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Panda Express Tips and Tricks

Conveniently enjoy delicious Chinese-American fast food with Panda Express gift cards. Panda Express is a fast food, casual restaurant chain that serves Chinese classics with an American twist. Our food is hot, fresh, and ready when you are! You can redeem your Panda Express gift card for delicious cuisine at any of their restaurant locations.

Where are Panda Express gift cards sold?

Panda Express gift cards are sold at participating retailers, including Gift Card Granny!

Do Panda Express gift cards expire?

You can use your gift card anytime it’s been activated (usually at the time of purchase). It will never expire-- Panda Express wants you to enjoy a meal on your time, not the gift card’s.

How do I check the balance of my Panda Express gift card?

Please have your gift card ready when you check the balance. You can check your Panda Express gift card from Gift Card Granny here.

Purchases made inside Panda Express locations will include a receipt-- the remaining balance is listed on the receipt. You are encouraged to keep this receipt to keep track of your balance. Panda Express gift card balances can also be checked on the Panda Express website or calling 1-888-532-7126.

What do I do if my Panda Express gift card doesn’t work?

If your Panda Express gift card doesn't work, call customer service at 1-800-877-8988 for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Panda Express Gift Cards

How much can I get a Panda Express gift card for?

You can load your Panda Express gift card with a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $500. There is no activation fee. You may use cash, debit or credit cards to purchase gift cards.

How do I resolve issues with my Panda Express gift card?

If you suspect a billing or clerical error-- or wish to dispute a charge to your gift card-- contact Panda Express Guest Relations at 1-800-877-8988. All suspected errors must be reported within 60 days in order to receive an investigation.

How can I redeem a Panda Express gift card?

You can redeem your Panda Express gift card in most restaurant locations-- some Panda Inns, university or airport locations cannot accept your card. Please check before ordering.

If your gift card balance falls below $10, you can present your card to a Panda Express cashier and request that it be exchanged for cash. Panda Express reserves the right to change this agreement at any time.

Can I use my Panda Express gift card online?

We are sorry, but no-- only debit or credit cards are currently accepted for online ordering.

My Panda Express gift card was refused-- why?

Some Panda Express-branded locations-- including university, airport, theme park, hospital, casio and non-US locations-- may not be allowed to accept your gift card. Please ask before ordering.

Panda Express also reserves the right to refuse the use of a gift card if it is suspected that the gift card use is fraudulent, unlawful, or unauthorized.

If I lose my Panda Express gift card, can I get it replaced?

Unfortunately, Panda Express cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Please monitor your gift card activity closely.

Additionally, you cannot use a gift card towards the purchase of another gift card.

About Panda Express

First-generation immigrant founders Andrew and Peggy Cherng opened Panda Express in 1973, and are committed to diversity and inclusion. Their ultimate goal is to be the best in people development through food experiences. Panda Express is dedicated to sharing good food with guests in a family-friendly atmosphere. Their mission is to deliver exceptional Asian dining experiences by building an organization where people are inspired to better their lives. by maintaining their core values of being proactive, respectful, growth, and giving.

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