Get Your Husband A Gift He'll Love

Whether your husband spends his free time outdoors, playing the latest video games, or watching sports, Gift Card Granny wants to help you find the perfetct gift. What's more, Gift Card Granny offers cash back rewards on gift cards from many of the retailers listed in this guide. Take a look at some of the gift options we've compiled below to see if it's a match for your husband.

For the Outdoorsman

You can’t go wrong with gifts from Cabela’s for any true outdoorsman. They offer a large selection of hunting, fishing, and camping gear for nature enthusiasts.

A Quality Hunting Knife
A handy tool for any outdoorsman.

Vendor: Cabela's
Price: $24.99

Is your husband an avid hunter/fisherman? If so, surprise him with new knives and other tools for his outdoor adventures! This Smith and Wesson Border Guard Folding Knife features a handle that is made out of durable stainless steel and has a comfortable grip, and comes with a pocket clip to keep the knife close at all times.

Camping Gear
For a weekend out in the wilderness.

Vendor: Cabela’s
Price: $299.99

There are various necessary items to be equipped with before heading out for a weekend of camping. One tent that has greatly satisfied customers is the Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model Geodesic Tent with Fiberglass Poles. Tested in the intense Alaskan weather conditions, this tent is guaranteeds to be completely waterproof for all its six inhabitants. It will withstand any amount of wind, rain, and snow that comes its way.

Yeti Bottle
Believe the hype and get your husband a Yeti.

Vendor: Cabela’s
Price: $30.00

If any of your friends have a Yeti bottle or mug, you have probably heard them say something about it. No camping trip would be complete without one of these bad boys: The Yeti Rambler Water Bottle. It keeps liquids the same temperature for hours, which is especially useful for day hikes.

For Gamers

Does your husband get home after a long day at work and immediately fire up his Switch, Xbox or Playstation? If your husband is an avid gamer (perhaps too avid of a gamer) then these recent releases would make a great gift.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
A fun action-packed video game to give your husband.

Vendor: GameStop 
Price: $18.99

This action-adventure game follows the orphan Miriam on her quest to prevent demons from entering the physical world. At the same time she is trying to rid herself of a curse that put her in a 10-year coma; to complete both tasks she must head to Demon Castle and confront the antagonist, Gebel. After some criticism, the creators decided to revamp the graphics to enhance the details in all the game’s magical characters.

MotoGP 19
For the husbands that have a need for speed.

Vendor: GameStop
Price: $19.99

Let’s take racing to the next level. MotoGP 19 has implemented Neural AI and Machine Learning, meaning the game will adapt to your skill level. The computer competitors in the game will continue to learn and improve, so he’ll constantly be challenged.

Outer Wilds
He’ll be amazed at what can happen in just 22 minutes.

Vendor: PlayStation Network
Price: $24.99

Did you know that an entire video game could take place over the course of 22 minutes? The plot of it, that is — the player repeats the same 22 minute cycle in Outer Wilds, which takes place on a planet that’s about to implode, in order to learn more and more to try and get off the planet alive.

For Sports Lovers

Has your husband been dying for some new sports equipment? Or maybe even some new workout gear? Check out our gift recommendations.

Nike Utility Power Duffel Bag
So he can carry everything he needs.

Vendor: Nike 
Price: $72.00

Big enough to carry a basketball, this duffel bag is the durable, spacious bag your hubby has been looking for. Plus, there's even a ventilated shoe area and an extra internal pocket.

The Louis Garneau Men's Biogel RX-V Cycling Gloves
Make his ride even more enjoyable with these gloves.

Vendor: REI
Price: $14.73

If your husband is an avid cycler, he could probably use some new gear for his adventures. The Louis Garneau Men's Biogel RX-V Cycling Gloves are an example of a well-reviewed cycling product. They keep your hands protected, cool, and dry, in addition to reducing vibrations throughout your ride.