Online Gift Cards for Friends

Friends are priceless. When times are tough or when life is utterly mundane, friends are there to keep you feeling sane and appreciated for, well, just being you. Life would not be the same without them and whether you have a few or many, it’s likely you would not trade them for the world. 

If you’re thinking of showing gratitude for the positive impact a friend has had on your life, you’ve likely already realized how there is no present on the entire planet that could adequately capture an ounce of their worth in your life. After all, some things are just way too important to put a price tag on. Bearing that fact in mind, how could you ever hope to find a gift that conveys your appreciation? 

For starters, try not to overthink it. Some of the best presents are simple gestures packed with a ton of love, which is exactly why gift cards are a tried and true option for nearly any occasion. Let’s consider some ideas that are bound to delight your friends and make you one of the best present-givers of all time, including:

  • Online gift cards for food and drink
  • Online gift cards for practical apparel 
  • Online gift cards for curated items and unique gifts

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1. Apple

Get Your Friend Dependable and Trendy Technology

Buy an Apple gift card

Everyone has a phone these days, or at least nearly everyone. It’s reasonable to assume most of your friends have a smartphone they use on a daily basis, and we all know those devices aren’t cheap, especially when it comes to Apple products. If you know someone who is a bit of an Apple junkie, consider going with a gift card for the brand itself. 

From iTunes to new tech that you’ve been dying to get your hands on, an Apple gift card is an inclusive way to give fans of Apple a versatile method in obtaining their next purchase from the brand. Consider snagging a gift card to Apple from Gift Card Granny to earn cash back in no time!

2. Vineyard Vines

Help Fund a Stylish New Outfit From this Whale of a Retailer

Clothes can say a lot about a person, which is why it’s important to let people do their own shopping when it comes to buying clothes because, let’s face it – we’ve all been on the receiving end of being gifted an outfit we really didn’t want. Spare your friend the potential grief and send them an online gift card for Vineyard Vines, courtesy of you. 

Vineyard Vines is a Massachusetts-based clothing retailer with a focus on high-end attire with styles that are fun and fresh. Browse ties, jackets, shorts, belts, shirts, swimwear, bags, and so much more in their colorful catalog. With departments for men, women, and kids, the whole family can coordinate their style plan in one shopping trip (or click). Your friend is likely to jump for joy at the chance of saving on a new outfit from Vineyard Vines.  

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3. Yankee Candle

Bring Any Room in the House to Life with Charming Fragrances

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

Candles are a generally safe bet when it comes to gift-giving, and you won’t find a more universally loved retailer of all things fragrance than Yankee Candle. Customers can shop an assortment of fresh scents enjoyed in a variety of different forms, including wax melts, fragrant oils, room sprays, traditional candles, and aroma diffusers. They even offer practical accessories for your car like air fresheners and vent clips. 

The online catalog for Yankee Candle may not allow you to smell the amazing fragrances they have in stock, but it’s just as large and delightful as any storefront. Get your friend a gift for the household they are sure to love with a Yankee Candle gift card, and don’t forget about earning cash back when you use Gift Card Granny.   

4. Goldbelly

Try Gourmet Dishes From Around the Country in the Comfort of Your Home

When in doubt, food is a go-to gift that is rare to disappoint. That’s why we’re going to be talking about Goldbelly, an online marketplace curated for gourmet food and snacks. If your friend has a palate for an array of exciting flavors and craves fun dining experiences, then they are going to be smitten with Goldbelly. 

Browse flavorful finds like pizza, meats, seafood, desserts, and even meal kits. Bring the restaurant right to your kitchen with premium ingredients that top rated chefs use in their own creations and sharpen your culinary skills. These iconic meals are ready to satisfy hungry stomachs all over the country, so don’t be afraid to give Goldbelly a try today!

Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not currently offer gift cards to Goldbelly at this time.   

5. FYE

Never Be Embarrassed to Represent the Things that Bring You Joy 

Buy an FYE gift card

Give the ever-lasting gift of entertainment with a gift card to FYE, a retail chain that specializes in providing customers with mountains of fun in a variety of forms, from vintage CDs of classic rock bands to DVD collections of trendy anime series. Plus there’s tons of cool merchandise for every pop culture fandom, from the likes of Disney and Harry Potter to Star Trek and Game of Thrones. 

