Mastercard Gift Card for Foodies: A Tasty Gift Idea To Consider

Who doesn’t love biting into some delicious food? Whether it is a tasty snack from an exotic gift box, dinner out at a restaurant you are head over heels for, or simply sitting down for a meal at home from groceries you bought at your local supermarket, food is something we can all look forward to enjoying as we go throughout our days. While some people are much more invested in the food journey than others, we can all agree that a taste of something appetizing adds a healthy dose of flavor into our lives that may otherwise be uncharacteristically bland. 

If you or anyone you know happens to be a dedicated foodie who takes eating as seriously as paying a mortgage, then you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Everybody needs to eat to survive, but food is so much more than fuel to keep your body running – it is something that inspires community, appreciation, and an overall enjoyment of life that few other things are truly capable of capturing. 

But other than perhaps giving out gift cards to a food lover’s favorite restaurants, fast food establishments, and other eateries or gifting a gourmet gift basket filled with yummy treats you will not typically find in average supermarkets, what can you possibly do to make a foodie in your life feel seen and appreciated? Though you may not have thought about it before, using a Mastercard gift card for food lovers you know is a brilliant way to acknowledge their passion for food without locking them into anything too specific. 

A typical restaurant gift card may be nice for some, but if it is for a place that the gift card recipient doesn’t like to eat, then it can be a problem. If a Mastercard gift card is given instead of a retail gift card to a specific food chain, the gift card recipient can use the funds to purchase from almost any restaurant they want. This is an especially great feature for food lovers who are also conservative about their tastes and do not like to branch out into uncharted territory. 

Even the most devoted foodies have their preferences, after all, so it is important to consider a gifting option that allows them to eat exactly what they want. A Mastercard gift card not only gives them the freedom of choice, but it makes paying for what they have been craving more convenient than ever. 

Among the many retailers and businesses you can use Mastercard gift cards at, we are going to focus on the following for this article:

  • Mastercard gift cards for restaurants 
  • Mastercard gift cards for dining out in general
  • Mastercard gift cards for grocery stores and supermarkets
  • Mastercard gift cards for online food orders

Let’s dig in!

Using a Mastercard Gift Card for Dining Out

Get the facts on what you can and cannot use your Mastercard gift card for when it comes to dining out

One of the reasons as to why Mastercard gift cards work so well as a gift for folks who enjoy dining out at restaurants and other establishments is because of their shopping versatility. Mastercard gift cards function as open-loop and can be used to complete transactions at a majority of retailers, while retail gift cards for restaurants and other dining establishments are closed-loop and for that reason only valid at specific locations. This is a particularly great feature for foodies who have certain dining preferences and like to have control over where they buy their next meal from. 

When it comes to dining out, any place that accepts electronic transactions and the Mastercard brand should be able to process a Mastercard gift card. As long as the restaurant you choose to eat at isn’t cash only, you should not experience any setbacks when trying to pay with your Mastercard gift card. You also do not have to worry over certain menu items being excluded from a Mastercard gift card’s buying power – everything from the appetizers and entrees to wine and cocktails will be covered with your gift card. 

Food is an amazing unifier, and you can guarantee on always giving any food lovers you may know a delicious experience that they can pick for themselves with the versatility of a Mastercard gift card. 

Q: Can I use a Mastercard gift card at any restaurant?

Yes, you can 100% use a Mastercard gift card to pay for your meal at any restaurant you choose. Mastercard gift cards are not bound to specific restaurants or food brands, which means you can use some of your Mastercard gift cards funds at one location and the rest at another. 

The spectacular part of Mastercard gift cards is the ability to use them at many locations. Gift cards for specific restaurants and food chains can only be redeemed at certain locations, but Mastercard gift cards are not restrained to specific businesses. 

You can even use your Mastercard gift card to place online orders from your favorite establishments for home delivery or pickup, which is a definite advantage for when you do not feel like dining out. And if you want to whip up a meal yourself, then you can go ahead and use your Mastercard gift card to purchase ingredients at your local grocery store. Restaurants aren’t the only way foodies like to indulge in delicious dishes, which is why opting for a Mastercard gift card that can be used on anything your food-loving pal craves is such an advantageous gift option.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what I can buy with a Mastercard gift card at a restaurant?

There are pretty much zero restrictions in regards to what you can buy from a restaurant using a Mastercard gift card. Foodies will be thrilled to know that their dining preferences will not have any impact on the buying power of their Mastercard gift cards – they can purchase all of their favorites including juicy steaks, savory sushi, briny crab, filling lasagna, and anything else your stomach could possibly want. 

The only outright limitations placed on Mastercard gift cards are that they cannot be used at gambling merchants, for recurring bills, at ATMs to withdraw cash, or at any business that does not have electronic processing capability. As long as you are not looking to use your Mastercard gift card for any of the above, you will not have a problem when it comes to making purchases with your gift card.

How Do I Check the Balance of my Mastercard Gift Card for Food Purchases? 

When you are actively using your Mastercard gift card at different retailers and restaurants, it only makes sense that you want to keep tabs on your current balance and track your spending history. Mastercard gift card users can easily access their gift card balance both by phone and online, allowing you to choose the method that’s more convenient for your shopping preferences. 

Mastercard gift card users may call the toll-free number provided on the back of the gift card to check the total gift card balance on an activated account. To access this information, you will need to provide the following information: 

  • The 16-digit gift card number located on the front of your Mastercard
  • The 3-digit security code located on the back of your Mastercard

There is no way to access your transaction history over the phone; if you wish to view your past purchases, you will need to do it online. As with checking your current gift card balance over the phone, checking your balance online is a straight-forward process that should not take you more than a couple minutes to complete. 

To check your Mastercard gift card balance online, visit the Mastercard website to use their balance check tool. Fill in your card details including card number, security code, and expiration date. Once you provide all of the necessary information, you will be able to view your gift card’s current balance and previous transactions. Being able to review your purchase history and see which businesses you spend the most at is a helpful feature that can make following specific budgets easier. 

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to shopping with a Mastercard gift card, and any foodies are encouraged to take advantage of them. 

Any transactions that have specifically been for dining out or food in general can be singled out when you view the history of retailers you shopped at. Though a love of food is powerful, money is still an important factor that must be considered, and that sometimes means keeping track of your spending and holding yourself to a certain financial limit. This feature can make it easier for Mastercard gift card users to prevent themselves from overspending on eating out or on expensive foods. 

Check your Mastercard gift card balance on Gift Card Granny

If you already use Gift Card Granny for your gift card purchases, then you may be interested in checking your Mastercard gift card balance with us too. From the Mastercard gift card page on the Gift Card Granny website, scroll down and select the ‘Check balance’ tab on the left. The balance check page allows gift card users to access their current gift card balances and view past transactions, much like the balance check tool from the Mastercard website. Once again, you will need to provide the card number and the security code in the designated boxes before selecting ‘Check your gift card balance.’ 

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