Help Your Favorite Writer Banish A Case of Writer’s Block with A Thoughtful Gift

There are all kinds of writers-- some who do it professionally, some as a side gig, and some who just do it for their own personal pleasure. No matter what type of writer there is in your life, chances are they’d appreciate a gift that either speaks to them of the writing process, or helps make the time they spend writing a little easier. But one thing all writers know for certain is what it’s like to have a bad case of writer’s block. Sometimes it only lasts for a couple of hours, but other times it can be a little harder to shake.

So, we put this list together of some great gift ideas for writers-- who at some point will need to enlist some help to beat that dreaded writer’s block. If you’re on the lookout for some great gifts for writers, make sure you check out gift cards available on Gift Card Granny-- available for not only the stores on this list, but for many more as well.

J World Thomas Messenger Bag
A great gift for writers who want to work remotely.

Vendor: JCPenney 
Price: $45.00

A lot of writers choose not to work in the same place every day. For some, the office is a good place to get work done, but maybe sometimes they want to shake things up during the week and work elsewhere. Libraries, coffee shops, and coworking spaces are great alternatives and can offer writers a break from the office environment. This bag is a great way to ensure they can carry everything they’ll need for the day no matter where that is. It’s the perfect size to contain a laptop, notebooks, phone, pens, coffee, snacks-- and anything else that might be necessary.

Write the Story
This book is full of writing prompts sure to get rid of writer’s block.

Vendor: Barnes and Noble
Price: $10

Sometimes the words just won’t flow, no matter how hard writers might try. Every writer runs into a case of writer’s block at some point or another-- but be prepared for it next time with this fantastic book of writing prompts. Regardless of the type of story that needs to be written, this book has tons of ideas for all kinds of different genres-- plus some more generic ones that could easily be adapted to suit any writers’ goals. This book is sure to get those creative juices flowing!

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Unisex T-Shirt
Every writer has a favorite book, why not show it off with a t-shirt.

Vendor: Barnes and Noble
Price: $28.00

Every writer has a favorite book, or a favorite author, so why not tell the world who your favorites are with a fantastic t-shirt? Barnes and Noble offers a couple of different t-shirts with some of the most popular books on them, so you can proudly display where your loyalties lie. Plus since they’re made out of comfortable cotton, they’re the perfect choice when you want to get some serious writing done.

Stonebriar Collection 2 piece Rustic Fleur de Lis Bookend Set
These bookends will be sure to keep any writer’s books organized in style.

Vendor: Kohl’s 
Price: $49.99

Writers are also big fans of reading as well, and what better gift to give them than one that can help them store their books? These gorgeous bookends will look perfect in any writer’s library, den, office, or living room-- and are sure to draw attention to what’s in between them. Whether they want to show off their favorite books, or showcase some of their own writings, these bookends can do either in effortless style.

Earl Grey Black Tea
Let the soothing aroma of hot tea dispel any writer’s block.

Vendor: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Price: $8.99

After a busy morning spent writing, many writers choose to take a coffee or tea break to rest and recharge their creativity. Earl Grey Black Tea is a favorite among writers for its subtle yet wonderful bergamot fragrance. Tea is also a helpful tool to combat a sudden case of writer’s block, and can help clear a writer’s head and allow them to concentrate on their task at hand-- which is writing.

Southern Enterprises Avery Metal/Glass Sawhorse/A-Frame Writing Desk
The perfect desk to begin your next article, manuscript, or poem.

Vendor: Bed Bath and Beyond 
Price: $154.99

Although writers can write anywhere with their laptops, it’s always comforting to be able to get some work done at home, at your own desk. This one is the perfect height to comfortably work at your computer, or do some edits by hand. It also offers some great storage options so you can keep all your items neatly organized. The minimalist design will look great with any decor, and it is compact enough to fit in just about any room.

Mainstays LED Desk Lamp with USB Port
Keep your writing area well lit, and all your devices charged.

Vendor: Walmart
Price: $14.96

The desk of every writer needs a lamp, so they can be sure that their work station is well lit. The built in LED light of this lamp has a lifetime of 15,000 hours-- which is a lot of writing time! This lamp is perfect for writers because it can arranged to almost any angle to illuminate just what they need-- plus it comes with a built in USB port so all their phones, tablets, and computers will be at full charge.

Whether they need an updated place to work, or a simple cup of tea to help them get through their assignment, the gifts on this list will make sure any writer has the tools it takes to write that next story.