How to Use an Xbox Gift Card

While still a relatively new phenomenon in the grand scheme of things, it would be a lie to suggest video games haven’t had a profound impact on the entertainment industry as a whole. From the devoted video game players that have been around since the very beginning, to the contemporary enthusiasts who have recently joined the fray, the video game community is one filled with passion and adoration. 

However you designate yourself or someone you may know, it is obvious that video games have a strong hold over a sizable portion of the population. Certain brands have become household names, such as Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. You can easily find gift cards for all of these beloved brands from a variety of different retailers, including online shops and shopping outlets close to your home. If you are searching for an exciting present for anyone you know who is a fan of video games, a gift card for their favorite brand is a great solution that is guaranteed to make your gift recipient as happy as can be. 

Today, we are here to talk about Xbox gift cards and how they can be used to transform someone’s gaming experience. Xbox has been around for decades and only seems to be growing in popularity alongside competing video game brands. Even if you have never personally owned an Xbox console or played a video game released exclusively for the Xbox, you are likely familiar with the name and know how dominant its presence is within the world of video games.  

Xbox fans and those who simply want to learn more about how awesome Xbox gift cards can be should stick around till the end of this article to get caught up with all there is to know about the subject. While it may not have any personal effect on you, it never hurts to grow your knowledge with more information you can apply later on. 

Where to Buy Xbox Gift Card 

Xbox gift cards are sold by a variety of retailers who choose to distribute gift cards to consumers. You can find Xbox gift cards at giant department stores like Walmart and Target, drug stores, electronic and entertainment retailers, and plenty of online shops. 

Since Xbox is an extremely popular brand with a massive fan base, finding retailers that sell Xbox gift cards should not be very difficult. If you tend to shop at stores in-person and make frequent appearances at shopping outlets and malls, you are bound to run into a decent selection of gift card types, and that includes Xbox and Microsoft gift cards. 

Buy an Xbox gift card with Gift Card Granny

Buy an Xbox gift card with Gift Card Granny

If you are familiar with Gift Card Granny, then you know that there are tons of gift cards for a broad array of brands and retailers available for you to purchase. Xbox gift cards are only one of many currently being offered, and if you are in need of a gift for a video game fan in your life it is most certainly worth considering. Xbox gift cards purchased from Gift Card Granny are eligible for cash back and work to put money back into your wallet so you can take advantage of even more great deals. 

What can you buy with an Xbox gift card?

A gift card is only as good as the products and services you can buy with it, which is why it is so important to choose gift cards for stores and brands that the gift card user is actually interested in. For folks who enjoy video games and have a preference for Xbox consoles and Microsoft technology in general, an Xbox gift card is the perfect match that will help them get their hands on pretty much anything they could wish for. 

An Xbox gift card can be used to purchase video game titles, both old and contemporary. Shop online on the Xbox or Microsoft store, buy or rent movies and TV shows, or download all of your favorite tunes when you use an Xbox gift card.

How to Activate Xbox Gift Card

Whether you are eager to use an Xbox gift card you just received from a friend or you have been contemplating buying one for quite some time, it pays to have knowledge of what you can expect. You can use your Xbox gift card in many different ways on goods and services that are of interest to you, though how exactly that works may be unclear. 

While the typical retail gift card you purchase in-store or online is usually good for immediate use once your transaction is processed, there are some gift cards that require additional steps to be completed before they can be used to make purchases. Fortunately for any Xbox users who aren’t fond of complicated activation processes, Xbox gift cards are able to be used right after you walk out of the store. Your cashier or another store attendant will activate your gift card for you during checkout, and any gift cards purchased online will be activated once your order is processed and before it arrives in the mail. 

Since your Xbox gift card does not need to be manually activated by you, you can go ahead and proceed to redeem your gift card funds in whichever way best fits your gaming needs. We will discuss the various ways you can redeem your Xbox gift card balance shortly. 

How to check Xbox gift card balance without redeeming 

If you plan to use the funds from your Xbox gift card in the near future but need to ensure you have an adequate amount, you can always check your current balance without needing to redeem. Check out this webpage on the Xbox Gear Shop that allows you to enter your gift card code and view your current balance. 

Have you already loaded your Xbox gift card funds onto your account? Check your balance online by viewing the total amount of funds you have from the payment options page, where you will be able to see the current value loaded onto your account. 

Gift cards can elevate your video game experience regardless of your console preferences; pick up an Xbox gift card for Microsoft fans who just can’t get enough. 

Redeem Your Xbox Gift Card

There are a lot of ways you can use an Xbox gift card to afford hours of entertaining content that appeals to you. 

