Where To Buy A Visa Gift Card

Visa gift cards are popular, and for a good reason. They are a versatile gift as they can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Whether you’re at the grocery store, a fine dining restaurant, or at your favorite department store, you can swipe a Visa gift card during checkout to help pay for your purchase. But do you know where to buy a Visa gift card? And where can you find Visa gift card retailers?

If you need guidance, let the team at Gift Card Granny help you. We’ve compiled a list of where to buy Visa gift cards online and in-store. Plus, we’ve included some additional information on Visa gift card providers, as well as  what to expect when you buy one. Check out Gift Card Granny for all your gift card needs! You can buy a Visa gift card online today.

Earn Cash Back on Visa Gift Cards Through Gift Card Granny

Are you someone who thinks that the perfect gifts are Visa gift cards? There are a lot of Visa gift card merchants and places to buy Visa gift cards online, like Gift Card Granny

Let’s get to it then.

6 Reasons Why Buying Gift Cards at Gift Card Granny is Better than In-Store Purchases

Reason #1: Purchase gift cards from the comfort of your own home

The greatest boon of Gift Card Granny is that you can purchase physical gift cards or e-gift cards on our website and receive them almost immediately. Traveling for a gift card purchase is never fun, especially if you aren’t sure if you’re going to a Visa gift card vendor. There are many gift cards at stores nationwide, but sometimes luck is not on your side, and the Visa gift card seller might not have them in stock. This is ameliorated somewhat with the prevalence of online gift cards, but shopping at Gift Card Granny has benefits that outweigh shopping at the specific retailer’s website. 

Shopping for gift cards online at Gift Card Granny is amazing because you can earn cash back on your purchases and get either a physical gift card or an e-gift card! Let’s jump into some other amazing reasons to buy Visa gift cards online at Gift Card Granny. 

Reason #2: Gift Card Granny has in House Fulfillment

Sometimes you need a rapid turnaround on your gift card purchase. With in-house fulfillment, you have a guarantee that we will ship your gift card within a day of your order. With instant e-gift card delivery, Gift Card Granny is an amazing place to purchase a gift card. 

You never know when a moment of inspiration will strike. Shopping at Gift Card Granny lets you order a gift card whenever you want and have it arrive quickly. This is perfect for last-minute gifts or gift cards that you want to use. 

Reason #3: Gift Card Granny lets you set your own card value

There are many occasions when gift cards are appropriate, and each one has its own value, from $5 all the way to gift cards over $100. Gift Card Granny allows you to set your own gift card value to an exact fit for the occasion. Buying a dozen cards for little gifts at a housewarming party? Five dollars is perfect. Getting a Christmas gift for your sibling? You can input a larger amount! 

Reason #4: You can build your own gift card design

Sometimes you find a gift card for the right store at the right amount — but it looks kinda bland. You don’t want that! It’s a special occasion, right? At Gift Card Granny, you can build your own gift card design and find one that perfectly suits your friend or family member. 

Prepaid Visa gift cards also allow you to put your business logo on them. This is perfect for business owners giving out gift cards to their employees or purchasing them for personal use. 

Reason #5: Send e-gift cards

Physical gift cards have their time and place and so do e-gift cards! They are so easy to send and spend, making them great options for flexible occasions where you might not be in an optimal position to hand off a beautiful gift card to your friend. 

Reason #6: Earn cash back on your purchases

Last but not least — at Gift Card Granny you earn cash back on all your purchases! Every time you pick up a gift card from us you earn some extra cash to spend on whatever you desire. 

Where to buy a Visa gift card online

You can send a custom Visa gift card right from your home. Depending on the participating issuer, you can choose to send a plastic gift card or a Virtual Visa gift card. Visit any of the following websites to buy a Visa gift card online.

Gift Card Granny


Gift Card Mall



Where to buy a Visa gift card in-store

If you don't want to buy a Visa gift card online, here's a list of supermarkets, drug stores, retail stores, gas stations, banks, and payday loan and check cashing businesses around the country that are Visa gift card distributors.




Big Y Foods

Bi Lo

Food 4 Less

Food Lion


Giant Foods

Giant Eagle


King Kullen

King Soopers



Parkway Market


Price Chopper




Stater Brothers

Stop & Shop

Super Dollar




Winn Dixie

Drug stores



Duane Reade

Longs Drugs

Rite Aid


Retail stores and gas stations

Chevron Texaco

Circle K

Dollar General

Office Depot

Office Max



Banks and Payday Loans & Check Cashing Centers

Advance America

ACE Cash Express

America's Cash Express

Bank of America

California Cash Checking


Check Masters


National City


Old National

Sun Trust


U.S. Bank


Wells Fargo

Visa gift card fees

It’s important to note that when you buy a Visa gift card online or in-store, you must pay an additional fee. The Visa gift card fee can depend on what type of card you purchase, but typically, they are based on the gift card's value.

