How to Use a Gift Card for

Travel is an activity that most of us can say we look forward to. When it comes to branching out into new regions and getting familiar with local customs, whether they are completely foreign to you or similar to your own in some ways, travel celebrates the differences of other places and allows us to discover more about the world. It’s a nice breath of fresh air for folks who do not get out of their hometowns as much as they would like to; even traveling to a different region of the same country can offer engaging experiences and new sights to witness. 


Of course, travel is often not feasible without the funds to get you there and afford the visit. From paying for gas or purchasing plane tickets to budgeting for food and other necessary travel expenses, a considerable amount of money goes into travel. How much you can expect to pay largely depends on where you’re planning on traveling to, as some areas are much more expensive than others. There’s also housing plans to think about, which can range from basically free if you’re staying with family to a hefty sum of money when residing at fancy hotels and premium resorts. 

To help take some of the stress of your stay off of your shoulders, consider booking your next vacation through provides users access to a wide array of hotels available in the area of your choice with various price and service options suited to your needs. But let’s take a moment to address a question we’re all dying to know the answer to: can you pay for a hotel with a gift card?


There is no use overspending on your hotel room when you could actually be paying far less, and a gift card for can take your savings even further the next time you travel. Gift cards are incredibly useful tools that have the potential to make your vacation that much smoother. gift cards may be just what you have been looking for to give your next travel venture a much needed boost. 

Keep reading to learn more about how you can use a gift card for your hotel booking needs. 

Where to Buy a Gift Card

You can help send someone on their dream vacay simply by purchasing a gift card. Gift cards are available right here at These gift cards can either be for yourself or somebody you know – the choice is up to you! gift cards are available in denominations from $10 to $2,000, which is much higher than typical retail gift card limits. Depending on the amount of funds you wish to load onto the gift card, you may very well be able to cover the cost of the entire hotel bill for the duration of the stay. gift cards do not expire and they have no fees associated with usage, so gift card users won’t have to fret over incurring random and unexpected charges while spending their gift card funds. You can send gift cards as digital e-gift cards to any email address or as a plastic card through USPS mail services, and there are a variety of design options and messages available to surprise your gift card recipient with to make the occasion even more special. Recipients may redeem their gift cards at for hotel bookings in all kinds of cities and countries that have available listings. gift cards can also be purchased through other shopping websites, grocery stores, drug stores, and numerous other retailers. A few notable retailers that offer gift cards include Kroger, Amazon, Walmart, and Target. 

For folks who want to segment their gift card payments so they can avoid paying the entire amount all at once, Afterpay gift cards are readily available for price points that work for you. 

You may also purchase gift cards for at online gift card retailers such as Gift Card Granny. Send a digital e-gift card to anyone you know wherever they are located through Gift Card Granny and it will be delivered to their inbox in a matter of moments. Gift Card Granny allows you to choose from a variety of gift card designs commemorative of different holidays, seasons, and special occasions to make your gift stand out. Include your recipient’s name in the gift card details and add a custom message of up to one hundred fifty characters to accompany your digital gift.

Buy a gift card

Buy a gift card

All retail gift cards available on Gift Card Granny are eligible for cash back rewards to help you save money on gift card purchases for your favorite retailers and brands. gift cards on Gift Card Granny earn you 1% cash back on your purchases, which means if you spend $100 you will earn $1, if you spend $200 you will earn $2, and so on. 

Where Can I Use My Gift Card? gift cards are beneficial travel tools when you know how to use them right. If you have never used gift cards for before, then you’re probably wondering how they work and where they are accepted as payment. We’ll give you answers to all your questions so that you can spend less time worrying about how to pay and more time enjoying your travels. 

Gift cards for can pay for your hotel and vacation rental bookings online only at You may not use gift cards in person at the hotels you are staying at, which means you should not provide them to front desk attendants or enter gift card details into websites for specific hotel chains. Only hotel listings found via and booked through their website can be paid for using a gift card. 

