Mastercard Gift Card for Business: the Benefits and Uses

Even before gift cards enter the picture of a business, there is a lot that needs to be sorted out by the business owners and managers who run the place. Inventory needs, costs, employees, marketing, and tons of other crucial aspects of running a business must be addressed by those in charge from the get-go if an establishment hopes to stay afloat. Poor management will only lead to poor service, and poor service can easily cause a business to go under in no time at all. 

Gift cards offer tremendous potential to increase business and benefit companies. They are a convenient way to pay, capable of making secure transactions, and incentivize people to spend money. A great way to incorporate gift cards into your business is with Mastercard gift cards, which can be used to show appreciation for your clients or employees without overstepping any professional boundaries as a business. You may even order customized Mastercard business reward cards to make them unique and impressionable, causing any gift recipient to recall your business every time they see the gift card. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Mastercard gift cards can be good for your business, we suggest you keep reading to learn about all the benefits a Mastercard gift card can offer for your company, along with its general uses and features. 

Mastercard Gift Card for Corporate Use

Everyone understands how a gift card works, but many may not fully realize just how great gift cards can be for a business or corporation in general. In general, businesses offer gift cards as a way to get funds from customers immediately and receive increased sales later on. Gift cards, since they come with a preloaded amount of funds designated by the buyer, pretty much guarantee that the recipient will return to the business to spend the gift card balance and probably a little more (or a lot more, depending on the customer). 

Using Mastercard gift cards for your business is a bit different from selling retail gift cards or gift certificates, however. Rather than rely on the guaranteed business you will obtain from selling gift cards, a Mastercard gift card given by a company can be used as a way to make an impression on the gift card recipient. While the Mastercard gift card does not have to be used to purchase goods or services at your business, it will serve as a constant reminder of your business to the user. Mastercard gift cards can also be given out to employees whose hard work and effort you wish to acknowledge with more than just a paycheck. 

How Can my Business Benefit from Using Mastercard Gift Cards?

Your business can benefit from using Mastercard gift cards in a lot of ways. Imagine gifting a client a gift card to a specific establishment or business to show your appreciation for their patronage, only to discover they are not interested in the retailer you selected for them. Rather than risk a potential awkward situation with a gift card to another business, it is much better to be able to rely on a Mastercard gift card that has been gifted from your business. Mastercard gift cards can be used anywhere that normally accepts Mastercard transactions, meaning a client or customer may use it to purchase items and services that they actually want. 

It is also wise to distribute Mastercard gift cards that are branded with your company name or logo. While this card is still technically a Mastercard gift card, the branding on the card will cause your gift card recipient to think about your business each time they look at their Mastercard. This is a fantastic way to build a memorable reputation among your clients and helps your business stay relevant. 

How Can I Use Mastercard Gift Cards to Reward my Employees? 

Giving a gift card is always a nice gesture when done for friends and family members, and it can also be just the thing to make your hard-working employees feel seen and appreciated by those in charge. 

Using Mastercard gift cards for employee rewards is a simple way to give back to your workers in a way that remains professional and meaningful at the same time. Instead of choosing a gift card for a designated retailer, let your employees choose where they would like to spend the funds with a Mastercard gift card. They will be able to use a Mastercard gift card at a variety of different locations such as department stores, restaurants, clothing boutiques, movie theaters, drug stores, and more. Your employees will have a lot of freedom when it comes to using their Mastercard gift card funds, with basically no restriction on where they can shop to hold them back. Regular retail gift cards, while appreciated, have quite a limited range on where they can be used, but you can pay with a Mastercard gift card almost anywhere. 

Whether it is as a gift for a holiday or a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary or it is in recognition of excellent performance while on the job, a Mastercard gift card can be a touching present to receive from an employer and has the ability to greatly boost employee morale by making the workplace more rewarding. 

Are There Any Tax Implications for Using Mastercard Gift Cards in my Business?

When it comes to giving gifts in the workplace, the details can get a little murky once taxes enter the picture. Employers cannot give tax-exempt gifts to employees, and even something like a Mastercard gift card can be viewed as a taxable form of income. In order to make sure you are able to accurately account for the taxes of your business, business owners must withhold federal income tax, social security tax, Medicare tax, FUTA, and any state income taxes if gift cards are taxable in your state. This would slightly lower the value of a gift card you give to your employees, which can be estimated when compared to the amount of taxes withheld on paychecks. The cost of a Mastercard gift card is something that is fully deductible by a business, but you must withhold taxes from the employee’s pay for these gifts.  

