

When it comes to finding an AMC Theatres gift card that is suited for your needs, you have the option between traditional AMC gift cards and digital gift cards. With traditional gift cards, you can personalize your gift by selecting from professional designs and writing a custom message to be included on the card carrier. If you are pressed for time or sending via mail is not a viable option, digital AMC gift cards are a fantastic alternative that provides instant gratification. This gift card will be quickly delivered to any email address you specify and the funds can be used immediately. 

How you pay for your gift card is up to you. AMC accepts cash and card transactions when purchasing gift cards at movie theater locations, and online orders for gift cards may be paid with using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. All credit cards must have a billing address within the United States in order to process your transaction. You cannot use an AMC Theatres gift card to purchase another gift card. 

AMC Theatres gift card discounts are available for folks who wish to place bulk gift card orders for their companies, teams, and other organizations. Gift card purchases of $10,000 or more are eligible for savings. Check out the AMC Theatres online ordering portal to learn more about buying in bulk. These types of gifts provide an excellent way to reward and incentivize your partner, employees, customers, and other associates. You may also contact the AMC Theatres National Sales department at 800-262-4849 to inquire about bulk gift card orders. 

If your AMC Theatres gift card becomes lost or stolen, you may request a replacement gift card so you do not lose access to your funds. It is important to report your issue as soon as possible to prevent a loss of funds, since anyone can utilize your AMC Theatres gift card to make purchases for themselves. In order to receive a replacement gift card, you will need to provide proof of purchase with the original receipt. 

Purchase your AMC Theatres gift card from Gift Card Granny

You can purchase a digital AMC Theatres e-gift card and earn a cash back reward on the money you spend when you buy from Gift Card Granny. Gift cards make giving practical gifts to those you know easy and convenient, and you never have to worry about whether or not you chose the right product from a particular store when you give a gift card. However, easy gifting becomes even better when you can pair it alongside saving money with cash back. That’s where Gift Card Granny stands out from other gift card retailers. 

All retail gift cards offered through Gift Card Granny are eligible for a certain percentage of cash back. Some gift cards for particular brands will yield more savings than others, so the type of retailer you choose has a direct impact on how much cash back you earn. Right now, Gift Card Granny offers AMC Theatres gift cards at a 1% cash back value. This means that $25 gift cards earn $0.25, $50 gift cards earn $0.50, $75 gift cards earn $0.75, and $100 gift cards earn approximately $1. These amounts may not seem to be all that impressive to the average buyer, but if you are someone who prefers buying gift cards for holidays and special events, then you know how quickly these modest savings can add up. 

Buy an AMC Theatres gift card

Buy an AMC Theatres gift card

You can make buying an AMC Theatres gift card through Gift Card Granny special for any recipient by taking advantage of the customizable features we offer for digital gift cards. Choose from a variety of gift delivery design options for special occasions and holidays including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Ramadan, Mother’s Day, and Hanukkah. Provide your recipient’s name in the gift card details, their email address, and a personalized e-gift card message of up to one hundred fifty characters. 

How to Use Your AMC Theatres Gift Card

An AMC Theatres gift card can be used like any other gift card to pay for services and goods from AMC. The AMC Theatres gift card is a prepaid card that functions like a gift certificate and may be used to buy movie tickets, concession products, meals, and additional merchandise offered at AMC Theatres locations. 

As long as your gift card has the funds necessary to complete a transaction, you may use your AMC Theatres gift card to complete payments both in person at movie theaters and online at If you find that your AMC Theatres gift card balance does not completely cover the cost of a transaction, you will still be able to apply your gift card funds to your order and provide an additional payment method to cover the remaining cost of your bill. 

Once you redeem the total amount of funds on your AMC Theatres gift card and have reduced your card balance to zero, you will not be able to load more funds onto your gift card. Some gift cards for different retailers may allow users to reload their gift cards to continue using them to pay, but AMC Theatres gift cards are non-reloadable and possess no value once the funds have been entirely depleted. 

AMC Theatres gift cards will stop working once five years have gone by since the date of activation. The gift cards funds, however, will still be available to the gift card holder. You can request a free replacement card by calling 1-800-255-0311 and speaking with an associate who can help you complete your request. 

Note that you do not have to manually activate your AMC Theatres gift card before you can use it to purchase services from AMC. AMC Theatres gift cards are automatically activated upon purchase at AMC locations and will be ready to use by the time the recipient receives them during digital delivery. Pick up options from specific retailers not associated with AMC Theatres may require manual activation, so be sure to check the shopping terms at the retailer you wish to purchase from ahead of time to know what to expect. 

Check your AMC Theatres gift card balance 

Before you go to use your AMC Theatres gift card on your next purchase, you want to be sure you have the proper amount of funds. Checking your current gift card balance is simple and should not take you longer than a minute or two to do. You have the ability to check your AMC Theatres gift card balance from the comfort of your own home or when you are out and about, meaning you always have access to knowing your balance. 

There are three ways to check your AMC Theatres gift card balance:

To check your gift card balance online at, you will need to have your gift card information available. Enter your AMC Theatres gift card number and PIN in the designated boxes and then select ‘Search.’ You will see your current gift card balance that is available for spending at AMC locations and online. 

If going to the movies is your cup of tea, you will not want to pass up a chance to save on AMC Theatres gift cards when you buy from Gift Card Granny. 

There are plenty of movie theaters out there for folks to choose from, and every single theater chain delivers a different experience for audiences to get their thrills from. For those who prefer a premium moviegoing environment that combines grandeur with ultimate convenience, there is no movie theater chain that delivers quite like AMC Theatres. Consider if a gift card for AMC Theatres is the right choice for you and start planning your next night out in no time!