Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Your wife does a lot for you—and, if you have them, your kids. Surprise her with a gift to let her know her hard work hasn’t been overlooked. Although finding the right gift can be a challenge, the smile on her face is always worth the effort. Plus, your gesture will definitely earn you some appreciation points, which can come in handy the next time there is any tension simmering in the household. 

If you aren’t sure where to begin looking, do not fret – there are plenty of fantastic gift options out there to ensure you always surprise and delight your sweetheart. From her favorite department stores to her niche collections that only those closest to her know about, finding a gift that suits her style and hobbies is only as difficult as you make it. But if you need a good starting point, we over at Gift Card Granny have crafted this helpful list of gift ideas perfect for pretty much any wife. And when it comes to any gift cards you decide to purchase for her favorite retailers, keep in mind that you can earn a certain percentage of cash back on orders with Gift Card Granny.

Take a look at these gift ideas and start putting together a mental list of everything you think your wife would love to have!

1. Bonavita 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

With this coffee maker, she can get all the energy she needs at the touch of a button!

This home-brewer from Bonavita has a one-touch brew option and auto-off. Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association, the One-Touch Coffee Maker only takes about six minutes to make a cup of coffee. The wide showerhead design provides uniform flavor by evenly distributing the water over the coffee grounds. You can shop for Walmart gift cards at Gift Card Granny. 

2. Nidra Blackout Sleep Mask

Help her get her beauty rest every single night

This sleep mask by Nidra blocks out light completely to ensure you get a deep, restful night of sleep. Good sleep is critical to your health and mood, which is why it’s important for your wife to get the rest she needs to power through each day. The Nidra sleep mask will contour to your wife’s face to allow for maximum comfort while she snoozes. 

3. Yankee Candle Gift Card

Sometimes the best gift of all comes in a glass jar

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

What wife doesn’t want her home smelling like a bouquet of freshly-picked flowers? Whatever her fragrance preferences may be, she can find plenty of aromatic varieties when she shops at Yankee Candle. 

From the briny seaside breeze and the crisp air of winter to oven-baked apple pie and autumn spices, Yankee Candle offers hundreds of captivating scents to appeal to everyone. They also sell candle jars of all sizes, room sprays, oil diffusers, wax melts, and car accessories to keep your vehicle smelling just as good as your home. 

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4. Mejuri Zodiac Pendant Necklace

She can be a star of her own with this eye-catching necklace

If your wife is into astrology and zodiac alignments, you will certainly stun her with this gorgeous Zodiac Pendant Necklace from Mejuri. Find out her star sign by searching her birth chart if you do not already know what it is – there are plenty of online tools that you can use to figure it out without spilling the beans. Trust us, seeing the look on her face when she sees her zodiac sign in beautiful gold will be well worth the effort. 

5. Total Wine and More Gift Card

Get the best selection in the neighborhood 

Buy a Total Wine and More gift card

Any wife with a taste for wine will appreciate a gift card to Total Wine and More. They stock over eight thousand different wines at great prices, along with thousands of other spirits and beer. With that much variety, your wife will be able to pick up her favorite alcoholic beverages all in one place. 

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6. Hatch Mama Must-Haves Kit

Get your mom-to-be a gift that will soothe her changing body

Are you and your wife in the process of expanding your family? This Mama Must-Haves Kit from Hatch makes for the perfect maternity present for your expecting wife. Manufactured with mom’s safety in mind, this kit contains three essentials for hydration and comfort during pregnancy and postpartum. All of the ingredients included in this kid are natural and safe for pregnant people – just make sure she’s not allergic before you buy!

7. Sephora Gift Card

Discover the latest in the beauty world

Buy a Sephora gift card 


The natural beauty of your wife is powerful, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t use some tools to keep her feeling on top of the world. Sephora sells plenty of cosmetics and body care products to make any woman feel glamorous and unstoppable, just like a movie star. 

Sephora locations can be found in shopping outlets, malls, and you can always browse their impressive makeup catalog from the coziness of your couch by shopping online. Sephora supplies the best-selling beauty tools on the market from all of the hottest brands, from the simple to the luxurious. 