Show off your passions with awesome apparel and accessories that fit into your unique aesthetic, or cozy up with a soft throw depicting your favorite characters. However you choose to style your fandom is up to you – FYE simply provides the essential merchandise to make you feel like the embodiment of whatever it is you love most. 

Movies, music, electronics, and so much more are waiting, so snag an FYE gift card from Gift Card Granny to earn easy cash back!

6. Amazon

Get Your Everyday Needs Delivered on Time with this Online Retailer 

When it comes to online retailers, there isn’t one that is quite as massive as Amazon. With an expansive catalog consisting of thousands of listings for a variety of different products, from the home essentials to decor and handy knick knacks that make everyday life a little easier, Amazon is brimming with potential gift ideas fit for anyone you know. 

Amazon even offers subscriptions on specific items like pet food and cleaning supplies, meaning you always stay stocked up on exactly what you need while saving a pretty penny every now and again. You can say goodbye to those long department store lines when you make Amazon your preferred method of shopping. 

Unfortunately Gift Card Granny does not offer gift cards to Amazon at this time, but check back in the future for updates to our catalog of retailers!

7. Patagonia

Explore the Great Outdoors in Style and Never Go Back 

Buy a Patagonia gift card

Outdoor clothing is always something worth considering when debating potential gift ideas. If the person you’re buying for loves experiencing the great outdoors, why not give them a truly wonderful gift with a gift card to Patagonia? 

Patagonia is an American retailer of outdoor clothing that is reliable and sustainable. Committed to environmental activism, Patagonia is a trustworthy brand that works to bring its customers comfort outdoors while providing high-quality material built to last in all kinds of different weather. Their durable, multifunctional outdoor clothing is both fashionable and practical, making outdoor ventures more stylish than ever. 

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8. Hulu

Hours of Entertainment Are in Store for Anyone with a Hulu Subscription

Buy a Hulu gift card

Entertainment is always a fantastic gift option, and the great thing about Hulu is that folks can watch their favorite shows on any smart device they have. No need to be confined to your living room or lounge when you want to catch up on recent episodes; take your watching session to the local park with your smart phone, or utilize the convenience of your tablet to binge while you travel. 

Hulu is far more affordable than its streaming service competitors and it offers an array of original productions and beloved television classics for viewers everywhere. Get a good scare in with a late night horror movie, marathon romcoms while eating ice cream, or indulge in a variety of high-quality animated content fit for both kids and adults.   

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9. Apollo Box

Show Your Friend How Special They Are with a Gift That’s Just as Unique as Them

Buy an Apollo Box gift card

Receiving a gift that is a complete surprise is a great feeling, and you can make any of your friends experience that when you give them the gift of Apollo Box. Never heard of it? You’ll be glad you have by the end of this. 

Apollo Box is an online marketplace packed with unique, one-of-a-kind products from vendors around the world. Customers can explore a sea of creative gift ideas, whimsical merchandise, and carefully curated selections based upon what interests them. Whether it’s a new lifestyle gadget or a ceramic dish that would look good as a table centerpiece, there’s no shortage of eccentric and uncommon items available at Apollo Box. 

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10. eBay

Buy Next to Everything, From Vintage to Brand New

This online marketplace is older than some of the adults reading this article, and its influence on e-commerce is quite the sight to behold. Find next to anything on eBay, from the niche collectables with highly dedicated fans to a lightly used pair of name brand sneakers at a discounted price. 

The eBay catalog is massive and there’s always new listings to browse. And if you feel up for it biddings can take place on some products between interested buyers, making the shopping experience more engaging for everyone involved. An eBay gift card is perfect for those friends who have a lot of different hobbies, and you don’t have to stress over your gift not being good enough. 

Gift Card Granny does not offer gift cards to eBay at this time, but check back soon to see new additions to our catalog!


See something you like? With all these great ideas for online gift cards for your friends, there’s plenty of positivity to spread with those you care about. Happy shopping!