What to Give For National Custodial Workers Day

There are many types of jobs out there that are an integral part of society and, without them, daily life would be much more difficult for everyone. From highly respected professions like doctors and school teachers to less acknowledged jobs such as delivery drivers and supermarket attendants, all of these careers serve a purpose and help contribute to a functional society. Many jobs are even fantasized about by children who wish to one day take up these roles and make a career out of something they are passionate about, which can range from scientists and veterinarians to firemen and police officers. 

Though there are plenty of jobs that are much more sought after than others, it is important to recognize that some of the most vital jobs are ones that do not often get the attention they deserve. One such occupation is that of being a custodian. Many folks hear the term “custodian” and immediately equate it with being a janitor, shrugging it off as an unattractive job that isn’t worth much praise. While being a custodian is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, to discredit the role is unfair and shows the common misconceptions people have surrounding this profession. 

Custodial workers do their best to ensure businesses and other places of work like schools and hospitals are kept clean and in good condition so that other employers can deliver quality service without getting distracted from their duties. Routine changing of garbage bins, sanitization of surfaces, restocking toiletries, and handling the aftermath of unsavory accidents are just a few of the responsibilities that typically fall into the hands of custodians. 

Though their roles may seem minor, custodians are an irreplaceable asset in almost every industry. If they weren’t around, the negative impact would surely be felt by those left to clean up the mess. That’s why it is so important to make sure folks who work as custodians stick around for the long haul, and that can be accomplished simply by showing your respect and doing what you can to foster positive relationships. 

National Custodian Appreciation Day

National Custodian Day occurs every year on October 2nd and is celebrated by many businesses as a holiday to recognize and appreciate the work of their custodial workers. Though many custodial workers operate outside of direct view, their work is a fundamental part of any business and, without them, most businesses would surely come to a standstill. Despite the value of their labor, custodial workers are often underappreciated and fail to receive the acknowledgement their work is deserving of. To counteract this unfortunate reality, National Custodian Day was put into place so that folks would be reminded to pay their respects to these underrepresented heroes that work to keep things clean behind the scenes. 

Just for a moment, imagine a world without custodians in it. It may not seem like much would change, but there would be a profound negative impact on how we operate in our daily lives. Entire buildings would dissolve into chaotic messes with no cleaning structure whatsoever, affecting everyone from those who work there to folks who seek services from there. At the end of the day, we would be so much worse off, which is why it is important we do not take custodians for granted. 

Custodial workers play a crucial role in society and should be thanked accordingly throughout the year.

Ways You Can Show Appreciation for Custodial Workers

There are loads of ways to acknowledge the hard work and dedication shown by custodians in your place of work. Of course, it is always encouraged to make them feel appreciated for what they do year round with sincere ‘thank you’s and being mindful of picking up after yourself, but an official holiday places an even greater emphasis on taking time out of your busy day to give these unsung heroes the full recognition they truly deserve. 

We have provided some ideas that you can incorporate into your routine during the holiday this year below. 

Let your custodians know how much you value them

Nothing matters more than telling your custodians how much their work means to everyone else. Sure, they come in every day to make a living and pay their bills, but the work feels a lot better when compensation goes beyond money and they actually get to hear how much value they have in the workplace. Everyone wants to feel like what they are doing matters, and there is no better way to ensure someone feels appreciated for what they do than by directly acknowledging the impact they have. Make small talk with your custodian, give them a thank you card signed by other employees, or even consider buying them lunch to show that you care. 

Clean up after yourself 

It’s important to always keep your space tidy and to be mindful of your messes throughout the year, as custodians are not your personal maids. If this is something you tend to struggle with, take an extra moment during the holiday to go out of your way to pick up after yourself. Minimizing the mess you make and cleaning up your space will help make the jobs of custodians all the more easier, which gives them more time to apply their skills elsewhere. 

Decorate your facility in honor of the holiday 

Holidays are always enhanced when you get to decorate your place of work and celebrate with those around you. Though National Custodians Day isn’t anywhere near the scale of Halloween or Christmas, it may be worth it to lightly decorate your facility to spread some cheer to overworked custodians. Decorating doesn’t have to be anything too serious, and you can even purchase a cake or make small gift baskets to give to custodians to make them feel special. 

Encourage other employees to join the celebrations 

Everything is better when more people are involved, and the same can be said of small holidays like National Custodians Day. Be sure to let other employees know about the special occasion so that they can make their own plans or join in with you and other coworkers and contribute to the festivities. 

If you are in charge of or manage a team of employees, it would be smart to encourage your workers to better acquaint themselves with the custodians that work behind the scenes in the building. Encourage your employees to make small talk with the custodians, learn their names, and thank them for their much appreciated services. It can be difficult for folks who work in the same building but are separated by professions to socialize with one another, so step in and spearhead the effort to foster positive working relationships within the workplace. An employee picnic or some sort of group event could definitely help contribute to the festivities. 

Makes your custodians’ lives easier regardless of the occasion 

National Custodians Day is only one day of the year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t strive to show your appreciation year-round by doing your best to make their jobs more accommodating by investing in quality equipment, treating them with respect, and doing your part to take care of their needs in any capacity you are able to. Even if you are not the one responsible for overseeing the needs of the custodians you work with, you can step up and vouch for them to those who are in charge. Simple action and words can make a positive difference in your workplace, benefitting the folks who help keep it running. 

Gift Card Ideas to Help Celebrate National Custodian Day

Giving a small gift, such as a gift card to a store or for a brand they enjoy, is an excellent way to show appreciation for any custodians you may know. Though small, a gift card achieves the perfect balance of a gift that is both modest and meaningful, which makes it suitable for folks with whom you maintain a professional working relationship with. 

Let’s take a look at some gift card ideas that may be suited for the custodians at your workplace. 

1. Groupon 

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2. Rainforest Cafe

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While this may be a bit of a niche gift, a Rainforest Cafe gift card could very well be the cherry on top of a future vacation your custodian has been planning. 

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3. Big Lots

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4. Home Chef

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Being a custodian is no easy job, and the physical toll it takes on your body can make self-care almost impossible. Even cooking delicious, healthy meals for yourself can turn into a chore. If you know any custodians who could use a break from daily responsibilities, why not surprise them with a Home Chef gift card? 

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Taking time to celebrate National Custodians Day is well worth the effort if you have personally benefited from their hard work in one way or another, so do your part to show your appreciation this year and keep their spirits high!