Mastercard gift cards have a lot more uses than you may think they have, which is why business owners should take advantage of everything these special pieces of plastic can do for their companies. 

Using a Mastercard Gift Card as a Business Gift 

There is truly a lot that Mastercard gift cards are capable of doing, and that includes being used as a business gift. Gift cards have always been used to express gratitude or to acknowledge a special occasion, and any business that chooses to distribute Mastercard gift cards as business gifts is simply showing appreciation for clients and customers. 

A Mastercard gift card from your business branded with your company’s logo will cause the recipient to think about your business each time they open their wallet, increasing the odds of them visiting in the future. A Mastercard gift card also shows customers that their business is clearly wanted and something worth thanking, which may sway certain clients away from your business competitors. 

What are Some Creative Ways to Use Mastercard Gift Cards for my Business?

There are many ways you can implement the use of Mastercard gift cards into your business. Rewarding employees with Mastercard gift cards for good behavior or in recognition of work-related accomplishments is a great way to start utilizing Mastercard gift cards, but you can do a lot more. In addition to giving clients Mastercard gift cards as a token of appreciation for their business, you can also offer incentives to your customer base or clientele that promise a Mastercard gift card in exchange for a certain order minimum. This will encourage customers of your business to spend more and make an effort to obtain the gift card reward for themselves. 

Mastercard gift cards can also be used as promotional items to draw in new customers and folks who may not have given you their business otherwise. You may even be able to make a sort of game out of it by having customers compete against each other for Mastercard gift cards by doing particular business with your company. 

Can I Customize Mastercard Gift Cards for my Business?

Giving out Mastercard gift cards is one thing, but adding personal charm to make them unique to your business is where the real money is at. You can absolutely customize Mastercard gift cards for your business to make them both professional and memorable for those who receive them. 

If you are wondering how to customize your Mastercard gift card to make it unique to your business, you can get the process started by visiting Gift Card Granny. Along with dozens of awesome retail gift card options that can help you save a decent chunk of change in the form of cash back when gift card shopping, Gift Card Granny also offers Visa and Mastercard gift cards that can be used to buy a variety of goods and services from all kinds of stores. There are many basic designs customers can choose from when shopping on Gift Card Granny, which are the perfect addition to any holiday or special circumstance that calls for exchanging gifts with friends and other loved ones. Pre-made designs available on Gift Card Granny include seasonal picks for fall, winter, summer, and spring, as well as observed holidays and standard designs that can be used any time of year. All of the predesigned Mastercard gift card options can be found here

Now, if you are planning on placing a bulk Mastercard gift card order for your business using Gift Card Granny, you can choose the Mastercard business reward cards section to complete your order. This option is particularly useful for business owners or managers who are buying multiple Mastercard gift cards to use and distribute for business purposes. Otherwise, you would end up spending more money and time buying individual Mastercard gift cards that all require separate activation fees. 

When placing a business order on Gift Card Granny, you can choose to go with co-branded Mastercard gift cards that display your company logo on the front of the card. This makes your Mastercard gift card order specific to your company and is a great feature for business owners who are serious about building their brand. 

You can place an order of up to fifty Mastercard Reward Cards for Business when you buy from Gift Card Granny. These gift cards can have any amount that ranges between $10-$500, with funds that never expire. Gift cards can be delivered as physical cards in the mail or as virtual e-gift cards. Choose from an assortment of professional designs offered by Gift Card Granny or opt to upload your own design to give even more personal flair. 

Buy Mastercard gift cards for your business

Buy Mastercard gift cards for your business

Looking to place a bulk business order that exceeds the fifty card maximum on Gift Card Granny? Do not hesitate to check out, a sister website to Gift Card Granny where business owners can order large amounts of Mastercard gift cards for their companies. is particularly great for those who own or manage massive corporations with lots of employees and customers. Since the amount of gift cards you will order depends on the size of your company, it is important to have an accurate estimation ahead of time so you select a gift card distributor that can meet your needs.