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About Mary:

As a writer on the Gift Card Granny team, Mary is on the hunt for the latest information on the best deals, shopping tips, and gift card industry news. Dedicated to helping you shop smarter, with research, actionable ideas, and some personality, her articles are accessible to all readers.

Recent Articles

Holiday Gift Card Survey Results 2020

December 1, 2020
Since 2016, Gift Card Granny has sent out a survey to users for insight on gift card usage and trends for the holiday season. This year, over 2,000 US-based consumers who have visited responded. Topics such as most popular retailers, purchasing behavior and virtual gift card growth were analyzed. To find out how this year compared to years past, keep reading for all the …

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eGift Cards That Make the Perfect Last-minute Gift

November 11, 2020
If you need a last-minute gift this holiday, don't stress! Here are 9 popular eGift cards you can send to family and friends when you're in need of a quick gift. 1. Virtual Mastercard Gift Card A pre-paid Virtual Mastercard gift card provides the recipient with a variety of redemption possibilities. It can be used to pay bills …

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White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules and Gift Ideas

November 9, 2020
The holidays are here and let’s be honest, giving a gift is more fun than receiving one. The look of surprise or the smile that appears on the recipient’s face is enough to make anyone’s day. Taking gift giving to a new level, many workplaces and circles of friends take part in a lively gift-giving game called a White Elephant Gift Exchange. Not sure what …

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5 Personalized Gift Ideas for under $50

November 9, 2020
Giving a personalized gift is always a great idea, especially around the holidays. Customized gifts can include a sweet photo, a personal message, or an engraved or monogrammed item. If you’re looking to provide that extra special touch to a gift this holiday season and not break the bank, check out these 5 personalized gifts for under $50. Custom Story Book Shutterfly …

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Halloween 2020 Survey Results

October 14, 2020
Gift Card Granny conducted a survey to determine how many users plan on participating in Halloween this year. 2,373 US-based consumers who have visited responded. We asked users about their Halloween plans, candy budget, costume preference, and favorite Halloween treats. Keep reading to find out the results of our Halloween survey. Halloween Survey 2020 We asked Granny users the following questions: Will you celebrate Halloween this year? Based …

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