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8. UrbanStems The Unicorn Bouquet 

Flowers may wilt, but your romance will be stronger than ever

Yes, giving flowers may seem cliche and old-school, but the gesture will always remain utterly romantic. The Unicorn Bouquet from UrbanStems is a brilliant choice for any woman who appreciates a vibrant mix of fragrant flowers that will make any room in the house pop. This purple, lilac, and pink mix of blossoms is feminine and sweet, yet not overpowering, making it an excellent choice for any wife who likes to stay in touch with her mythical side. 

9. Olive Garden Gift Card

A good meal is never a bad choice when it comes to gifts

Buy an Olive Garden gift card

A lunch or dinner date at one of her favorite restaurants is guaranteed to make her day that much brighter, which is why a gift card to Olive Garden may be exactly what you are looking for. The two of you can immerse yourselves in some of the finest Italian dishes in town, plus a generous serving of breadsticks to ensure you’ll have plenty of leftovers to enjoy the next day. Whether it is creamy alfredo, chicken parmigiana, carbonara, or even a light salad, you certainly will not be going home on an empty stomach when you dine here. 

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10. Brooklinen Pendleton Throw Blanket

A cozy gift to keep her warm and secure 

Does your wife like to be as snug as a bug? Even if she only wants a cute throw blanket for decorative purposes, you may as well make it comfortable with a Brooklinen Pendleton Throw Blanket. This blanket is made of wool for an extremely soft touch, and it is entirely sustainable and even safe to wash. There isn’t anything to dislike about this blanket, so you don’t have to be worried about any disappointment from your wife. 

11. TJ Maxx Gift Card

Where she is free to shop till she drops

Buy a TJ Maxx gift card

It may be impossible to predict a gift that every single wife will appreciate receiving, but a TJ Maxx gift card is a pretty safe bet. Your wife can find great prices on hot brand-name fashion, home decor, handbags, cosmetics, jewelry, kids’ clothes, toys, and even new furniture to fill up space in your house. TJ Maxx prices are hard to beat, and there is always something to check out in their clearance section too. 

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12. Wthn Acupressure Mat Set

She can take a load off with this tension-relieving mat

The Wthn Acupressure Mat Set is the perfect gift for a wife who experiences discomfort in her body due to pain or inadequate rest, or simply needs a way to get better rest at night. This set includes a mat and pillow with gentle stimulators that activate various points across the body to foster deep relaxation. Made with linen and filled with coconut fiber, this acupressure set will feel like bliss and soothe your wife. A carrying case is also included in the set for convenient travel. 

13. Athleta Gift Card

Reliable sportswear she’ll want to show off

Buy an Athleta gift card

Wives who workout need functional attire that will provide them both support and style while burning calories at the gym. An Athleta gift card can help your wife buy all the clothes she needs to support her athletic endeavors, from running laps and hiking to yoga and swimming. Athleta sells tank tops, sweatshirts, sports bras, leggings, skorts, bikinis, one pieces, insulated jackets, vests, and a ton of other apparel items to support her in her favorite sports. 

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14. Heritage Chocolate Assortment

Something sweet for your sweetheart

This variety package has 3 dark chocolate truffles, 3 chocolate-raspberry truffles, 3 double chocolate truffles, and 6 dulce de leche truffles. Harry & David specially exports these chocolates in small batches from its South Oregon campus. You can earn cash back on Harry & David gift cards when you shop with Gift Card Granny. 

15. Cold Stone Creamery Gift Card

Any ice cream-loving wives could do with a gift card like this

Buy a Cold Stone Creamery gift card

Another sweet gift that any wife who loves sugary goodness will be pleased to receive is a Cold Stone Creamery gift card. Sugar is nice in any baked treat, but it becomes even more tantalizing when it’s served cold and creamy. Give her the ultimate ice cream experience made with the finest ingredients and mixed with all of her favorite toppings including candy, nuts, and fruits. And if she wants something similar to ice cream to help her cool off on a hot summer day, Cold Stone Creamery offers refreshing sorbet in a variety of fruity flavors like raspberry, lemon, watermelon, and peach mango. 

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When it comes to buying a gift for the woman you love most, you don’t need to overthink it – just go with something you know she’ll appreciate! 

Many folks may feel like they need to impress their significant others with outlandish gifts that cost a paycheck or two, but the truth is that your wife will be happy with pretty much anything you get her to show her that you care. From convenient gift cards to her favorite restaurants and shopping destinations to products that will make her feel like a spoiled queen, she is bound to feel touched by your kind gesture. If you are feeling stuck on ideas, we hope that this list can help nudge you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your wife.