How to Use a Macy’s Gift Card

Department stores are commonplace across the country, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a department store chain more coveted among the population than Macy’s. From its humble beginnings as a retail dry goods store in Massachusetts to its official foundation in New York City in 1858, Macy’s evolved to be a cultural shopping icon. And even though the times have certainly changed throughout the centuries, Macy’s has been able to adjust, adapt, and survive the ever-evolving demands of the public. 

There are currently more than five hundred Macy’s locations operating across the United States, and over seven hundred stores in business worldwide. Though it has undoubtedly had its ups and down, Macy’s still remains a go-to shopping destination for many American families, and their online market has only increased their reach to potential shoppers who prefer to browse great deals on fashion from the comfort of their couches. 

A Macy’s gift card has more power now than it ever has before with the various different shopping methods at your disposal. If you have recently received a Macy’s gift card, or if you are thinking of purchasing one in the future for somebody you know (or even for yourself), then it is important to know what to expect by familiarizing yourself with how Macy’s gift cards work. This article should help clear the air and answer any questions that have been on your noggin in no time. 

Where to Buy a Macy’s Gift Card?

You can easily find Macy’s gift cards at a variety of major retailers, both in person and online. Physical Macy’s stores sell gift cards available for customers to purchase in a range of different values, from $10 to $500 gift cards. Customers can also order Macy’s gift cards directly from the Macy’s website, which offers gift cards via mail delivery and digital e-gift cards that can be sent to the email inbox of anyone you choose. 

Digital Macy’s gift cards make for convenient last minute gifts that will be received in a matter of moments, and there are plenty of charming gift card designs to choose from for all types of occasions. When selecting a Macy’s e-gift card, you can choose to send a predesignated amount or specify a custom amount in the ‘Enter Custom Value’ field. Make sure you accurately enter your recipient’s email address so that the digital gift card gets sent to the correct individual. To make the occasion even more special, you have the option to add a small message of up to sixty characters that will be delivered alongside your e-gift card. 

Aside from buying gift cards directly from Macy’s, you will commonly find Macy’s gift cards for sale when you shop at retailers like Best Buy, Walgreens, and Kroger. The popular online payment system PayPal also offers Macy’s gift cards to its users, which may be sent to other users or to yourself. Many online gift card merchants sell Macy’s gift cards including Gyft,, and Gift Card Mall. You can send a digital Macy’s gift card via text message to anyone you know in only a few seconds when you use GiftYa. 

Buy a Macy’s gift card at Gift Card Granny

Buy a Macy’s gift card at Gift Card Granny

Buying gift cards is even more rewarding when you have the opportunity to save on gift cards for national and local retailers. Use Gift Card Granny for your gift card needs and earn cash back when you purchase a Macy’s gift card. The amount of cash back you earn depends on how much you spend. Remember, every little bit counts, especially when you rely on gift cards when present shopping for friends and relatives. 

Digital gift cards for Macy’s from Gift Card Granny can be customized for your recipient. Browse a modest catalog of professional designs fitting for birthdays, holidays, celebrations, and other special occasions. Add a unique message of up to one hundred-fifty characters to accompany your digital gift. 

Hoping for a Macy’s gift card sale to pop up somewhere? That all depends on where you do your shopping. There are plenty of online retailers out there that sell gift cards at a discount, so you wind up with more value in your pocket that you can use to purchase all your favorite products from a Macy’s store near you. It definitely pays off to look at gift card deals at multiple retailers and see what time of year sales usually occur in order to score the best savings. 

Check Macy’s gift card balance

There are currently three different ways you can check your Macy’s gift card balance:

  1. Call the Macy’s gift card customer service team at 1-800-511-2752 and have your gift card information on hand 
  2. Use your Macy’s app to scan your gift card or ask a store attendant to scan your card for you. 
  3. Visit this page on the Macy’s website and input your 15-digit gift card number and CID number (located under scratch-off panel on backside of the gift card)

How Do I Pay with a Macy’s Gift Card?

Paying with a Macy’s gift card, whether it is a plastic card or an e-gift card, is as simple as paying with cash or a credit card – perhaps even less complicated. 

