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Online Clothing Shopping: Not for the Faint of Heart

Wow. I just surrendered two, yes, two full hours of my life to shopping for clothes online. I've purchased clothing online before, but not very frequently. My MO is to fill up an online bag and ditch it during checkout. The sizing aspect of remote clothing shopping scares me.

Be careful not to dive too deeply into customer reviews. One top was too big, too small, too long and too short after reading every comment. And Gap lumps clearance in with other categories, in addition to having it's own section, which means twice the time needed to comb through options.

But here's what convinced me it was worth it; I bought $110 worth of Gap money (on three separate cards) for just $98.80, so I'm already close to 10% off the entire purchase already. But the biggest kicker is that Gap is offering $20 off every online order of $80 or more with promo code GAP2080. So I loaded up my cart with $87.88 worth of merchandise, which was then reduced to $67.88. After $5.60 in tax (yuck) my final tally came to $73.48. And zero charge for shipping on all orders of $50 or more all the time. Including the discount I received for my gift card, that left me with a bill of $66.13 for:

  • Two super-soft maternity tanks
  • All-boy denim shorts for my brown-eyed Zoolander
  • Orange baby polo onesie
  • "I'd Rather Be Naked" cheekie tank, again for the little dude
  • Striped bubble dress for our two-year-old princess-in-training

Gap Shopping Cart


Not too shabby, considering three of those items weren't even on sale to begin with. I will always stick by my "if it ain't great, the price don't matter" mantra; Bargain clothing is often (but not always) destined to be another wallflower in the closet. These are solid pieces I'll definitely wear to their demise.

On another online shopping note: Make sure to check terms before buying gift cards for online purchases. I discovered American Apparel does not process gift cards for online payments. A customer service representative did offer to transfer me to the nearest store to pay via phone with the gift card and then my credit card for shopping, but I wasn't crazy about that idea. At least we're headed to Dallas this weekend and can swing by swanky NorthPark to shop in person.



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Just a suggestion is to use shopping engines like Nextag or A lot of times you can get some serious discounts from distributors that the manufacturer isn\'t offering especially on end of season items.