Lastly, if you received a Visa gift card and are not sure how much is on it, take a moment to check the balance before you use it. Depending on the point-of-sale system, you may have to enter the exact amount for the transaction to process successfully.

Visa Gift Cards work online, too! This is a great way to spend your Visa gift cards. 

Where to Spend a Visa Gift Card

Buying a Visa gift card on Gift Card Granny is an excellent plan. You can spend it wherever and earn some sweet cash back while doing so! Using prepaid Visa gift cards are great ways to travel without your primary credit or debit card. You can buy a gift card for friends, family, and yourself! Spending gift cards is amazing. It’s great! You can sit back and watch your bill disappear while spending a gift you received from someone else or one you bought from yourself. It is a great way to create a special occasion and treat yourself. 

The chief problem with Visa gift cards (this is just a quibble, but it bears mentioning) is that lots of people default to using their Visa gift cards on their first purchase after receiving them. Now, there is certainly nothing wrong with that and it uses the gift card for its maximally pragmatic use, but we would like to highlight some special occasions on which you can spend these cards! We want to toe the line between spending it on stuff that you would regardless while adding some excitement. 

Food and Restaurants

Starting off this list is a classic. Food! Putting your Visa gift card towards food is great for spending it on something special. What makes it special is spending it on food you don’t have every day. Putting it towards your grocery bill falls more into the category of mundane spending, but putting it towards that same grocery bill after getting yourself a little treat is exactly what we recommend. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or particularly complex, just a little treat to enjoy that week. It could come in the form of a snack or dessert you like, or some ingredients for a fun new meal. 

Next to this is, of course, restaurants! Going out to eat is a common and fun pastime and you can save your Visa gift card for the next time you grab a bite. One unfortunate side effect of going out to eat is the extra expense, and saving up your Visa gift cards for this occasion whisks that away. 

Clothes Shopping

Clothes are quite expensive. Clothes shopping can quickly become a chore whenever you need something new, made doubly worse if an old staple gets ruined or gets a bit too well-worn to justify wearing it more. A gift card to Old Navy, Banana Republic, or a similar store is nice, but a Visa gift card works at every single one of those stores. Sometimes you need to shop around at a few different places before finding the right item. 

The flexibility of a prepaid Visa gift card is second to none. You can rest easy knowing that you can shop to your heart’s content anywhere and pick out some nice items there. 


This is a rather broad category. Entertainment can really be anything you want! There are a lot of novelty excursions like axe throwing, go-kart racing, amusement parks, and much more that are, in essence, a one-day trip where you get to experience something out of the ordinary. Mini golf is one of our favorite excursions in this category. 

A Visa gift card is a great way to lessen any entertainment expense. This is a great way to save up for something special! 


Going out to drinks with friends (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) gets expensive pretty quickly. People who go to Starbucks daily, spending around $4 on coffee, spend around $20 a week. That expense adds up. Because of this expense, there are a lot of people who shy away from exciting coffee drinks at local cafes. 

A Visa gift card for coffee is a great way to enjoy a special treat in your day alone or with friends. We love putting Visa gift cards towards something slightly out of the ordinary that makes any day special. This also applies to going out for a drink with friends on the weekends or after work. Happy hour drinks are even happier when you use a Visa gift card. 

Where to Buy a Visa Gift Card? 

Finding a Visa gift card merchant is a great way to purchase some great gifts. There are plenty of Visa gift card issuers nationwide, or you can go online. You can purchase a Visa gift card right on Gift Card Granny! This is an excellent way to earn cash back on all your purchases. 

What do you plan to use your Visa gift card for after getting it? We hope that the list of possibilities on this list has excited you on how to spend your next Visa gift card or what note to leave for your friends when you send them one! From all of us at Gift Card Granny: Happy shopping! 

People Also Ask: Additional Visa Gift Card Dealers

Can I buy a Visa gift card at Walmart?

Yes! Walmart is a Visa gift card retailer. 

Can I buy a Visa gift card at Target?

Yes! Target is a Visa gift card dealer.

Can I buy a Visa gift card at CVS?

Yes! CVS is a Visa gift card provider.

Can I buy a Visa gift card at Walgreens?

Yes! Walgreens is a Visa gift card seller.

Can I buy a Visa gift card at a bank?

Yes! Select banks are Visa gift card distributors.