Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas

Marriage is a wonderful experience, and it’s certainly an accomplishment to maintain the relationship you've had with your partner for five years. Of course, you have to celebrate! But, you’ll also want to find the perfect gift, which may still be difficult even after five years together. Plus, if you’re going traditional, the gift must be wood, limiting your options even more. No need to worry — we have a list of perfect wooden gifts that your beloved will love!

What is the Wood Anniversary?

Wood can stand up to years of wear and tear, making it a perfect symbol for a long-lasting relationship.

Your fifth anniversary is known as the Wood Anniversary, and is traditionally celebrated with a gift of wood. This is used to symbolize the strength of your relationship, since wood is known for its sturdy and long-lasting nature. It also represents that your relationship will continue far into the future, and that the gift will accompany you all the way.

If a wooden gift just doesn’t do it for you, you might be more on board with its modern counterpart, silverware. Meals are usually a time for the family to get together and share food and conversation, so this gift signifies the bonds you’ve formed with your partner during this time.

Wood Anniversary Gifts

You can’t just give your spouse a hunk of wood, unless they happen to like that kind of thing. Luckily, there are many wooden gifts that are much classier and more personalized. To get you on the right track, here are few wood gift ideas.

1. Tree of Life Jewelry Box

Wood can be a truly beautiful substance, and that really shows in this artisan jewelry box sold on Etsy. Not only does it have the meaning imbued in the wood, the engraving of a tree — which can stand for hundreds of years — lends it even more significance. In addition to the names on the top, which can be changed to any message you like, you can include another personalized message on the inside of the lid. The box pictured above is crafted from cherry wood, but ambrosia maple, walnut, and mahogany are also available.

2. A Wood Watch

Even the simplest of wood designs can be made stunning, and this watch is proof of that. Available at Macy's, the classic watch face puts all the focus where it should be: on the wood. It's made with Whiskey barrel wood and the band is maded of espresso stainless steel. The watch comes with a one year warranty and features 5 ATM water resistance.

3. A Personalized Cutting Board

If your partner likes to cook, this cutting board will remind them of your love every time they prepare food. Bed Bath & Beyond offers this 10 x 14 inch bamboo cutting board can be personalized with an initial, family name, quote, and date of marriage.

4. Acacia 8 Bottle Wine Rack

If you often share a bottle of wine with your sweetheart, this wine rack from Target makes it easy for you to store it until you decide to crack one open. It’s small enough to fit on the countertop in your kitchen without too much fuss, and large enough that it can hold eight bottles of wine simultaneously. It’s also a convenient way to store cooking wine since it’ll be right there in your kitchen.

5. Bamboo Engraved Wood Pen and Box

If your partner is constantly writing things down, treat him or her to this elegant pen set. The pen and case are crafted out of bamboo wood, meaning that it’s quite environmentally friendly since bamboo is easily renewable and even considered an invasive species within the United States. You can also choose to add a personalized engraving on the pen, the case, or both, at no extra cost to you.

6. 7-Piece Acacia Wave Salad Serving Set

This is the perfect gift for a partner who loves to host get-togethers. This gorgeous set, carved out of acacia wood, is sure to be the talk of the table. Each set is distinct, with a unique pattern that’s caused by the grain of the wood. Your spouse is guaranteed to love hosting even more, and you can be sure that they’ll serve a salad every time.

7. Reclaimed Wood Photo Frames

Giving your partner a framed photo is a great way to show them your appreciation of the time you’ve spent together — whether it be five years or fifty. These rustic frames are crafted from upcycled wood. This wood has already experienced its own share of life, which makes it a perfect place to now display yours. Wayfair offers a variety of frame sizes, allowing you to pick the right size frame to fit your memory.

8. Wood Chip Smoking Gift Set

Fire up the grill, because your spouse is going to want to start experimenting with this wood chip gift set right away. This gift is a complete set of everything your partner will need to start their wood-smoking journey, including a BBQ thermometer, a smoker box, the three flavors of wood chips that you see above, hickory smoke sea salt, recipes, and, of course, detailed instructions. Plus, you’ll get to taste the result!

9. A Wooden Tea Cup

wooden tea cup would certainly please any tea or coffee-loving spouse. Available at Walmart, this tea cup is made of natural wood and its surface is coated with natural paint, that is anti-corrosion and pollution free. With each sip, the fragrant scent of wood mixes with that of the drink to make for the most pleasant drinking experience.

Wood gifts don’t have to be boring — there are plenty of unique and personalized Wood Anniversary gifts that feature the beauty of the material while still being exquisitely functional. We’ve listed a few here, which should get the wheels turning. Congratulations on making it this far, and here’s to wishing you fifty more.