If you are shopping in-store at a Macy’s location and wish to utilize your gift card funds, you can proceed through the checkout process as normal and, once the cashier is done scanning your items, present your Macy’s gift card to them. The cashier will either scan your gift card or briefly take it in order to input your card’s information into the system. This will work even with e-gift cards, just make sure that you have the barcode or gift card number on hand when it is time to present the payment. Once the transaction goes through successfully, the cashier will return your Macy’s gift card to you along with a receipt containing your remaining gift card balance. 

If your Macy’s gift card balance is less than the total of the transaction, then the value of the gift card will be subtracted from the total cost of your purchase. You must provide an additional form of payment to cover the remaining cost of the transaction, such as cash or a debit or credit card. 

A Macy’s gift card can only be used as a form of payment at Macy’s stores or online at There are no other merchants that can accept Macy’s gift cards at this time. For instance, you cannot use a Macy’s gift card at Bloomingdale’s or any other department store chain you happen to be a fan of. 

Does a Macy’s gift card need to be activated?

Before you can make use of a brand new gift card, you need to make sure that it is activated and ready to be used during your shopping escapades. Some gift cards require manual user activation before their funds can be accessed, while others are automatically activated upon purchase. The good news for any Macy’s fan who doesn’t want to go through extra activation steps is that Macy’s gift cards are ready to be used right after being received. 

Macy’s gift cards that are purchased in person at a Macy’s retail location will be activated by the cashier during the checkout process, meaning they can be used right after you walk out of the store. Macy’s gift cards delivered by mail or through digital means are activated before they are received by their recipient, so you do not have to worry about wait times or anything like that. It’s super convenient for both you and your gift card recipient.   

Can you use a Macy’s gift card online?

With online shopping being as popular as it is, it only makes sense that gift cards for retailers you know and love work both in-store and online. Macy’s gift cards have as much value on as they do at physical Macy’s stores, which means you get to shop for the best deals at any time that is convenient for you. 

Can I pay my Macy’s bill with a gift card?

The Macy’s credit card offers a fantastic way for shoppers to pay for the latest apparel, footwear, household products, and anything else sold under Macy’s roof. If you have a Macy’s gift card handy, then you’re probably wondering if you can use it towards the current balance on your Macy’s credit card. 

Unfortunately, you cannot use a Macy’s gift card to pay your Macy’s credit card bill. Though they operate under the same brand, the Macy’s credit card does not accept gift cards as a form of payment at this time. You may not use another credit card to pay your Macy’s bill, either. Acceptable forms of payment for the Macy’s credit card include cash, check, debit card, or money order, which may be paid at any Macy’s store. You may also pay your credit card bill online by linking your bank account to your card. 

Shopping for exclusive deals on hot fashion available at Macy’s is now easier than ever before, and a Macy’s gift card gives you a great excuse to load up your cart with everything you’ve been dying to have. 

How Do I Convert My Macy’s Gift Card to Cash? 

If you do not think you are going to get your money’s worth out of a Macy’s gift card, you can still get some value out of your unused gift card funds by converting your gift card value to cash that can be spent anywhere you please. 

Other than outright selling your gift card to somebody you happen to know who could get some use out of it, you can turn to the internet to find plenty of gift card resale websites that take unwanted gift cards off your hands in return for some sweet moolah. These websites are plentiful and each offer unique user experiences that are tailored for your exact needs so you can get exactly what you want, every time. 

Sites where you can sell your unwanted gift cards for payment include the following:

These websites are only a fraction of the gift card resale websites and marketplaces currently available to consumers like you, which means you may find others that you end up enjoying even more. Keep in mind that these websites have varying rules and conditions under which they operate, and while one may accept partially used gift cards to sell at a discount, another may require that the gift card balance remain untouched in order to turn a profit. 

It is important to explore an array of options when it comes to reselling your unwanted gift cards. You never know what types of deals you are going to get when checking out a new gift card retailer, and that could be the difference between pennies and big bucks. How you get paid matters too, from direct deposits to checks sent via mail. If you have a particular payment preference, it is best to look into how the gift card website you are thinking about using processes user payments, along with the typical wait time you should expect. 


How do you feel about using your Macy’s gift card now that you’re more familiar with how they work? Even if you had some basic knowledge beforehand, you can now approach your next Macy’s shopping spree with more confidence than ever. It feels great to know exactly what you can expect when using a gift card for your shopping needs.