How to Redeem your Xbox gift card on Xbox Series X or S

If next-gen consoles are your thing, then you will definitely want to know how to use your Xbox gift card on the Xbox Series X or S. Both consoles are the latest in the Xbox line from Microsoft, and they both deliver an advanced gaming experience that will make players feel more engaged than ever. 

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to redeem your Xbox gift card on these consoles:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller and select ‘Store’
  2. Press the ‘View button’ on your controller and select ‘Redeem’
  3. Enter the Xbox gift card code, select ‘Next,’ then follow the prompts to add funds to your account 

How to Redeem your Xbox gift card codes with the Xbox app

While there is no way to redeem an Xbox gift card through the Xbox mobile app, you can always use an Xbox gift card through the Xbox app for systems that run Windows. 

  1. Open the Xbox app and select ‘Store’
  2. Select ‘Redeem’
  3. Enter your code in the designated field and select ‘Next’

How to Redeem your Xbox gift card in the Microsoft Store

If you are a Windows user with an Xbox or Microsoft gift card, you can redeem your code through the Microsoft Store. Log on to the same Microsoft account that you use on your Xbox consoles and follow these steps:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store app on your Windows PC
  2. Navigate to the profile icon in the upper-right corner
  3. Select ‘Redeem code or gift cards’
  4. Enter your Microsoft or Xbox code in the corresponding field
  5. Select ‘Next’ to add the credits to your account

How to use a Visa gift card on Xbox

What if you do not have an Xbox or Microsoft gift card, but a Visa gift card instead? The good news is you can still apply the funds from your Visa gift card to your account to use for Xbox purchases. A Visa gift card works a lot like a credit or debit card, but without being linked to a personal bank account so you do not have to worry about any of your sensitive information being leaked. 

If you wish to use your Visa gift card on your Xbox console or related platform, visit the Xbox website and sign in with your Microsoft account. Once signed in, you will need to enter the gift card number, expiration date, and security code. After you ensure the information is accurate and verified, you will be able to use your Visa gift card to purchase games, subscriptions, and anything else offered via Xbox. 

Additional Questions Regarding How to Use Xbox Gift Cards

Cover all of your bases and clarify any remaining questions you may have by looking over our answers to these common questions below.

Q: How does Xbox gift card activation work?

You do not have to worry about any tricks or technical difficulties when it comes to activating your Xbox gift card. As a matter of fact, all you have to do to activate your Xbox gift card is have the store clerk process your transaction and you’re good to go. Your gift card will be activated and ready for use immediately after purchase with no extra work required on your part. 

Q: Can I redeem my Xbox gift card online?

Xbox gift cards are primarily used to make online and digital purchases. You can use your Xbox gift card to apply credit to your Microsoft/Xbox account. You may use your Xbox gift card code directly on your Xbox console, the Xbox app, or through the Microsoft Store – whichever gaming experience you happen to prefer. 

Q: How do you enter a Game Pass code on Xbox?

Game Pass is a subscription service offered by Microsoft for the Xbox network that allows users to access a large library of exciting video game titles for an affordable price. A Game Pass code works similarly to Xbox gift cards and can be applied to your Game Pass account as future credit. 

Q: How to redeem a Fortnite gift card on Xbox?

Every modern gamer is familiar with the massively successful Fortnite brand. It’s a financial hit, and there are plenty of gift cards around for lovers of the game to take advantage of. 

If you have a Fortnite gift card and wish to redeem V-Bucks to your account through Xbox, you can easily do so by visiting the official Epic Games website and signing onto the account where you wish to apply your gift card funds. Click on the icon in the top right and enter your login information for your Xbox account. Make sure the username you select matches the one you play with so that you know the funds are going to the correct account. 

Q: Can I turn my Xbox gift card into cash?

While there is no direct way through Xbox or Microsoft to convert an Xbox gift card into cash, there are plenty of alternative options that will enable you to exchange your gift card value for direct cash which you can use to purchase anything you want. 

There are many different platforms that allow you to sell your unused or partially used gift cards for less than their initial value to folks who will actually use them. Getting the full value of your Xbox gift card is likely not going to happen since there usually needs to be an incentive to purchase, and it is hard for anyone to pass up a good bargain. Rather than allow the unused funds to go to waste, offering some sort of deal with a lower price point can be just what you need to rid yourself of gift cards you do not want while making up for lost funds. 

Places you can resell your unwanted Xbox gift cards to include but are not limited to:


We hope this article helped clear up any questions you had regarding Xbox gift cards and how you can make the most of them. Video games are always much more fun when you are able to fully enjoy everything they have to offer, and a gift card is just one of the many ways you can enhance your gaming experience!