Check your gift card balance

You can complete a gift card balance check to stay updated on your current gift card value and be aware of your spending limits. To check your gift card balance online, please visit this page on the website. In order to use this tool to retrieve your gift card balance, you will need to enter your 16-digit gift card number and the 8-digit gift card PIN code. Both of these numbers can be found on your physical gift card or on the e-gift card you received. gift card merger 

Do you have multiple gift cards that you keep forgetting to use? Even if you have partially used gift cards with varying amounts of funds that aren’t quite enough to cover the cost of your hotel room, you can still get use out of them before tossing them in the trash. 

Instead of stuffing your wallet full of gift cards for your next trip, make packing easier on yourself by combining leftover gift cards funds onto one card. knows that travel is better when you have less baggage to worry about, which is why they make it super convenient to combine the balances of two or more gift cards into just one gift card. Check out the Balance Merge section of their website to start the process. 

You can also request to merge your gift card balance over the phone by calling the gift card customer service line at 1-888-999-4468 where an associate will be happy to assist you. Ensure you have your 16-digit gift card number and 8-digit gift card PIN code on hand so that you can successfully complete your gift card balance merge. 

The vacation you have been dreaming about for years could be a lot closer than you may think, especially when you get to book using a gift card. 

Other Questions People Ask About Gift Cards

Q: How does the gift card work?

A gift card can be redeemed for hotel and vacation rental bookings online only. In order to use your gift card funds for your purchase, you will need to redeem your gift card through ‘Pay now’ bookings; you cannot request to pay your bill later when using a gift card. gift card funds will never expire, so there is no rush to spend your money. However, after three years your gift card will be deactivated and the balance will be transferred to a new card. It is important to treat your gift card as if it were cash, as anyone with access to your gift card details may be able to utilize your funds. 

Your gift card must be redeemed on the same site and in the same currency that it was purchased.

Q: How do I use my gift card online? gift cards may only be used to reserve hotel rooms and vacation rentals online, meaning they cannot be used to pay for hotels or other services in person at your destination. To use your gift card funds, you must have your gift card information on hand. You will be required to enter your gift card number, the gift card PIN code, and any relevant billing information needed to complete your bookings. 

Multiple gift card balances can be merged into one card, but you cannot add additional funds to your gift card after the initial purchase. 

To learn more about gift card rules and what you can expect while using your card, please check out the full terms and conditions.  

Q: How do I use my gift card on the app? 

For folks who prefer to stay organized through apps, there is a app that makes booking even more simple and user-friendly. You can search hotel listings located in the area of your choice, specify the length of your stay, and browse tons of available options in a range of different prices. And when it comes to placing your reservation, you are more than welcome to use a gift card to complete your payment. 

Once you confirm your hotel reservation and are finished entering your personal information, you can navigate to the payment details section where you have the option to select between card, PayPal, and gift card. Select the gift card option and then provide your gift card number and the PIN code in the designated boxes. Verify that the information you have entered is accurate. Your gift card balance will be applied to the cost of your order and, depending on the current value of your gift card, your transaction will be fully or partially covered. If it is only partially covered by your gift card, you can add a secondary payment option to complete your order. 

Q: Where to sell gift cards? 

If you have unwanted gift cards you know you will not be using and are seeking to make some cash, consider selling your gift cards on a gift card resale website. Though it is unlikely you will receive the full amount of your gift card back, you do not have to take a complete loss to get your gift cards off your hands. Websites like CardCash, Raise, and GiftCash allow you to sell retail gift cards you no longer need and purchase gift cards for places you actually want to shop at. These types of sites all have different functions, so find one that is suitable for you and start putting money back in your pocket. 

No matter where you wish to visit next, your gift card is guaranteed to the travel companion you have been searching for. 

Gift cards can help make your travel planning a breeze. Use a gift card to take the stress of booking hotels and other rentals off of your shoulders so you can focus on having the time of your life in paradise!