5 Ways To Get Cheap Halloween Candy

Halloween candy can be an expensive, added cost to your budget. But that doesn't mean you should be the only person on the block who's not handing out treatsPlan ahead and follow these tips to save money on Halloween candy.  

1. Coupons 


Check your paper and online coupon sites for discounts you can use towards your candy purchase. Oftentimes you can find locally owned grocery stores that will double, or even triple, your coupons on certain days of the week. The Grocery Coupon Network provides a handy list to help you find stores that will double up. 
Instead of allowing trick-or-treaters to grab multiple pieces of candy from the bowl, drop one piece into each of their bags. While they may want more, this ensures your supply doesn't deplete before the night ends.  

2. Buy In Bulk 

Warehouse stores such as Sam's Club and Costco have a large selection of bulk candy at a reasonable price. Mini bags of chips and pretzels can serve as treats, too. Keep an eye open for these in the snack section of your warehouse store.  

3. Use Discount Gift Cards Or Earn Cash Back

discount gift cards 

Want the ultimate deal? Combine coupons, rewards and sales with discount gift cards.   

4. Shop Online

Party supply companies such as Oriental Trading offer an assortment of bulk candy for some of the best prices. A variety bag of Hershey's snack-size chococlate candy with 105 pieces costs $25.49 at $.24 per piece. Remember the added cost and time of shipping! 

5. Purchase The Fun-Size

We all love the house that gives out full size candy bars. But if you're trying to watch your spending, the fun-size will do the trick. Don't let the candy bowl dwindle to nothing before All Hallows' Eve. Put treats out of sight to avoid the family from eating the entire stash  

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