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Tips and tricks

  1. Sign up for Rubio’s Rewards program. Rubio’s Rewards is a great way for taco lovers everywhere to save a little cash. You receive exclusive discounts and rewards plus a birthday surprise and other perks. Sign up on Rubio’s website or using Rubio’s smartphone app.
  2. Stay up to date on Rubio’s specials. Check out Rubio’s website for the latest lunch specials, combo deals, and other cash-saving menu options.
  3. Download Rubio’s app. Download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play to place your order ahead of time, save your favorite dishes, and earn personalized rewards just for eating delicious coastal food at your favorite Rubio’s location.

Answers to your questions about Rubio's gift cards

How can I check the balance of my Rubio’s gift card?

Have a Rubio’s gift card floating around? Not sure how much is left on it? Don’t worry -- you’ve got a couple of options to check the balance of your Rubio's gift card.

Can I customize my Rubio’s gift card?

Absolutely! Rubio’s cuisine is fun and creative, and so are their gift card options. You can choose between a traditional physical gift card or an electronic gift card depending on your needs, personalize your Rubio’s gift card with the recipient’s name and a message.

How much money can I gift someone on a Rubio’s gift card?

Rubio’s gift cards can be ordered for any $5 increment between $25 and $100.

Where can I purchase a Rubio’s gift card?

You can purchase a gift card at your nearest Rubio’s Coastal Grill location or online at the Rubio’s website.

For cash back rewards on a Rubio’s gift card purchase, be sure to order one right here on Gift Card Granny.

Where can I use my Rubio’s gift card?

Rubio’s gift cards can be applied to in-store purchases at any Rubio’s location. 

Can I use my Rubio’s gift cards on my online order?

No. Unfortunately, Rubio’s gift cards can only be applied to in-store purchases at participating locations at this time.

What should I do if my Rubio’s gift card is lost or stolen?

If your Rubio’s gift card is lost or stolen, it’s important to contact customer support as quickly as possible. If you are able to provide proof of purchase, Rubio’s may be able to replace your card. However, Rubio’s also cautions customers that gift cards should be safeguarded because they have cash value after they are purchased and activated.

About Rubio's

Rubio’s Coastal Grill begins with a love story -- Rubio’s Founder, Ralph Rubio, loved the shores of Baja California, Mexico and the delicious foods and flavors there. Inspired by the region’s mouthwatering coastal cuisine, Rubio began crafting his own recipes. When he was ready to share them with the world, he opened his first restaurant in San Diego in 1983.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill is dedicated to serving up food that is as flavorful and inspiring as the cuisine that sparked Ralph Rubio’s passion for cooking, but they are also dedicated to serving food customers can feel good about eating. Rubio’s uses responsibly-sourced wild caught seafood to bring customers delicious meals packed with lean protein and essential nutrients.

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